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  1. Thanks! Such a sensible decision, but ruddy niggling not knowing who they are. I'm assuming if they'd tested positive they would have stated so considering the people who have admitted their positive status, yeah?
  2. Quite a heavy thread to sift through, so apologies, but are the 3 players known yet?
  3. We really made that game difficult for ourselves, but it was truly an epic match and the winner from Ulloa will go down as one of the best Leicester City moments I've never seen. That surely amends for the play off moment in 2013. I wasn't convinced by the team selection, but on balance it really worked. It was great to see Cambiasso back, he's not lost his touch considering he's not played since 2017. Chilwell was actually decent, but I'd have to put this down to Steve Guppy in front of him, he anticipated all of Chilwell's play and was always available, they linked up well. I've watched all the games this season and followed the transfer business closely, so I still don't understand where and how the new player Kanye came from, thought he was excellent though, really kept the game ticking over. It will always be remembered for Ulloa though, what a moment, new contract? I thought his move to Mexico would have slowed him down, but he was just like the Ulloa we remember. I'll be honest, at the time I thought it was a poor decision to bring him on instead of Birchenall, but once again, I was wrong.
  4. worst news EVER!! That tackle on Grealish, everybody thinking, how did he come out unscathed from that? Errrrrr...well....
  5. The simplistic and realistic approach would be to start last with last nights formula, ~ starting 11 ^ Iheanacho ∑ Vardy = Good. But it's been tricky to predict Rodger's line-up's, so I'll leave that to the experts. I don't think he'll use it again. They are a bit brutish, so this feels like a game where Maddison will be on his butt all game, perhaps give him a rest for the less Bambi'esque Tielemans. So keen to see Justin continue his Villa form, but I reckon Chilwell will be back, bit like having a lovely hot supply teacher for the day and then the normal teacher returns back to class the next day. Best bit is seeing us back against Sir Nigel Pearson and Shakeh, sure there'll be some great moments in this game. Hopefully Vardy's 100, 101 and 102 all come in this game.
  6. It felt like as if we'd edited out most of what happened between the last Villa game and this Villa game. Norwich, Liverpool, Man City, Southampton, Burnley had been cut and we could now be just left with a nice and tidy piece. Standout players have been covered already in earlier posts and we looked so good. So I'll focus on Rodgers, for me MOTM. I never thought he'd go down the Justin at LB route, I just thought it would cause too much hassle regarding Chilwell's future and development. Sadly, I still think there's a board room level business aspect that will be relevant and how would we protect Chilwell's equity when he's not in the squad? That's not a defence of Chilwell, because on last nights performance by Justin and for actual football reasons, It would be strange to not have Justin start against Watford. Rodgers looked delighted when he spoke with him on the pitch after the game and this was great to see. It was an inspired decision. Keeping Vardy on the bench really worked as well, he came on fresh, hungry and simply scared Aston Villa. Praet over Tielemans was the right decision too, and again, motivated by football rather than invested interests, the right way to go. Remaining with Albrighton was excellent, I thought he was great, keep up those performances and he'll be in the starting 11 more often. It felt like the team changes we'd all been asking for. My only gripe is that, could these decisions been made earlier and been rotating more freely throughout this season? If's and and's and pots and pans, maybe? maybe not? I know Injuries and suspensions have dictated a lot of BR's choices, but it's a thought. That said, he got last night spot on and I didn't notice too many notes being taken in his book, which must be a good sign.
  7. Yep, Evans or Ndidi for me too. But Ricardo and Vardy could make up the marginal difference with the remaining games. Soyuncu as well, he'll definitely feature heavily in the highlights.
  8. Proper courageous starting 11 from Brendan, he's putting it out there. I never thought he'd be brave enough to put in Justin at LB, but it's a good opportunity and loads on here have been calling for it, well, now's his chance. Everything else looks decent.
  9. Yes, and your post is a factual based assessment rather than a personal dagger. It's going to be interesting to see what happens to him, but I reckon it's not going to be at any detriment to the club.
  10. He's 23 with such a bright future, though for me, not with us anymore. I think, as most sensible people agree, he is a talented player. It's simple, the club's ambitions and aspirations have outgrown him. If we were currently positioned on 38 points and aiming for mid-table comfort or were in the Championship top 6, which is not that long ago to where we are now, then he's the perfect fit. Top 4 gunning for Champo's league, he isn't. That's not his fault, so he really doesn't deserve all the nastiness shown on here towards him, it's just bullying now. At 3.2 mill, he's more than earned his fee and wages during his time with us. I'd like to see him go to a club that represents his level and kick on from there.
  11. Hopefully the Brum win has placed a full stop at the end of that edgy spell post Villa semi loss. The signs are good from BR's presser, Vardy and Ndidi in, Maddison off the back of an encouraging step up against Birmingham, Chilwell injured . That said, if Chilwell is available, I still see him as the starting choice, if not, it's a classic game for Fuchs. I'm still not enough of a purist to see the true benefit of Praet in the starting 11, but I agree, he's played himself into the starting line-up from his recent displays. It's just that, as we're all aware, a fully firing Ndidi does allow Tielemans and Maddison to take up better positions, but purely on recent form, I'd stick with Praet over Tielemans. In terms of starting 11, again for me, it's all down to if Iheancho starts or not. If he doesn't, then it's the 4-3-3 standard. Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell/Fuchs Praet Ndidi Maddison Perez Vardy Barnes If he does, and I think he should. Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell/Fuchs Praet Ndidi Tielemans Maddison Vardy Iheanacho Albrighton and Ricardo up front if it's 0-0 on 80'.
  12. Hopefully we do remain strong with the team selection. It's a good opportunity to try and re-boot the form and line up that's taken us to third, albeit perhaps a couple of tweaks. Schmeichel Justin Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Ndidi Perez Maddison Tielemans Barnes Iheanacho Iheanacho to get to grips as the lone striker. Ndidi to build his recovery momentum, but don't break him. Vardy and Ricardo on the bench, hopefully we won't need them. On current form Chilwell should have a break, but surely this is a game he can attempt at finding his foot again., surely? It's sad, but I see the most exciting thing about this game is looking forward to seeing Jude Bellingham play.
  13. Well, that was a game to contradict so many opinions of the team. Hamza, Chilwell, Maddison, Perez, Praet, Barnes all off, no team can can do well with over half the team under-performing like they did last night. Every Maddison corner he looked up, raised his hand and kicked it in with no purpose. A confident team would be looking at mixing it up with routines and practiced set-piece alternatives, but no...let me lump this in, yawn. I thought this was quite insightful to the teams approach at present. We turned into a mid-table team that lacked so much after Iheanacho's disallowed goal, we played like the classic "on the beach team" thereafter, strange. I thought the first half was fine, seemed to be working to plan, but the second was hard to watch, what is this pattern? We assume Brendan will sort it out, but he's gonna have to look on here for inspiration for some actual seriously brutal changes.
  14. I like this formation, it looks very inspired by The Red Arrows. It could even be termed 'The Red Arrow' formation from now on, hang on though...we're Blue...I'm sure it could be designated by each team that chooses it by their team colours.
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