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  1. Just now, Mark_w said:

    The one I edited a minute before your 2nd post? :whistle:

    Ah, not helping my case here. Yes, I see that now, though I didn't before I corrected my post. Suffice to say, if you want to make a twat of yourself best to get it all out in one go which I seem to be doing.

  2. Just now, Facecloth said:

    He said it, but his team still came to the KP and gave us one of the more troublesome games of our run in. It's nice he expressed his desire for us to win it, but he still did his best to spoil it. 


    Pardew didn't get chance to say it last season, but recently said how he was gunning for us to win it and loved every minute. Should we have chanted for him too?

    I suppose I'll have to put up with being called a cnut all day now. A terrible suggestion. Should have taken the time to wake up properly.

  3. 1 minute ago, Wymeswold fox said:

    I think most managers outside the top 4 wanted someone less 'glamorous' to win it, but I still consider them as managers of rival clubs and hence personally feels wrong to sing their name (as it may spur their team on against us).

    Still appreciated the fact that he stated it and wound the spurs fans up to high heaven. However, can I close this thread as it looks likely I'll be in a minority of one.

  4. I have just mentioned this in the pre match thread but thought it worthy of my first 'topic' starter on here.

    Should there be a short, appreciative chant from the home support today in recognition of what Pulis said about us after their draw with spurs last season?

    I can't decide if I'm being a tit or not but I know I loved Pulis for saying he wanted us to win it.

    Other posters thoughts?

  5. On 10/31/2016 at 13:47, Carl the Llama said:

    Not that I'm defending any side of the argument but twice is multiple times... The lowest possible definition of it perhaps but applicable nonetheless.

    It's not an argument, I agree with most of fox92's posts. Granted, twice is a multiple of once but I don't think they're a big club, that was my point really. Everton are a much bigger club than Spurs. As for spurs fans............cry babies.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Fox92 said:

    Please can people stop singing stuff like "have you ever seen xxxx (in yesterday's case, Tottenham) win the league".... Clubs with a rich history and we turn up singing shite like this. It's embarrassing.


    I'm all for singing about being Champions (I'll still be banging on about it in fifty years time) but singing about other clubs - particularly big clubs - is wrong. Tottenham have won the league multiple times, and we've won it once. 


    Sing about ourselves not the opposition (though of course "who came third" and all that was funny).

    They've only won it twice haven't they, not mulitple times? Agree with the sentiment though.

  7. 10 hours ago, AlgerianFox said:

    Early? Don't think it is possible; Algeria has Tunisia Senegal and Zimbabwe in the first stage with a game every 4 days for 2 teams to go throu to the second stage...


    And if Shlurp :) plays for Ghana if we play them...well :):)



    Hopefully we'll cope without them. I want Algeria to win it for Riyad and Slim. Come on Algeria.

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  8. 3 hours ago, fuchsntf said:

    That was really my point, look none of us know how it will pan out for him and us...

    Its just the pre-judgement, on any young player in their 1st season and after 10-12 games non full game time,

    then fans proclaim, not the positive potential, but actually search for the negative.

    Our best player Yesterday and in other games DDrinkwater was caught On the ball which led to the oppo getting into the box,

    or the  breaking down our own forward movement. But we let that ride.

    Amartey came on for 5 minutes, chased down twice successfully and broke up 1+ opposition movements.

    Then twice was caught Meandering, allowing the oppo attack our P.Area.Some were quick on their criticism

    We forget easy that Mistakes are

    part of the game, its how the game is played...how many times did Vardy pounce on oppo mistakes and scored last season, how many sitters did he just happen to miss??? 

    Give the new guys some slack and patience, these first few games its our mainstays that have made some real Cock-ups or bad Judgements..!! 



    Its not the mentioning of the mistakes, but the analyse and final-solution attitude that this or that individual is not upto PL quality and never will be,

    . Knee-jerk reaction  ok  within the game,!!!  but not days or weeks after, seems lazy criticism and easy point making to me.

    No matter what they might earn they deserve time and patience.


    There are players from the squad who this season have to stand up and be counted, some might say make or break season, thats simply part of the game, for all sportspeople

    also part of any sport is also giving new starters a chance...

    For me that means giving them a season,

    youngs one like Amartey, Musa, Chilwell, maybe longer...





    Have you been drinking by the way? Thought I was going to burst into tears while reading that post.;)

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