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  1. The 1923 FA Cup Final is the only major football match, where you can make the attendance to be anything you like. It was officially about 126,000. Others estimate it as 160,000. Some estimate it as high as 200,000. I've even see it listed as 300,000. Personally, I reckon it was over 500,000. Nah, let's round it up and call it a million.
  2. Felt like i'd wasted 50 years of my life supporting The City. Then in May 2016, something special happened ...
  3. I'm not sure about that bit. It wasn't just City fans who appreciated him. Anyone in football with a brain would've seen how superb he was for the team. It's fundamentally about your use to the team .. as a scorer and creator of goals, but also as a defender/marker, when the opposition have the ball. Emile Heskey didn't score that many goals for the City. Only 33 goals in 123 league appearances as a striker in his last 4 Premier League seasons, A goal ratio of 0.27 looks very poor for a striker. But his overall contribution all over the pitch was absolutely awesome. That's why he was Liverpool's record signing at the time, and I think the 3rd highest British transfer fee record. If Okazaki ended up feeling unhappy with his contribution to the team, then someone needs to put a sympathetic arm around him and put him right. He was absolutely brilliant for us. You don't play most games in a 10 point clear Premier winning team unless you're a top footballer.
  4. My questions weren't intended to be any major critism of the moderators. Au contraire, I fully appreciate they have a very worthwhile and difficult job to do. I was simply genuinely interested to know if the complaining was constantly coming from the same small set of people, over the same "issues" ... or whether it's pretty much a well spread out and scattered thing. (that was about it really - just a general feel for who these "complainers" are. Nothing too specific).
  5. Exactly. This proves that much of what underpins VAR is a blatant lie. How can anything that takes 2-3 minutes to decide, be "clear and obvious" ? Once you've replayed it 2 or 3 times .. if it's not obvious, IT'S NOT OBVIOUS. Replaying it 20 or 30 times, doesn't make it more obvious!
  6. (Apologies for putting this in the wrong thread earlier. It is coronavirus related, and not football specific) Nice to see 1000's of Liverpool folk having a good party last night. Lots of dancing, singing and general merriment. Who will be to blame if there is an increase in infections and deaths up there in a few weeks time? The Police? Ambulance service? City Council? The FA? Government?
  7. Since 1999, we've won more trophies than Tottenham.
  8. That's the 1999 League Cup Final, as in the disastrous one we lose to a last minute goal, and let's never speak of it again?
  9. At about the same time the "thought police" took over, I would think.
  10. I was going to order myself a book off Amazon. But the good lady suggested we order it from the local bookshop instead. It may cost a bit more, but at least that will support a high street shop, as opposed to some faceless tax-dodging multi-national. My new (late) 2020 vow is now to spend in the local shops wherever possible. And I feel a bit better for it too!
  11. Thanks. But I was still a bit puzzled why if the thread had "degrenerated", it wasn't just locked (with the offending posts removed)? From the examples above, only 2 appeared for "cancel culture", so it didn't appear to be the worst example anyway. On a more general point, can you supply a bit of background info as to exactly why posts get removed. I'm obviously not interested in any specific examples or individual names/ids etc, but on a general issue: 1. Who is geting offended? Is it always the same people, or a complete mix of different userids? 2. What exactly gets something removed? (Is it libellous content, that could get the Forum Administrators into trouble? Threatening language? Overuse of swear words? Or just anything that might offend someone?) 3. Are complaints typically coming from one social/political standpoint? (most seem to be non pure football related). Are the complaints normally about only "left wing" or "right wing" comments (or pretty much balanced)? Are the complaints normally about only "liberal/PC" or "non-liberal/non-PC" comments (or pretty much balanced)? I'm just trying to understand who is getting "offended" by what? As I've said above, it looks like most of the complaints were not really football-related, which implies social/political type comments. Since we are supposed to live in a reasonably non-censored internet world, I'm just trying to understand where all the "being offended" is coming from? Apologies, if these issues have been covered before. I was just disappointed, as I thought most of the early "cancel culture" posts had some real good points made (on both sides of whatever the debate was!)
  12. A couple of questions for the Moderators: 1. What does it take to get a whole thread deleted? (as opposed to just being locked?) 2. If it's because of offending material creeping in, can't you just delete the relevant items? (and then maybe lock it). Why does all the other proceedng good stuff have to go as well? I'm specifically thinking of the "cancel culture" thread. For the first week or so, it looked a perfectly good thread. Lots of good points either way, with repect to statues being pulled down and old TV programmes being canned. Why has the whole thread been totally deleted? And if it was because some libellous comments came in at the end, why weren't just the offending posts removed? And at worst, then locking the thread. (apologies if I've missed something obvious ... I didn't look at the board over the weekend much) Thanks
  13. What happened to the "cancel culture" thread?
  14. Hopefully the 6000 or so rave followers, were all safely socially distancing. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-53040827 I sometimes wonder what the point is ...
  15. That's a very interesting point you raise. And a rather difficult one too ... one of those "elephants in the room". I don't know what the answer is, but waving placards and pulling down statues is certainly not going to find it. It's one of those subjects that requires a calm, balanced approach to try and work out exactly what's going on. There's no simple answer. You should always be careful of any stereotyping, but I think there are some subtle cultural differences between communities. And in terms of educational and economic advancement, it's the subtle differences that can be significant. I read something the other week (sorry, can't quote exact figures) that said white men had the lowest representation at University as a % of any group. Being blunt, it said white men are bottom of the educational pile. Why is this? Why do different groups seem to get on better than others? I don't know. But it's something that someone has got to delicately dig into, and try to work out why.
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