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  1. And if I asked WMT, they would no doubt say that Leicester is not one of the stations they serve. The old British Rail did have its problems, but at least they treated all the stations, as a single network. Just imagine if that revolutionary idea caught on again?
  2. For the 4500 of us going to Villa Park in 10 days time, it is certainly no joke competition. The atmosphere will be electric.
  3. I sent an Email to Cross Country a week or so ago, asking whether they could put on a "Football Special" to Witton (or a late train back from Birmingham after the match). I got a polite reply back thanking me for my suggestion, but basically saying that there were no plans to do it, as all their trains are in full time use, and that it would be very complicated from a timetable planing purpose, and that Witton isn't a station that they serve, etc etc. I wasn't holding out much hope, but there was no harm in asking.
  4. Remember that Airplane sketch where the old lady gets stopped and searched, but the hijackers walk through with guns ? Well ... for our playoff trip at Wembley in 1993, my mate was searched and had his newspaper taken off him, as the bloke on the gate said he was going to use it to make confetti. The bloke was so pleased with himself for confiscating his newspaper, he didn't notice me walking through with the biggest carrier bag of confetti imaginable. There must have been 20 newspaper's worth of ripped up paper in the bag.
  5. Currently: Blocks JL4/JL5/JL6 - sold out Blocks JL2/JL3/JL7/JL8 - 483 tickets left Blocks JL9/JL10 - not open yet (approx 620 tickets) ie approx 1100 left (of 3000).
  6. In all the discussions about ticket availability, it is worth remembering just how many people have got a high away points. This is our 6th season in the Premier League. We have pretty much have sold out most of those games - nearly every premier league match we've sold 2500-3000 away tickets. Add on 22 away matches in the same period. That is a serious lot of away points distributed around a lot of people. I go to approx half the away games, give or take a few, and if the away allocation is anywhere near 1300/1400 ish ... I don't get anywhere near it. (unless there is low demand eg 2016-17 we played Bournemouth away on a night match just before Christmas). It's just one of the "downsides" of sustained success - difficulty in getting away tickets.
  7. With an online betting account, you can blow £27k in one afternoon.
  8. Off on a tangent a bit ... Some years ago ... well 30 or so years ago ...., the police in one of America's big cities wanted to round up loads of people who had been a bit naughty. Nothing too serious, just non-payment of fines or somethng like that. So they sent them all letters saying they's won a prize. Collect it from the local sports ground at some pre-arranged time. There were probably 2000 people there, when 100's of police just surrounded the place ... and nicked the whole lot of them. It was quite funny.
  9. Some good points here. Although I would point out that whilst the 2nd leg League Cup semi finals against Sunderland (1999) and Villa (2000) were cracking atmospheres, the 1st leg Semi final against Wimbledon (1997) was pretty crap. The main reason being ... it was a 1st leg!. The 2nd leg away to Wimbledon (at Selhurst Park) was a superb atmosphere. One of the best cup ties ever, actually. The other point is valid, and you could say the problem is simply caused by success. Historically, we get relegated after a few seasons, get crap crowds, this filters out 1000's of part time fans - both home and away, this allows a new set of fans to come along, and we eventually start all over again. Our "problem" (so to speak), is that we are still being successful ... and this is giving no room for the regular clear-the-decks cyclical ups and downs. Obviously, I don't want us to get shit again - just to clear out all the dead wood. So a ground expansion, is the only solution.
  10. I'm fully aware of the reason. It's just the joke of ... We have a rule, but that rule doesn't need to be followed, if you can come up with some excuse.
  11. Apologies if anyone has mentioned this before ... But did anyone else notice how few people actually left before full time last night? Relatively speaking, of course. A few left, but nothing like 10,000+ we've seen in previous league games. I can only assume the reason was that most people had explicitly had to fork out hard earned money a week or so before the match. So you were actually aware of what it had cost you. And you'd had to take the trouble to get yourself a ticket, rather than just turning up on a season ticket.
  12. The Family Club, as it was originally called, was set up in 1978-79 I believe. Anyway, it was originally set up on the old Filbert Street Main Stand Enclosure terracing. I think it was set up so that mums, dads and kiddies could be guarenteed a nice safe space in the ground. There was plenty of hooliganism kicking around then, so it was quite a neat idea at the time. Fast forward 41 years to the modern, safe, antiseptic, all-seater havens we have to day ... where you're probably more likely to be hit on the head with a meteorite than a punch ... The whole ground is as safe as cotton wool, and bad language is practically zero. (assuming anyone can be bothered to shout anything in the forst place). What actually is the point of a Family Stand in 2020?
  13. Rule for FA Cup away fans ticket allocation: "The away club is entitled to 15%, unless there is any reason why the club and/or authorities don't want to give you 15%" Brentford's capacity is 12763. 15% of that is 1914. So we get 1660.
  14. That 2000 rule is only for the Football League. I'm fairly sure it's a straight 10% for the League Cup. Unless, of course, the clubs both agree on something else.
  15. Not a bad turnout for a 1st leg, in between 2 other home games. Compare that to Man Utd, who were about 6-7000 under capacity tonight for a Manchester derby.
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