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  1. Markyblue

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Look back on our history, being top 10 in premier league is not stuck in limbo, its nearly as good as it gets 2016 apart.
  2. Markyblue

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Followed the boys for 48 years in that time it's mostly been a struggle with moments of pure joy. I've now seen us win the premier league 2 league cups and various championship and first division promotions. Ive followed them into Europe and down to harlow and Exeter, we are Leicester and not man utd or Liverpool but many /most other clubs will never see their team win the premier league EVER. Yes we always want better but sometimes be thankful for what we have achieved.
  3. Markyblue

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    Really, Liverpool couldn't keep hold of their two best players when barca came calling are they the new Southampton.
  4. Markyblue

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    A few well placed volleys from the boys will soon have the ramblers looking for something else to complain about.
  5. Probably nearest thing to a derby for us and back in the walshy bull days there was a rivalry. Now don't give a toss about them.
  6. That's the thing isn't it, the Watford play off defeat seemed like the end of the world, now we would suffer that every week to have vichai back , well done Watford.
  7. Nice you could say we sausage rolled them over.
  8. Markyblue

    Watford post-match 2-0 Puel out chit-chat

    What we've been through as a club recently, upto 7 is outstanding. We're not man city we will work hard for our point's but proud of the boys.
  9. Markyblue

    Royal Visit to the King Power Stadium

    Lovely words from William.
  10. Markyblue

    The Foxes - nickname change?

    Mate there's an army of people desperately waiting to be offended by something.
  11. Markyblue

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    Let it go mate, just let it go.
  12. Markyblue

    Filbert street in disrepair...very sad

    Dosnt your wife mind being called the old centre circle.
  13. Markyblue

    The Managers: David Pleat, 1987-1991

    It was a time when a 1/3 full filbo used to have pleat out and sack the board as the two main chants. Still love them times though.
  14. Call me old school but personally I would ban anybody who takes a selfie. Grumpy rant over.
  15. Markyblue

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    Depends how quickly they release frank and dyanmark from the barricaded club house.