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  1. Films usually portray ghosts as scary and horrible. Why aren't there any nice ghosts that do the washing up, iron your shirts and mow the lawn?
  2. I never quite understood why the club didn't do more to try and keep Ulloa. By the end of the 2017-18 season, they were having doubts about Slimani ... so releasing Leonardo didn't make sense to me.
  3. Einstein: "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Tippy-tappy, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, lose possession, concede goal, lose match. Repeat ...
  4. Web-er-ley Web-er-ley We're the famous Leicester City and we're going to Web-er-ley
  5. Never slagged off a City player at a match (saved it for later, when I was down the pub).
  6. Followed the City away in an FA Youth Cup match ... 1979-80 ... away to Forest ... and beat the b'stards 1-0.
  7. In terms of safety, it pretty much mirrored the general state of football hooliganism from the late 1960's to the mid 1980's. Up until the mid/late 70's, you usually had to look after yourself. The police organisation varied from 'little' to 'non-existent'. Lots of away matches were dodgy, no matter how you went ... unless there was a really good mob of you. By the late 1970's, most of the police had got their act together ... and it was generally much safer. They kept you in the ground, and you got proper escorts at places like Newcastle, Leeds and Man Utd. Wh
  8. It would be good, but with a few rare exceptions, it just doesn't seem to occur to the rail companies to put them on. In fairness, it's a lot harder than it use to be. Back in the 70/80's, league matches were pretty much fixed months in advance, giving them plenty of time to sort things out. There were loads of empty coaches lying all over the place, so it was easy to find the rolling stock to put on special trains. And the rail network wasn't as busy, so it was easier to shedule extra trains in. I suppose the main killer was privatisation, as rail companies a
  9. That's reminiscent of the "LeagueLiner" that BR introduced in the early 70's. It was an attempt to keep the fans entertained, instead of smashing up the train. I don't think the idea lasted very long, but interestingly we did get a taste of it for the last match in the 1972-73 season. The LeagueLiner was used for our away match at Liverpool, who had just won the League. I wouldn't have thought we took many that day, but it would be interesting if anyone was on that train, or knew anyone who was.
  10. Spot on. Since Jan 2016, me and the missus always say someone has "done a Vertonghen" when they have gone mardy, and spouted a load of b*llocks.
  11. A few seasons ago, EMT ran a football special to the Derby away FA Cup match on a Friday night. That got me thinking of the history of football special trains for Leicester fans ... In the late 60/early 70's, football specials were pretty common and ran to most of the away games. I thinked they stopped running specials for a while, after one was smashed up coming back from Ipswich Town (in the early 1970's). At some point they started running them again for a few matches, but not as regularly ... and they seemed to be tailing off in the mid-late 70's. (although I
  12. For those too young to remember, here's a clip ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4uivPpzCGo
  13. Apparently it's Forest's worst League start for 66 years. As Sergeant Major Williams would've said ... "Oh dear, how sad, never mind"
  14. And people who can't spell defence correctly ...
  15. The real problem is not being able to spell centre correctly.
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