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  1. 2 minutes ago, Les-TA-Jon said:

    Good luck signing a PL quality striker, happy to not play much, in January 

    You see I’d have thought a young striker would love to come to Leicester.  Get to play in some games straight away, and not have long to wait in the wings to take over, as we all know Vardy can’t go on for ever.  Presumably that was the plan for Ianacho.  

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  2. I think clubs have to tread a fine line.  You don’t want to be a “selling club”, but equally you don’t want to be a club that players know they can’t escape from, because then they might choose not to come here in the first place!  The whole Mahrez fiasco - hanging on to him when he was desperate to go - wasn’t a good for our image at all.  I think the firm but fair approach is better. Yes we’ll sell if you want to go, but only for a good price, and only one of you at a time!

  3. Any mathematical brains out there who can work this out?

    whats the worst case scenario now? 

    Are we guaranteed Europa group stage, or could we end up in the qualifying round?  

    Presumably if wolves won their next 2 games and scored lots of goals, we could end up being 6th.

    is there any other way?

  4. 9 minutes ago, surrifox said:

    This is mid July - my quiet time when I can relax , free from the inevitable torment and anguish that football inevitably brings - it would be great if it could just feck off and give me a break :mad:

    Absolutely!  And it's possible that it may get dragged out for weeks and weeks, because we could potentially end up waiting for the outcome of Europa and the FA Cup before we know if we've got European football next year.  

  5. This sort of thing just reminds us of how amazing out PL win in 2016 was, because the odds really are stacked against the non big-6 clubs.  It seems they can do exactly what they want and then buy their way out of it.  The smaller clubs can never compete.  Decisions go against us on the pitch with refs usually finding in favour of the big clubs, and off the pitch with the infinite money and disregard of FFP rules.  It makes it all seem a bit pointless,

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  6. 6 minutes ago, fox_up_north said:

    Well...I genuinely am surprised. I thought they'd get at least a year because, to have it overturned would make a complete mockery of UEFA's FFP rules. 


    If we're pissed off, I can only imagine how this news has gone down in Germany. 

    I agree - I thought they'd reduce it to a year, so as not to make UEFA look stupid.  But now CAS couldn't have sent a clearer message that money talks, and no amount of legal evidence will change that.  

  7. OK no one will actually prefer it, but I was wondering which players might almost thrive on the lack of crowd.  We can be pretty sure Vardy won’t, but someone like Nacho might prefer to play without the huge amount of negativity he gets from the crowd.  I’m sure I heard that he was consistently better in training than in matches.  Chilwell too, he seems to get a fair bit of banter which he might prefer not to have.  Tielemans too maybe?


    or perhaps I’m just clutching at straws and they’ll all be rubbish without the blue army! 

  8. We were the better team and they got lucky.  I don't know where 4 minutes stoppage time came from - I reckon it should only have been about 2 minutes, in which case we'd have gone to penalties and probably won.

    The penalty shout was strange.  They seemed to show 2 replay clips on TV.  The first one wasn't a handball and the second one was, so I wonder if the wrong bit of play was analysed.  Weird.

    Anyway, Villa will have a long journey to Wembley then watch their team get spanked by Man City and have all that nasty traffic going home again.  I don't envy them that!

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