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  1. Defence looking great. One mistake cost us but super second half show, we looked the much better team.
  2. Having firstly thought var was a good idea it is now an absolute disaster. Every time i see a goal now either on tele or down the kp im not going to be able to celebrate until they have kicked off again, its a good idea in principle that is going to destroy football as we know it. Its bullshit.
  3. He responded in our time of need, legend.
  4. Pink pringle jumpers were worn even back in the 80s.
  5. 8 years time, after winning the champions league at 50000 capacity kp stadium, singing champions of Europe youll never sing that to Liverpool fans. 😎
  6. Not going to happen, the expansion includes benefits for the city as a whole.
  7. Yes they are giving people a free cap the absolute bast..ds.
  8. I would go but people will be moaning about the quality of the beer, the price of the beer, we have to sit down to drink the beer. The beers for nothing but the pub didn't pay for the taxi and the free food the pub gave us was a waste of time.oh and you cant leave the pub early thats a real no no.
  9. Top by name, top by nature, one of us then now forever.
  10. I remember the absolute melt down on here because we didn't sign gibson or mawson, enough said.
  11. Irritating Twat K..t
  12. 1 we'll pay him more than Bournemouth 2 were bigger than Bournemouth
  13. Arise sir rudkin, the metamorphosis is nearly complete.
  14. Reality check, we are no better or worse than any other teams fan base. We just notice what our fans say, nice people and complete knobheads make up every teams fans.
  15. I think at times the sky coverage was almost as if they were agents for man United, ethicaly as a media organisation very worrying.
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