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  1. 3 grammatical/spelling errors in one sentence. Maybe 4, if you include the lack of a comma. Nice try. Have another go.
  2. Pretty much sums up what I was thinking. I don't care whether they say they hate us or not. I'm not bothered what they think. I just despise them, and hope they lose every match.
  3. For anyone wanting Tottenham to win, just have a look at some posts on some of their web sites from 2016. Lovely fans!
  4. Funnily enough ... he's always the 5th player in my list, as I always reel off the immortals in defence-attack left-right (sort of) positions ie Schmielchel, Fuchs, Huth, Morgan, Simpson, Albrighton, Kante, Drinkwater, Mahrez, Okazaki, Vardy. And I will be able to recall that list when I'm 100, senile as a brush, and dribbling into my corn flakes!
  5. Apart from scoring a goal or saving a penalty, that was the finest few seconds of football I have witnessed in over 50 years on this planet. To quote the commentator: "What a breathtaking passage of play. Any team that plays football as brilliantly, as beautifully as this, deserves to win a title. That is mesmeric"
  6. Final update of the season ... Man Utd - sold out (reached members) Southampton - available Bournemouth - sold out (reached season tickets 300-304 points) Wolves (League Cup) - available Newcastle U - available (handful left mid afternoon day before) Arsenal - sold out (reached general sale) Cardiff C - sold out (reached general sale) Brighton & HA - sold out (reached general sale) Fulham - sold out (reached general sale) + extra tickets (pay on the gate) C. Palace - sold out (reached general sale) Chelsea - sold out (reached members) (only on sale to ST holders and members) Everton - available Newport Co (FA Cup) - sold out (reached season tickets 320-329 points) Wolves - sold out (reached general sale) Liverpool - available (approx 180 left 24 hours before KO) Tottenham H - sold out (reached general sale) Watford - sold out (reached general sale) Burnley - sold out (reached general sale) Huddersfield T - sold out (reached season tickets 200-249 points) West Ham - sold out (reached general sale) Man City - sold out (reached general sale, just) (on sale to Fox members for 11 days)
  7. For those of you living East of Leicester, and not going to the City v Arsenal match tomorrow ... COME ON DOWN!!! (Peterborugh Utd FC, Sunday 28th April, 2pm KO).
  8. I'm not sure why the club haven't opened this up for General Sale yet? There were approx 310 tickets left after season ticket holders had their say (end of Wed 17th Apr). Members priority snapped up about 210 of them over the next 3 days (Thur 18th Apr - Sat 20th Apr). But in the 3 days since then, sales have dried up to a trickle, with only about another 35 being sold. There are currently 65 left. They should have been up for general sale a couple of days ago IMHO. <Edited to say> I've just had a thought. Maybe it won't go to general sale as the club are worried that some Man City fans might try to buy them, if they think it could be a title winning night? Just a thought ...
  9. A quantum change of atmosphere occured when all seater grounds became the norm in the top 2 divisions. But we've had that for 20-25 years now, so that doesn't really explain any short term changes. For what it's worth, I've been following the City away for 40+ years ... and the support tends to be cyclical. It has regular ups and downs. What typically happens, is that as we get better, we get more away support ... but it tends to be not so noisy/passionate. This is often a result of it effectively becoming seaston tickets holders only, or a sort of "closed shop". When we get worse, our away support tends to drop off a bit ... and this allows a new generation of lads (or old blokes) to go again. So our away support paradoxically gets better, as the numbers get less. But it does go in clear cycles/ups and downs. The atmosphere was good in the early/mid 90's, when we were challenging for promotion or fighting relegation. It got worse in the late 90's/early 2000's, as we became more of a mid table Premier team. It improved in the early 2000's with promotion and relegation battles. It was very subdued for a few years in the mid 2000's, when we seemed to be doing nothing but mid/low 2nd Division. It picked up in the early/mid 2010's re the playoff/promotion/great escape years. It was fantastic for the 2015-16 season (hardly surprising). But it's tailed off a bit in the last couple of years, as we've become a bit "mid table-ish". We've flirted on the fringes of relegation for a couple of times, but nothing serious enough to change the general mentality. Don't worry. It will pick up again. Just hang in their, and try and do the best you can. I'm not expecting everyone to shout like some demented fanatical nut for 90 mins, but just try and support the team as loudly as you can within reason.
  10. "I have been asked a few times if I had still been there would you have still won the title. My honest answer is that it probably wouldn’t have happened. I think we would have done really well but…I don’t know. I think Ranieri managed particularly well that year. It was a perfect storm of circumstances coming together. Does it really matter?" Fair play for him saying that, and not dodging the question. I always thought we would've done very well in 2015-16 if we'd kept Pearson. But I have no doubt we wouldn't have won the league.
  11. A 6 second period of the game, when no one was singing. Absolutely disgraceful.
  12. True. And yesterday's 2nd leg was away in deepest Italy. Arsenal's semi final first leg is only at home, so even less reason to change it. The trouble is ... I think Arsenal will ask for a change, as it suits their purposes. It will then be up to the Premier League to decide. That is effectively what the LCFC web site is currently saying. On the ticket information page https://tickets.lcfc.com/en-gb/categories/home tickets it now also says: "We are awaiting final confirmation from the Premier League regarding the kick off time and date for this fixture, as soon as we have received the official note the information will be published here first !"
  13. I like listening to Nigel Pearson's interviews. But I always come away from them, having learnt absolutely nothing. He never gives any specific answers, to the sorts of questions you want asking. Like "What did you say to your son after coming back from Thailand?" or "How did it feel after Leicester won the league?" or "why did Derby sack you?"
  14. Has anyone seen anything definite indiating when the Man City v City match will now be played? Or are we just guessing? The only thing on the LCFC web site is: "Please note this fixture is subject to change depending upon participation of Premier League Clubs in the Champions League the following Tuesday." The only certainty is that Bournemouth v Tottenham game will now not be on the Monday night (6th May). But there is currently a free 12.00 "slot" on the Sunday, for Sky. So they could swap our Man City away date to the Monday night? Or the could switch our match to Sunday 12.00, and switch Bournemouth v Tottenham to be the Saturday lunchtime match?
  15. Anyone else bought a new Ferrari this week?
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