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  1. Further to the comments of English clubs ignoring Europe and "going it alone" ... There is, of course, an example of that actually happening. English clubs were banned from European competitions for 5 years, after Liverpool fans were responsible for the deaths of 39 fans at Heysel in 1985. What's fascinating is how it affected the domestic game. League attendances had been slipping pretty much constantly from a high point of 41.3 million in 1948-49, to 17.8 million in 1984-85. Heysel had been the tip of the iceberg, but there had been plenty of other domestic incid
  2. It's funny how in the highway code, there are (or certainly used to be) minimum speed sign examples. A blue circular sign i think. I never believed any real life examples existed. But i did once see one, many years ago. Can't remember where. I wouldn't be surprised if there are none anymore. The Police would probably object on principle now.
  3. Except on Motorways, where the 70mph speed limit is clear and straightforward.
  4. All these scientists and academic people who speak as though "data" is a plural word ... saying things like "these data" instead of "this data". I realise that "data" is originally derived as the Latin plural term of singular "datum". But many words change their meaning over time and "data" is used in a different context to its original theoretical meaning. Only pretentious people still use word "datum" to mean a single piece of data. In almost all areas of commerce, business and life the word "data" is an invariable term. It is used in the same way as "information". You
  5. Isn't it just great to have a game, where you can celebrate goals when they go into the net? (without wondering what the plonker in Stockley Park is going to try and disallow it for).
  6. I think both teams need to work on their "taking the knee" routine.
  7. Yeah. What is so clever about people saying jockin', runnin', jokin', shootin', fishin', laughin', walkin', talkin', singin', ? Boring.
  8. I never said the Government had admitted to getting things wrong. I said, they had never implied they got everything right. A subtle difference. Well, I've heard enough people say it's all the Government's fault, without criticising "the Public" at all ... which surely implies a blanket all or nothing statement. I'm not being lazily reductive of the other side. To repeat what I said about the Government a few hours ago: "They have made mistakes, and done some things wrong. they have done some things average/ok. And they have some things well." (how much cleare
  9. I think you'll find it is. I've not even heard a Government minister or staunchest supporter say "we've done absolutely nothing wrong, at all."
  10. Very true. But the difference is this ... I've not heard anyone say the Government has been blameless. They have made mistakes, and done some things wrong. Of course they have. And they have done some things average/ok. And they have some things well. But there are lots of people who don't think the people have done anything wrong, and don't seem to think that there is such a thing as personal responsibility. It's all, absolutely all, the Governments fault. Everything, I tell you.
  11. Too right. The number of times I'm driving in the car, and end up screaming "shut the f c k up" as he talks over the start or end of a good song.
  12. Holding a massive gathering during a pandemic, seems a rather unorthodox thing to do ...
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