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  1. Just a reality check for some on here, we are not going to win every game, teams are not going to roll over for us, we are still a work in progress, and finally this is probably as good a team as we have ever had so enjoy the moment, wasn't that many years ago we were happy to beat the likes of Rotherham and mk dons.
  2. A little joke that obviously didn't work as oadby is full of Liverpool fans,......
  3. I'm very pleased your not leaving, you I'm sure have plenty to offer the country, better to try to change from within my friend, good luck.
  4. Maybe just maybe if/when you leave and find your utopia you will have time to reflect on why people travel through most of western Europes democracies to get to this little island we live on. Happy hunting.
  5. Did vardy have a release clause that arsenal activated.?
  6. As opposed to a lifetime of getting money from a non existing money tree.
  7. I think we had that yesterday.
  8. To think the so called big 6 cant change is utter tripe. If spurs had a couple of bad years added to the cost of the stadium they could easily be in trouble, man city lose their oil money etc back in the thirties wolves were the team, other teams over the decades have been so called big 5/6 , Newcastle leeds Everton, change can happen it will be gradual but possible.
  9. No mate, went carrow road several times in the late seventies and eighties and even in them days it was very much seen as a hassle free day out.
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