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  1. Not anti chilwell at all but if we sell a so called "big name" i would lose less sleep over him than 3 or 4 others.
  2. That doesn't alter the fact Maguire isn't worth 80 million plus. 40 million yes 80 million would be a present day Bobby Moore and Maguire ain't that.
  3. Covid we can live with, whereas cov never again please.
  4. Think the opposite really, build now whilst no body will be attending games for months.
  5. Is his name the shaft.
  6. Horses for courses mate, ive no problem with any team using what is available to their best advantage, dont know to much about the lad, know he's rated but he has to suit our style of play otherwise it's a waste of time and money. 🤔
  7. It was probably the family and friends of the girl whos handbag he forgot wasn't his in the Palais, or alternatively because he was shit.
  8. I think i got the wrong end of the stick, being labelled a covid denier when my mrs is ñhs rattled me, my apologies. Not by you i should add.
  9. What a ridiculous statement, either a system was overwhelmed or it wasn't, too say it wasn't because extra measures were put in place is frankly laughable. Of course extra measures were put in place wasn't that the sensible thing to do.
  10. If you mean me as a covid denier you want to give your head a wobble, my wife works for the nhs and I'm fully aware what she has gone through, my point was the nhs was not overwhelmed, i didn't say other wards were not used for covid patients, but which ever way you spin it the system coped, i know that doesn't sit well with many on here but there you go.
  11. I stopped reading once you mentioned the nhs being swamped, that is not only untrue its a complete lie. I think figures show that even in the worse period the nhs was nowhere near overwhelmed. The nightingale hospitals were barely used at all.
  12. I wondered how long it would take the football snobs to appear, its human nature to compare and discuss, if people can compare and evaluate great writers and various other topics why not football clubs, the only pedantic and boring issue here is the dreadful snobbery on this site by some.
  13. Eh, if thats the case man utd are bigger than us but not by much. Are we massive certainly not but we are by a country mile a bigger more attractive club than Burnley, just my opinion and not being rude.
  14. Yeah the haymarket looks beautiful in the glimmering sun , whereas they have only got them fountains, cathedral, los ramblas and.................
  15. Agree totally make the inevitable as rewarding to us as possible.
  16. Lets cut to the chase, if barca come calling who ever it involves is going, end of.
  17. Agree to an extent, thinks hes in the 35 million area.
  18. Economic ruin ,millions unemployed, huge medical implications for the nation as a whole when schools could be put back a year, shut everything down again and there wont be a country as we know it to come back to.
  19. How for the love of god is closing workplaces and pubs etc so some 9 year olds can play pe and draw pictures going to help our country in the long run.
  20. If wolves win the Europa league and qualify for champions league does that put Chelsea in the Europa league and spurs out.🤔
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