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  1. I been going football for decades and now i cant even celebrate a goal without waiting for that horrible purple screen to come up and kill my joy, its shit and it isn't working..end of bin it now.
  2. 2 absolutely clear pens not given, protecting his face so what it's handball and a pen. As for the assault on nacho when are you going to get one if not for that.
  3. Emile is a legend for contributing 100000 to the administration fund but the birch role.. not for me , other areas yes but wouldn't suit him.
  4. People turning their noses up at lallana and we call other fans entitled. Pure comedy gold.
  5. Vichai and the whole premier league winning team with Claudio of course. A once in a lifetime event that should be suitably remembered, placed in the most prominent place so we lucky enough to witness it and those foxes who follow us in later years can walk by and think back to a dream that became reality.
  6. They are human beings making decisions, and as humans those decisions are influenced by personal feelings and moods. Lets put it this way if I'm a referee and forest have a shout for a penalty..well then its obviously not a penalty. But personal feelings apart i believe the vast majority are not bent but just not very good.
  7. The idea that back in the day our support was always very noisy and ultra like is something of a myth, yes there were many great days but there were also days when it was dire. I have witnessed days /nights at the kp that were certainly a match for filbo. I think the sanitized nature of the match day experience and the availability of tickets for groups of friends to be together certainly doesn't help. I also think some on here overly big up some of our rivals support and seem to down play ours. A singing section in an expanded kp with a standing section would change everything.
  8. You mean those retards that had made the effort, took the time and paid a lot of money to get to Wolverhampton on a friday night for a match that was live on tv.
  9. Draw hopefully, the 2 clubs i detest.
  10. Are we on top form ,well no but we have 50 points and i think 6 wins will see us in the champions league, good points against Chelsea and wolves and after man city a run of games where we will pick up wins, get the passports ready boys and girls we are on our way ...again.
  11. Not a ground to judge away support on really. Wolves have got it perfect in nullifying away supporters singing, i cant even hear man utd etc at wolves and their away support is excellent.
  12. And an ungrateful twat he slagged us off and thought he was better than the club we all support, f..k him.
  13. Yea, the beatles, the stones , the who , motown verses x factor manufacturerd crap tough call.
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