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  1. fyi - I don't think Dr Anton Sebastianpillai had actually retired. I also thought that originally, but the BBC updated their original account to say they think he was still working and hadn't retired. But yeah, same sentiment.
  2. An article on Breakfast TV this morning, about the chappie who's just come out of the Leicester Royal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HWDUgIXSac A very articulate chap describing his experience, very moving, and actually rather uplifting (amidst all the other tragic deaths) <Edited to say: The bit when he said "I'm alive, and it feels great" is surely one of the classic lines ever!>
  3. Not sure if it's been mentioned previously ... Special mention to Dr Anton Sebastianpillai who died on Saturday. He was in his 70's, and would have known the extra risk he was under. But he carried on doing his good work, and paid the ultimate price. The word 'hero' is thrown about a bit too often in sports circles. We've certainly got some new ones now.
  4. Waitrose out my way has been superb. Civilised 1 in 1 out. Shelves pretty much stocked ok. Obviously costs a bit more. But i'm not spending any money on football trips, so i'm just re-assigning my funds from Leicester pubs to Waitrose!
  5. No reason why they should "expunge" the match records. The games were all played in good faith, according to Association Football rules. They would just need to "terminate" the season, and leave the match details, player appearances, goals scored etc as is.
  6. I love it when fans are passionate about their club. The bit below is taken from the "Sunderland Til I Die" Netflix Series, re their playoff final v Charlton last season. Both Turner and Pearlman were at Wembley - as fans rather than producers - to witness the defeat first-hand and their minds could hardly have been further from the show. “I had my three kids who were six, four and two at the time and when Charlton scored in the last minute I turned and left the stadium,” Pearlman said. “I had to be called by Ben to remind me my children were left in their seats with him. Let alone not thinking about the show, I was not thinking about my children.” So gutted, that you ignore your kids and leave them in the ground!
  7. For years and years, Spring is the time for eagerly checking football results. Nearly every night, there's a match involving a team you like or dislike, affecting promotion, relegation or championships. Now ... every night I check the Internet, it's for one reason only. The number of deaths. I pray every day that the death totals will fall. Every day they fall, it's a little something ... and I hope it will continue tomorrow. Every day the totals rise, my heart sinks, and you have to fight back the tears. I love football, and have done for 50 years. I and will do so again in future. But at the moment, it doesn't matter. For me personally the 2019-20 season is dead, finished, gone. covid-19 has wiped it out, and will wipe out a lot more before it's finished. Sport will come back, and we will love it even more when it does. But not just yet.
  8. I can't believe the number of people who say "the message hasn't been clear". It's been crystal clear from day one. You just have to listen and read, You may not totally agree with what's been said, but it's coming from people who know a lot more about this than us. The message may also change from one day to the next, but that's the nature of this problem. It is being monitored and analysed on an hour by hour basis. How can anyone not understand what "social distancing" means? The rules will undoubtedly get more severe as time goes on, but currently the message is simple. Don't have any unnecessary contact with people, ie remove "social" interraction. But If you do need to go to work, go shopping, or carry out an activity that is "necessary" - then try and keep a sensible distance from people (6'6" or 2 metres if possible), or if not then as far as reasonably possible under the circumstances. It's about using common sense. It's not that difficult.
  9. I can just about understand someone desperate to go to Bournemouth chancing it. BUT we've sold 3 tickets for Everton away in the last couple of days! (and there are well over 500 tickets left). Weird.
  10. Looks like we've sold quite a few tickets already. People really are desperate to go to Bournemouth!
  11. 12 tickets have been sold since Friday night. Nice to see a bit of optimism!
  12. Norwich, Villa and Bournemouth play in relegation v promotion playoff games. Watford play their joker v Liverpool in a title decider.
  13. This is a good opportunity to support your local non-league club. Obviously ...follow all the recommended safe health procedures, and stand 6' away from your fellow supporter (which isn't difficult at most small non-league clubs). There's no way I'm sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon, when someone is kicking a ball about!
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