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  1. Beat me to it, there are limits to anybody's forgiveness. Destroyed us and set us back years.
  2. Cash happy, prIde dented. Money isn't always everything, but certainly helps.
  3. Personally don't dislike puel.
  4. That would depend on whether puel is being completely professional about the potential transfer or he is exercising a personal angle against lcfc and in all honesty nobody can possibly know one way or the other.
  5. Keep checking if we have got him and instead have found out someone wants to marry puel and his name is oxymoron so all good really.
  6. Still didn't fully understand. 🤔
  7. And that was during Burnleys heading practice.
  8. Just wasted 30 seconds of my life looking up oxymoron.
  9. Yes he would be perfect for them🤫careful walls have ears.🤐
  10. Really looking forward to this competition, this is what it's all about, playing in Europe, i remember playing mk dons and Northampton, this is what we strive for ,go make us proud city, cant wait.
  11. They are on the ft planet, where a bad performance with a patched up team in a friendly means we will be relegated and losing a player with an injury "its football it happens " means the end of the world as well.
  12. Yes the news is there is no news,
  13. I know you dont really believe any player gives a toss about fan support, the sound of banknotes going into an account maybe.
  14. And he breaks a leg and is worth nothing, crystal balls dont exist.
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