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  1. I wouldn't get too worked about the BBC going OTT; I think it's in their modern DNA. Every 4 years, they go OTT about the US Presidential Election. They went OTT when David Bowie died. They even went totally OTT when we won the league - I seem to remember wall-to-wall coverage for most of that Tuesday morning. You name it, BLM, XYZ or whatever, when they put their mind to it ... BBC does OTT like no one else.
  2. When you hear about The Duke of Edinburgh's support for enviromental and "green" issues ... you realise he was years ahead of his time. (decades even).
  3. Funny you say that. I thought it was also a very poor atmosphere at Arsenal away a few weeks earlier (a week after beating Man City away). It seemed that lots of the people around me had never even been to a football match, let alone a City away match. I could only think that high priority ST holders and executive box holders claimed lots of tickets, instead of usually lending them to friends, relatives, neighbours, work colleagues and any other rabble. The away ends at unglamorous places such as Stoke, Southampton, Watford, Palace and Sunderland were great that season.
  4. Probably the best away day "crew" I've ever been in. 2500. 95% lads and blokes, mostly drunk, practically no women and kids at all.
  5. I'd expect most of them to be glued to their phones, posting regular meaningless updates on unsocial media. Then everyone will get up and leave on 85 minutes, to beat the traffic!
  6. The only consolation I can think of is this ... If we win our semi final and end up playing Man City (and yes before anyone says, that's a big "IF") ... and if we had beaten Man City yesterday (an even bigger "IF"), then I absolutely totally 100% guarentee we would lose the final. 3rd time lucky and all that, no way we would win 3 on the trot. But now ... we've lulled them into a false sense of security, that we are c r a p. So there's hope. if we win our semi final. and if we end up playing them in the final.
  7. "I can't express how I'm feeling," said Nigeria international Iheanacho. "I'm excited, I'm happy, I'm overwhelmed! It's a great moment and I'm happy that Leicester City gave me a new contract. "It's been a great time here. It's not been easy, but there's a lot of people here that are good people, great people to work with. They are nice people and they make me feel comfortable and welcome since I came in. "It's been really great being here. It's like a family. I'm happy being here and hopefully I can stay here many more years." It's nice when players actually sound l
  8. He gave a full interview to The Fox some time back, pretty much saying the same ... how he wanted to stay, but was stitched up.
  9. Absolutely this. Simple. End of. (unless of course, you're not English, in which case the question doesn't really make sense in the first place)
  10. I don't care how many (or few) fans are in the stadium. Just so long as it's gets rid of that hideously annoying fake crowd noise on the TV.
  11. When it comes to The City ... Some of the managers we have had over the years have been rubbish. Some of the players we've had over the last 50 years have been a p i s s taking joke, paid massive sums of money to do nothing. Some of the people we've employed have been disreputable characters, who you wouldn't give the time of day to. Over the last 50 years, most of the football has been incredibly frustrating ... odd seasons of brilliance, punctuated by much longer periods of mediocrity or plain rubbish. Obviously we're having a great time at the moment, but
  12. Exactly this. It's not either/or. When The City play, i'm 100% Leicester. When England play, i'm 100% English.
  13. I think there have been a few examples of "over spec'd" stadia recently ... the worst example being the £800 million spent (at the time), for re-doing Wembley. I appreciate that some of that money was spent on local infrastructure and not just the stadium, but that's got to rate as the biggest waste of money ever. For the average football fan, Wembley is absolutely s h i t e. It's basically been designed around the 17,000 or so corporate hospitality seats. It's not a football ground; it's an corporate entertainment arena. Probably good for pop concerts. I
  14. I'm all for statues. The trouble is ... you never know who will be around in the future, and might want to pull them down.
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