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  1. Whereas in 2016 we culled spuds only chance of winning the premier league.
  2. Markyblue

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    We couldn't finish though.
  3. Markyblue

    Gordon Banks RIP

    Amen to that friend.
  4. Markyblue

    Gordon Banks RIP

    True gentleman and legend
  5. Hes got to play first and lets be honest he isn't at the moment.
  6. Markyblue

    The Managers: Mark McGhee, 1994 -1995

    Hope not he'd eat half your food on the way to the table, fat c..t.
  7. Markyblue

    The Managers: Mark McGhee, 1994 -1995

    Wa..er end of
  8. Markyblue

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    Never when we start something we finish it.
  9. Markyblue

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    Bad crash at thrussington.
  10. Markyblue

    Ben Chilwell's Message for Leicester Fans

    I find that not for the first time ft has managed to turn a drama into a full blown crises. I was at the game on Sunday and yes the substitution was booed, not by me dont see what it achieves, but anybody would think the players we're lucky to get off the pitch in one piece, a bit of reality in the mass breakdown thats going on wouldn't go a miss.
  11. Markyblue


    I would never boo but i fully believe people have the right to. Freedom of speech and expression is everything do we really need the boo police.
  12. Markyblue

    Manchester United (H).. Up next.

    We are capable of beating anybody. Get behind the lads for one of those special kp days ,3-2.
  13. Going to be part of tribute to vichai in the stadium expansion I've heard.
  14. And his advisers want 1 million as well.obscene is understating it.