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  1. I believe all these questions will all be answered during the season finale on Sunday May 23rd. As long as we don't banjax the rest of our games.
  2. I absolutely agree, that part of the story is conclusive and sorry to correct you, but they are actually professional idiots, no doubt. From the details on this thread, they've been completely disrespectful and their punishment will serve as to how misunderstood they all were. Morgan in their defence is never going to work.
  3. This is exactly what keeps puzzling me. Getting all Ted Hastings here, but Big Wes would be my first witness to grill. His involvement in the scenario also leads me to suspect there's been a genuine silly mistake made. I'm sure there's a strong defence argument in all of this somewhere.
  4. 'who only wanted a photograph with him' - this can be tedious though, seriously tedious. Whilst the situation doesn't require a retaliation of disrespect, it can be a challenging moment.
  5. Cancelled contracts - my estimated re-sell value lost. Maddison = 50 million. Barnes = 60 million Choudhury = 5 million Perez = 15 million Morgan = 0 Legal disputes = 10 million - total wild guess. Replacements x 4 = Maddison = 40 Barnes = 40 Choudhury = 15 Perez = 30 Morgan = N/A Total = not going to happen.
  6. I love how people still hold footballers in such high esteem with such respect, good for you. They are football players, there can be no surprises if this story is true, it's been happening across the country at most football clubs and international level as well, it is what it is, it's what they do. They'll regret their actions, accept their fines and embarrassment, score their goals, the football continues.
  7. This debate goes way above my ranking on here. Ask the General's. I just know, if I am anywhere outside of Leicestershire (which is 100% all of the time) and I strike up a conversation with "Did the Citeh win?" regardless of me reverting to a full spec Leicester accent, nobody is going to tell me if Leicester won or not, but instead whatever happened to Manchester City, guaranteed.
  8. Hi, sorry, I think you missed this, but Leicester City and Manchester City already received their bye's into the 2021 FA Cup final. The semi final's were decided by their football forum's optimism, arrogance and rep points. It is a City vs City lockout. People already have tickets and everything, yeah it's an actual thing.
  9. We get it, there's a huge question mark over strategy, formation and tactics as to how we start this game. Whilst totally relevant, the real question is how quickly we make those changes during the game. The adaptations during gameplay and how quickly we make them are going to sort this one out and as we've seen throughout this season, we're not short on plans anymore.
  10. BR's whole article can be found here... I found this quote interesting. “At the very highest level sometimes you have to be harsh to be clear but I’m not a shouter and a bawler,” he said. “I can get my message across very candidly – the players will tell you that – but I think the modern game is a bit like going to university. Players nowadays have a real good understanding of the technical and tactical part of the game and they understand the science as well as any generation of player. So they come to training to be better, they don’t come to be shouted at and psychol
  11. Hopefully an upcoming club post, but we all need that clip available where Ndidi drew that foul and had a comedy melt down. I've not seen it yet from anyone.
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