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  1. Still 12 seats left for this. It would make me laugh if by the end of the selling period the club had 1 ticket left, and couldn't gleefully put up on the web site "sold out to members"
  2. Bloomin 'eck. I almost choked on my cappuccino. The club are actually going to let this one go to General Sale ... from next Tuesday (10th Dec). Fill yer boots!
  3. Not quite. Joint 3rd, I think. Sunderland got 105 points in 1998-99. (and Fulham got 101 points in 2000-1. Those are the only ones to get 100+ points in the 2nd Division)
  4. Going off on a slight tangent for a moment ... I'll tell you another reason why atmospheres aren't as good as in the "good old days" ... apart from all the usual reasons (all seater stadia etc). It's also due to modern tippy-tappy non-contact football. In the good old days, of crunching tackles and direct hoof the ball down the pitch, bang it in from wingers to a big forward ... it may have been lacking a bit of quality and finesse, but it got the crowd going more. "crash bang wallop" football may not be good for the football purists, but it gets it was better for the atmosphere - rather than lots of neat, pretty triangles. (which you end up sitting back in your seat and admiring, rather than jumping up and yelling at the ref to send off that dirty b'stard!) The perfect example ... last week's London derby between 2 fiesty local rivals Chelsea and West Ham. By all accounts, Cheslea didn't commit a single foul in the game. NOT ONE SINGLE FOUL. Now I realise, that is good in one respect ... nice clean football .... but in a local derby??? ffs
  5. Some of the comments on the Watford game are a bit OTT. Get a grip. Atmospheres go up and down as often as whore's drawers. Most of the so-called "top clubs" like Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool are terrible atmospheres. Their away support may be decent, but their home support is absolutely dire (most of the time). Most clubs have ups and down. It's usually good after a few years of rubbish. So we were good 2014-16, Huddersfield were good the first season they were up, Wolves was good last season, and no doubt Villa/Sheff Utd/Norwich is good this year. Next year it will be Leeds or whoever. On a given season, it goes up and down hugely. A good open game against a so-called "big club" with a large away following is normallly pretty good. Whereas a midweek game in December at home to the bottom club with no away fans, is not going to set the place on fire. Add to that, the oppo parking the bus with 11 behind the ball, and us trying to slowly, patiently break them down ... and it's not going to be thrilling stuff. Being 2nd/3rd in the league isn't going to change that. The atmosphere will probably be decent v Norwich, and with might be red hot against Liverpool on Boxing Day. Re the long term decline n football atmosphere .... well that's been going on for 30 years since they started getting rid of terraces, and with the price rises (and subsequent) "gentrification" of crowds. Not just older crowds, but more affluent fans who are not so fanatical as they have other things in their lives. And also a more selfish "me me me" world of mobile phones, and I want it "now now now", and I want to get home - rather than support my team to the end. etc etc. Bottom line ... the atmosphere will be better the next match, if we just make the effort. Bring on the Norwich!!!
  6. The worst thing about Leicester is the number of traffic lights. Every ferkin 100 yards a traffic light on RED. It wouldn't make much difference if you left 15 mins before the end. You still get the same same bloody red lights. grrrr!
  7. That's because old habits die hard. Give it time! I didn't celebrate Nacho's goal last night at the time, as it was offside. I forgot it's a different game now.
  8. Yeah, that was sweet of the BBC wasn't it. As if we all didn't know our own bollock number.
  9. In the case of celebrating a goal .... It's not a case of "his choice not to do so". It's a case of, how the fck do you know it's actually a goal? It's like me handing you an envelope that tells you how much you've won in a prize. And then handing you a second envelope a minute later, telling you if you've actually won or not. Open first envelope, which says "you have won £1 million pounds". Do I celebrate? Leap around the room? Kiss the dog? Shag the next door neighbour? (quick one admittedly) Well, that's your choice. But what's the fckin point in doing anything, until you've opened the 2nd envelope?
  10. 30 or so years ago, Desmond Morris brought out a book called The Football Tribe, I think. It was a sort of sociological analysis of the game, rather than anything specific about football clubs. I think he categorised every football fan as being in one of 15 or so different groups. And one of them was basically the moaners who look at football as therapy for their miserable life, and are happiest when everything is going badly so they can say "told you so". But aren't really ever happy. Even when everything is perfect. Good or bad, whichever way they want it!
  11. I know what you're getting at. But VAR worked both for an against us yesterday. Assuming Vardy would've scored the penalty, that's pretty much swings and roundabouts. I just think VAR was supposed to be about over-turning the big and obvious errors ... that everyone really, really hated.
  12. I was shy, and didn't want to start a new thread. I had a quick look back and couldn't find a "moaning thread". So, I just had to start a new one!
  13. My mate who sits in the West Stand block A1, says there are a pair of miserable blokes who still spend all their time moaning at everyone and everything ... even though we might be watching the finest team in the history of football! Bad luck to be sat that close to them I suppose, and I'm lucky that where I sit, no one like that is within earshot. But FFS, what is there to moan about?
  14. All the arguments for or against VAR ... sometimes a picture just says it all. Midway through the 2nd half at Old Trafford yesterday. Defender Tyrone Mings scores an excellent volley, and a crucial goal to bring his team back level (in front of 73000 people). Cue for mad celebration by the player? No. He just shrugs his shoulders and jogs back to his own half and has the expression on his face that anyone could read ... "I haven't got the slightest idea if that goal will stand or be ruled out" It's not really what it's about, is it?
  15. One of the paper reckons the City are "Exploding into Life" ... In the first 30 minutes of league games this season, the aggregate score in our games is 6-5 to the opposition. However in the last 60 minutes, the score is 28-3 to us!
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