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  1. This misleading "sold out" lark seems to be a regular feature of Southampton away games. In the previous 2 seasons - they both had a block showing as "sold out", even though it hadn't been opened ... rather than just being "greyed out". Although it was block 44 in those seasons, as opposed to block 45 this season. I suspect a few of us are waiting for them to open up block 45 before buying our ticket!
  2. Apologies if this has been discused before (haven't time to go back through 182 pages) ... It's been a great summer of cricket. The only shame ... most of it not being Live on normal TV, free-to-view, terrestrial, or whatever else you want to call it. The last Ashes Series to be on "free" TV was in 2005. The peak audiences for the key games were about 8 million. (average audiences for the whole day, were typically about 50% of the peak figures). The 2009 series had a peak viewing of 1.9 million, whilst the 2013 series peak was only 1.3 million (the average all day figures, were again in the same ratio as above ie typically 50%) Since 2005, approximately 3/4 of the people interested in cricket have effectively been "dis-enfranchised" from watching it. ok, that still leaves you the most fanatical 1/4 who have paid for Sky, but to put that into context. It's like our home attendances going down from 32,000 to 8,000. (I realise watching live and on TV isn't the same thing, but it's the numbers and ratios I'm getting at). This season, when Sky shared with channel 4, the World Cup viewing figures peaked at 8.3 million. Which is about the same as the 2005 figure, before it went to Sky. Implying that about the same number of people are still interested in watching it - now, as they were 14 years ago. The sadness for me, is that by "losing" 3/4 of its interested public ... cricket no longer seems to be something people talk about in daily conversation. A few die-hards still. Me included. It just no longer seems to be in most sports fans general conciousness?
  3. I don't think there's a single email. Most will get passed on to the relevant area, but the following are some: Sales@lcfc.co.uk Lcfchelp@lcfc.co.uk Grass.roots@lcfc.co.uk
  4. If you have a constructive suggestion (or criticism), then Email the club. If they get enough Emails on a particular subject, they might do something about it. Personally, I think the music is far too loud. So I will be politely Emailing the club.
  5. Of course. Ignore my post above. Brain wasn't engaged!
  6. The Newcastle (home) match is provisionally scheduled for Sat 28th Sep 5.30pm The LCFC web site ticket info says: "This match will move to Sunday 29 September (4:30pm BST kick-off) should Manchester City be scheduled to play in the Champions League the following Tuesday." Isn't that the wrong way round? Surely if Man City have to play on the following Tuesday, it would STAY as a Saturday KO? Otherwise moving it to Sunday, would reduce their gap to only 2 days?
  7. Dunno what the obsession with "middle-aged" men is? There were loads of absolutely rat-arsed lads around me. And they were young. Not that i'm complaining. It made forva good atmosphere, and it was carnage when we scored. Better than a sack of potatoes sitting in seats doing nothing!
  8. Agreed. We arrived at 6pm and there were queues at the turnstile. "Queues" as in "lots of people". Just like the good old days!
  9. Crucial match tonight against Notts in the T20. The table is as tight as a camel's arse in a sanstorm. The lads need our support. Get yourself down Grace Road!!!
  10. Alternatively, free parking at the Metrocentre. Dead easy to find - just off the A1. Yellow and Blue car parks are open until 00.30 £2.90 return in on the train. Plenty of trains in. Trains back from Central at 21.56, 22.33 and 22.53
  11. According to most of the media reports, we only had one player on the pitch in the 2nd half! Lazy reporting.
  12. Nothing much to add to this. Pretty much word perfect.
  13. Don't panic just yet; it should calm down. There's always a bit of early enthusiasm. Chelsea is a day out in London (always popular), Sheff Utd is a ground most people haven't been to for a while. And Man Utd is also always popular. Bring on Southampton Friday night!
  14. Do most 11/12 year olds have a contactless bank card? I only ask, as that was the sort of age me and my mate started going down Filbert St (without our parents). Or even 15 years olds, if you want to push it a bit? If the answer to the above question is 'NO', then how are they supposed to buy any food/drink in the East East, Kop or Main Stand?
  15. Great win last night. After a torrid start in the 20/20 competition, we've won 3 of the last 4 games ... and are now back in contention. If you've not been to Grace Road - get yourself down for a game. The County have had a rough time the last decade or so, and really need the support.
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