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  1. Brighton - 19th August

    After 2 tickets for this game, Please DM me if poss. Cheers
  2. Arsenal Away 11 August

    No joy in the ballot, Would love two tickets for this game? DM if possible. Thanks 😊
  3. Who do you want Summer 2017

    Tadic pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. Replacing Mahrez

    Maybe yes but an extra 20k a week 😂
  5. Replacing Mahrez

    I've always liked the look of Nathan Redmond, gives it 110% and has the ability to take players on and create chances. Think we'd stand a good chance of getting him aswell!
  6. LCFC U21 / Development Squad 2016/17

    No sign of Kaputska?
  7. Mahrez to .......................?

    PSG would surely be favourites. £37m and i would be happy, tell ya what we can throw in a Musa for £40m!!
  8. Schmeichel..Its started

    Great player and great servant to the club. £30million is the minimum! Zieler not good enough to step up, Pickford would be the perfect replacement.
  9. Man City (A) 12.30pm - Sat 13 May

    After 3 adults tickets for this one, If anyone has them available please PM me. Thanks
  10. Arsenal Post Match Thread

    Fully agree, Looked slow and off the pace! The quicker Brighton come in for him the better... Thanks for everything Leo but you lost me in January.
  11. West Brom Pre Match Thread

    Think we need to change things up for WBA, We defended well tonight but thought we looked flat going forward. Ulloa was bloody awful, Brighton can have him! WBA game - Kasper Simpson Huth Benny Fuchs Gray Amartey Ndidi Drinky Mahrez Vardz
  12. Arsenal Match Thread

    Never seen us give the ball away as much as we have tonight! Albrighton on very quite! Cmonnnn boys dig in!!!
  13. Ex-Leicester City player news

    Fair play to N'golo,Well Done!.....Still pains me everytime i see him in a Chelsea shirt though! But i still look at it as - If someone was to offer you one world class player for one season and you'd win the premiership, we ALL would of snatched there hand off!
  14. The game passed King by again!! Just not good enough for this level.
  15. Palace away next up in the prem.

    This team would 100% get rolled! Premiership status is still the main priority in my opinion. We lose today and Hull Swansea win we are only 5 points clear!! Champions League is the added bonus from last season.