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  1. I was just about to write something very similar along these lines. Thanks, saved me some time. I felt it was as if himself and Rodgers had chatted about taking that role back again, rather than just waiting for the opportunities. It was clear last night, he wants the Golden Boot and that it could be his last chance. (saved me no time)
  2. Having to wait until 7pm sunday evening feels like an international break. I'm sure this tiny amount of extra time will give the players options and I wonder if Rodgers will allow a little rest time or keep them drilled until kick off. From the Brighton game, I still find it encouraging that we've improved each game and our form curve is going the right way. Depending how you view it, to me, this is such an exciting end to the season and as tense as it is, it's sporting drama at it's best. Reading between the lines and from what's been said, I reckon we'll have Maddison and/or Chilwell back, but I still don't think we have to change the line-up / formation too much from what we've seen in the last two games. The team will rise to this one and they know what's at stake, I think it's all down to them now and to improve their own personal performances and levels. I'm confident we'll win this, but that really means nothing at all.
  3. It was such an entertaining game and the point was the least we deserved. We just didn't control the midfield, Ndidi and Tielemans second best on many occasions. Defence was proper wonky in the first half. Schmeichel, excellent again throughout, he's been our best player since the re-start, we need him to continue that form. Overall though, it was just frustrating to see how many final touches didn't come off. The intention was great, but if just a few of those final touches the midfield/attack took had worked, we'd have won comfortably, obvious I know. At VAR training, that Iheanacho goal should be used as an example of how to improve the usage of VAR. It was a clear and obvious error and thus was a goal. Is there any representation from club supporters groups presented to the Premier League on the future of VAR?, I know there are surveys, but I mean actual sensible representation and opinion heard from the fans and directed to the executive level regarding VAR? I reckon an LCFC delegation would have enough critical evidence to change how VAR should improve and I hope our VAR experiences from this season are heard. At least I got to read Ryan Bennett christened/launched as HMS Bennett, whoever wrote that, genius. I'd say he's more of Frigate than an Air Craft Carrier, but still, what an apt nickname.
  4. Leicester Mercury Interns getting in on the incorrect name game.
  5. He sounds like a Leicester fan (FT poster)
  6. All this back to back, quick turn around football, whoever invented this is a genius, I love the frequency and no International breaks, lovely stuff. To this game; With the potential injuries leading Rodgers selections, it's not easy to suggest an 11 and formation. There was plenty enough from the Palace game that should should be retained. If Ndidi and Tielemans match their levels from that game and with still room for improvement, then the midfield will be ours. I wouldn't want the defence to change much, perhaps Fuchs starting for Chilwell if his injury keeps him out. Then the attack, which still has options, but tricky not to see Vardy, Iheanacho and Perez (injury doubt aside) continue as they were. Maddison seems to work well as the "12th man" in the stands, so keep him there for now if he's not at full capacity. As always, we need to play the Arsenal of July 2020 and not the Arsenal legacy. It's more even than many games we face in the Prem, but I reckon we have to fancy a win.
  7. He looked assured when he came on. I look forward to all his typecasts "no nonsense" "does the dirty work" "keeps it simple" "fuss free" "old fashioned" "prepared to blast it into Row Z" "eats 3 Shredded Wheat" that type of thing.
  8. It's a shame you missed it, it was an incredible save.
  9. Jamie Vardy, frustrates me to the point of convincing myself he should be on the bench and then he does that, absolute fair play to him. Leicester Legend and amazing to see him reach 101 today. Games are 90 minutes and not 45, just like seasons are 38 games and not 31, Vardy proved that today. That last goal was vintage Vardy. Still though, not MOTM today for me. Ndidi was critical to today's win, he had the midfield stitched and if he maintains that for the remaining games, we'll be in a strong position for top 4, again. Just about everything looked great today, Justin got his confidence back, Barnes looked super sharp, Tielemans was superb and linked so much play together, defence was solid, incredible save from Schmeichel, Iheanacho continues to score and make things happen from deep and Perez looked properly composed in his position today, I hope his injury doesn't rule him out for tuesday. Great selection, changes and tactics from Rodgers, it makes his after game talks from the previous 4 sound convincing now. And that's that's the best pretend injury I've ever seen in football, just so that Chilwell could go to the toilet, he knows he just has to put his hand up.
  10. It would have been a lovely opportunity for at least one bump up from the u23's, but I'd say our 3 results, so far, have cancelled that option. Feels like if we score, we'll "park the bus" and switch to a 9-1 formation, Mendy up front.
  11. Could this be considered a Plan B? I'd rate the bench as Defensive.
  12. After Ranieri, Shakeh and Puel I can't see BR being considered for the sack for a long time. I've been thinking hypothetically about the conversation between Top and BR today (I'm assuming there's been one) What would be said? Does he really have a warped version of the team? does he not see the reality of a team one injury away from not being a consistent and great team? I don't think there's a formation on this forum that BR hasn't thought about, tried in practice or considered. If he hasn't, then a collective AI hologram of Foxestalk should replace him immediately. If he is sacked, then I reckon we shouldn't bother with a replacement. Rudkin signs the players, players then do what they want based upon a mix of Sean from Enderby's leaked teams and our formations on here. We'd be the most forward thinking team in the world.
  13. yeah, it's true...only way for Justin to gain that confidence is to continue playing, I see him as the type to stand up to it and come out better, hopefully last nights game at Everton showed him the reality of his position.
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