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  1. Not seen that, but symptoms apparently vary from nothing to mild etc up to death. Still seeing reports of 30% plus having no symptoms at all.
  2. As someone who thinks the government is doing ok even i would say its going to be the advisors were wrong if the shit hits the fan and didn't we do well if everything works out pretty well, is that not any politicians way.
  3. You will do, people are allowed one walk a day with live in family and they are using common sense surely to pick an area that is normally deserted.
  4. I think there's some dried pasta behind her.
  5. Could not agree more they are literally putting lifes at risk with their breath taking stupidity. W..kers.
  6. Think this virus is the start of the end for the eu.
  7. Deaths down. Is that a full 24 hour total.?
  8. Thanks stan, we have to be positive and at the same time stay at home and help the nhs EVERYONE has a part to play.
  9. The 20000 figure was mentioned at the very start of the outbreak and doesn't seem to have changed.
  10. Certainly not aimed at you, just think lets get through this together and then if your that way inclined play politics. This needs a United effort, i know of course people have the right to question but i have the right to say it probably doesn't help , stay safe everyone.
  11. You are if you didn't vote for this government and you are not if you voted for it, so much for national unity far to many looking for cheap political shots disguised as genuine concerns.
  12. Ive never said ive had it for a start. Also the obvious point you are missing is nobody knows how many Potential virus deaths were earlier put down to flu. They wouldn't be testing for some strange virus just seeing symptoms associated with flu etc. Influenza sufferers can be tested and up to 50% do not test positive. Mass infections i doubt it but to totally to dismiss any is you being delusional. Anyway I'm going off this site now to try to enjoy my weekend, stay safe.
  13. So in this age of global village you think not 1 person infected in china between December and early February entered the UK.
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