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  1. Could I be daft enough in asking which player is in that picture?
  2. Exactly. Of course it would help us as a club and we'll find out at the end of the season if we qualify or not. We can see clearly how it affects teams around us that don't regularly qualify for CL, they are still in business and competing. The club are excellent at setting out clear expectations year on year, surely we've met every one so far. Therefore, I follow the clubs vision and enjoy our current process rather than listening to fans who spend expectation from an emotional overdraft.
  3. Two points here that I firmly disagree with, 1 - 'we need Champions League football desperately to level up as a club' - We don't, not yet. 2 - 'We can’t afford to blow it again' - We can.
  4. It's a properly good debate that I feel will carry no definitive answer, unfortunately. I thought Soy would return last night, he didn't. Fofana played so well he shouldn't be dropped for Everton and neither should Evans. Can Soyuncu have such a great game against Brentford that it brings him back into contention for the Everton game? I think the most likely, pragmatic and debate ending answer is, their game time will be managed for the greater good of the team. FA Cup, Europa League and Premier League, all 3 will play their part. We all know Cags is far t
  5. Anthropologists in Turkey depressed that they wasted a lifetimes work. Whilst one can get a good feel for the surface of a culture through playing 5-a-side with people in another country, It takes a whole lot more to understand and generalise a culture as you have done.
  6. I'm glad this conversation is still going. He played amazing last night. He put in the type of performance that easily puts him in the debate of "best defender in the Prem" again.
  7. READING TIME - 1 minute So, come on then, what's changed? I'm not talking about the on field performances, it's obvious the whole team has stepped up a gear and each individual's game can be anylysed to see where and how they've improved. I'm talking about the spirit and camaraderie on display last night. It's actually been there for a while, but last night amplified our togetherness the loudest last night. Smiles all round, from BR's pre-match chat, through to the warm up, the walk out, the game and after the final whistle. Maddison explained this spir
  8. Do opposition teams not have complete analysis technicians to work this out? I'm fairly sure they could work out that Leicester rotated formation from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3 in about 5 minutes. They could even read this forum and gain more insight than they did from Maddison's post-match.
  9. 2 hours'ish. Keeps me quiet. Anything Photoshop takes me longer, so that's my excuse
  10. I’d just finished having lunch with, the Leicester Mercury football correspondent, Jordan Blackwell when my phone rang. “Hello Danny Clender” I said in my patented tone I use to answer my mobile telephone. “Wasssup Danny, how you wagging?” I instantly recognised this young gentleman's chirpy and upbeat tone. “I’m dilly ding dilly dong, Ben, how are you?” It was none other than former Leicester City, England and now Chelsea left back, Ben Chilwell. “Danny, I’ve got a favour to ask” Ben’s chirpy upbeat tone changed to a serious vibe. “As long as it doesn’t involve w
  11. His form this season has been incredible. He's moved up to a different level. He looks confident, assured and so in control of the game. I'm positive opposition teams fear him.
  12. I do think it's default these days that opposition teams are instructed to batter us early doors in terms of possession, second ball, press, energy etc, but last night showed how much we've learned to deal with it. Schmeichel, Evans and Fofana, in those opening 15 minutes did really well under the circumstances. Southampton smothered us. Youri's assists, incredible and Maddison took that goal expertly, almost as good as his celebration and post match chat. POTM for me was Schmeichel. Not just to be deliberately alternative, but he kept the defence tight and pulled off
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