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  1. The crash has changed the timeline but vichai wanted the expansion and top will deliver it with style im sure.
  2. Every politician in Westminster agreed to their partys manifesto pledges on brexit and most have gone back onit so their all liars.
  3. Arsenal in the cup mid 70s nearly 40000,sat on the wall at the front in the pop side. How people didn't get crushed is a miricle.
  4. Absolutely spot on mate, the most successful period in our history must see tangible benefits ie new training ground and ground expansion.
  5. Got to say as much as i love our owners it seems that we are very much kept in the dark about the general plans for the future of the club. Even these meetings with the selected fans seem to have everyone sworn to secrecy, quite bizarre really.
  6. As i stated earlier project on going, tanner in the mercury says plans still being drawn up but new training ground is priority.
  7. Build it and they will come.
  8. That's true. But we'll see. 🤞
  9. No it hasn't. Friend who works down there says project still moving forward.
  10. Markyblue


    Are main rivals are forest. Yes i know they say they only care about derby but thats bullshit. Dont play them now but back in the day it was pure hatred believe me.
  11. I hope so , people have had their say lets not turn on each other .
  12. Really, ive seen posts saying certain groups should approach the club about the situation. Your either offended or not.
  13. Regardless of your or mine point of view on this why would thousands of city supporters want their unknown views expressed to the club by a group of about 30 people or how ever many make up union fs.
  14. A few months on from losing our Thai owner, ungrateful bas....s. i bet you still take the freebies though.
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