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  1. Holidays are coming, holidays are coming.
  2. I have got over it, it was a democratic vote , i voted leave wasn't fanatical by any means thought remain would win and was surprised by the result, if the vote had have gone the other way i would have accepted it and got on with my life not spent 3 years looking for every tiny reason to whinge about a democratic decision.
  3. There really are no limits to the crap being rolled out is there, maybe just accept there was a vote , 3 in fact counting general elections and remain lost. Get over it .
  4. There have been theories that because they are doctors that maybe a sedative to keep the kids asleep was used and things went wrong but really cant see that being true.
  5. Most or all of that was discounted by the documentary on Netflix as i remember, also the relentless campaign they have mounted to keep her in the public eye seems a strange way to cover up for being murderers, negligent yes, murderers behave.
  6. I agree but i think the city council will be fully behind this project which will certainly help. The council will come out with park and ride and such things.
  7. Their grief will be all the greater for knowing they were wrong and thats a terrible punishment for any parents.
  8. I think the car showroom objected and some residents due to increased traffic.
  9. I would say that the protests didn't stop the building of the kp stadium and i would think would have even less chance of stopping the expansion.
  10. They made a mistake in my opinion but they have paid the most terrible price for it and my heart goes out to them.
  11. That is undoubtedly true as well.
  12. I would say once the facts have been properly investigated it will be almost certain this virus was about before xmas in the uk.
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