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  1. From the Seagrave updates, I've heard this is happening.
  2. I completely agree with this...NES quoted as using "daylight" to consider the margins, eh? Even the suggestions to add in an offside tolerance doesn't make sense to me. I'm so binary when it comes to VAR, so I don't see how a tweak with "daylight" helps. The offside rule is need of a review, but what are the valid solutions?
  3. I'd imagine Man City will lobby even harder for a European Super League now. It is interesting the punishment is for the CL and, as yet, not seen any evidence the PL/FA will take up any action for their positions in their respective competitions. But didn't we have some bother with FPP? Oh yes, we did.
  4. We've been here before and it always comes right.
  5. It did make me think of a truly wonderful gag though...WolVARhampton....insane yeah? If only we had a V in our name...I think LeicesterVAR is the absolute best, without any possible improvement, you can get on that. Across the season that is an exceptional result and I reckon we were just under heavy instruction to play that way, it's not like we'd not seen it before against Wolves, remember the fost game o the season? Whilst we all know we could have done better, that's what we look like when playing cautiously, might even say almost paranoid. Not much to comment on really, defence was great, Evans, again, MOTM for me, Cags and Ricardo close behind. One thing though, Soyuncu had enough opportunities to run through the midfield and get the ball into the box, I know it would have come off badly if he'd had lost possession, but I reckon he's easily got the ability to surpass Maguire's ability in that department. Times like last night, I think the risk would have paid off and given us some extra surprise chances.
  6. unless i'm out of date here, he's not definitely out, just doubtful.
  7. Finally, let's get this thread back onto page 1. The Dubai Breaks over, at last! is it a 4-1-4-1 or a 4-3-3, looks the same to me to be fair, so default starting line up for me. I hope Wilf's back and Maddison is over his hang-over. I don't think we have to be too radical for this one, although the potential Traore slammers on Chilwell could be their tactic, so the option to help him out with Fuchs does make sense if we are to make any change. This game should be an absolute belter to come back to.
  8. Same from me really. Via a predictor, I had us down for 3rd on 70 points and I felt harsh on most of the Leicester predictions, played Devil's advocate really. So, let's see. Top 4 is ours to lose....oh dear.
  9. I really rate him and he's getting better. What was that moment when he forgot the ball and then got fouled? I'm still perplexed what happened there.
  10. oh, sorry, best moment of the game was in the 3rd minute when Chilwell had a "Chilwell' and dicked it out of play, camera cuts to Brendan and his notebook, pure meme if anyone got that.
  11. To mirror the sentiment, we were equal to Chelsea yesterday. Our potential, from the starting 11 (add Ndidi) is incredible and far better than Chelsea right now. That was my favourite game of the season for us and we should have won. Choudhury's positioning was off, but he did really well for a step in. I'd say, there isn't another player in the Prem and possibly wider that could replace Ndidi right now, his value to the team is incredible. Well done to Chilwell and Barnes, they deserved that, Barnes has had a shot of confidence and hopefully Chilwell will benefit from that goal. Tielemans is the pure conversation though, he's amazing, but to me, he seems 2 or 3 steps ahead of everything and this is his weakness. His vision is second to none, but the execution when it works is world-class, when it doesn't he looks like he should be subbed. We knew this though when he came. I think he has such a particular way of playing and it's not always easy for him to fit in. What he did well yesterday, was exceptional, but what he didn't do well, simply adds to his doubters, total new conundrum to us. Vardy was MOTM for me, unreal engine and aggression, gave the team what it needed.
  12. I can't see nothing but the same team that started last night playing this game. Get back on the horse, I really think the players will understand the position we're in better than many fans are at present. Praet, Fuchs and Choudhury possibly pushing the starting places. Justin, perhaps, if the Ricardo shift up the pitch is an option for Brendan. The Top 4 is all to play for now, with another potential excellent run in a Cup.
  13. I felt this last night, not sure if it's connected, but thought it more from a physical side. We're a little light in the pounding sense, we're extremely skilful, but don't offer that brute of a player to fight back. Of course this does link well with Grealish's angry side, he's not afraid to throw his weight around if he needs to. I understand you can't have everything, but it really showed last night how frail we can be when a real tussle is all that's needed in situations like last night.
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