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  1. Set the fox one as my wallpaper and as the typical technology inept older gezzer I'm pretty pleased with myself.
  2. Its getting very competitive now.
  3. Would be great to see that happening, well done boys if it happens.
  4. Would love to see him back here as some sort of ambassador, true gent and who can not watch him in tears at the end of the Sunderland game and not love the bloke. Legend.
  5. Derby had the 2 titles in the 70s great achievement, forest had the 2 European cup wins great . achievement, we had the premier win great achievement , all 3 clubs have done great things at different times ,at the moment we are pulling away due to being in a higher league, more money, new training ground and ground expansion but things can change. But at this time we are the bigger club.
  6. 100000 of his cash in the administration syndicate proper legend.
  7. Coleen is a woman who will put up with her husband shagging everything with a pulse as long as she maintains her millionaire lifestyle. But someone telling the sun about her basement flooding sends her over the edge, give it a rest please.
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