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  1. Can we not just copy Liverpool? Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Tielemans Ndidi Albrighton Perez Maddison Barnes Hang on, there's somebody missing.
  2. I agree with this. I'm really against the phantom bench syndrome, by where the players on the bench are considered the saviours over the ones in the starting 11, but Chilwell's performances have been leaky to say the least Fuchs has looked far more commanding, disciplined and creative so far this season. However, Chilwell on the bench seems wrong, it's a classic countdown conundrum.
  3. I think if Maddison continues playing as a winger then no, but the fact is, Maddison is not playing as a winger, he's everywhere. Perhaps the wider issue there is that Barnes can be the "winger" who can play in that position, but isn't. We'll see against Tottenham if Rodgers chooses the fans version of the team or continues with his own vision and development, I'm fairly confident I know which way this goes. Funny how we're playing like Steve Walsh's joke of 'Drinkwater in the middle with Kante either side' except it's Hamza and Wilf either side of Tielemans. I reckon that's the way it's going to continue, to develop Choudhury to drive forward, he did on Saturday and could have scored. Ok, it's not just about being in the box, but moving play forward quickly, he has to develop this and not just be sidelined. Praet is the mystery option here and perhaps he can do it better, but I like that Rodgers is continuing with Choudhury at present. Guardian today quoting Rodgers comparing Maddison to Couthinho, to me that clearly says he's not playing Maddison on the wing. So, we wait until 11:30 GMT this Saturday to see what's happening.
  4. Exactly...i.e they will be prepared for this situation, it goes with the rigours of playing Champions League footeh. I'd imagine they'll leave the ground 10 minutes early as well to avoid the traffic.
  5. I'm still not leaning towards the opinion of 'Rodgers doesn't know what he's doing', but I'd like to start to see some kind of formation, squad and system starting to take shape and that delivers consistency. We can't have any more surprises like the Man Utd selection yesterday. Schmeichel Ricardo Soyuncu Evans Chilwell Ndidi Tielemans Albrighton Maddison Barnes Vardy I reckon that team ticks everybody's favoured formations of 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2, Diamond, Free-Swim. Perez, Choudhury, subbing with purpose.
  6. Reality check administered. That was disappointing. Evans best player for us, Schmeichel and Soyuncu after. Gray did not do enough in the Bournemouth game to start and I doubt he ever will again. Everything everybody criticises about his game was there to be seen today. Chilwell is not good enough, yet, to boss the left hand side, he needs a player there to help him out, that player should be Barnes. Rodgers should be there with his starting 11, this was a silly game to make such a change as starting Gray. I want to see what we're about against Spurs, bar injuries, no more tinkering. Why do the players think they have more time on the ball?, Man Utd were much quicker to everything than we were. Very few positives to take from that game, we did defend ok I guess?
  7. I forget people still support England. "Maddison just needs to carry on exactly as he is" Me, 12/9/19
  8. I'm building this one up, sorry. Bar the Champo's League games and they sort of don't really count in the context I'm getting at, but I reckon this is one of the most important games since West Brom during the Great Escape. No real significance in terms of pressure, but just to gauge where we are. If we lose, it won't significantly damage anything and it's Man U, so hey-ho. If we draw, I still can't see any sort of worry. If we win though, something is actually happening. I know Man Utd are a random act these days, but it really shouldn't matter which version turns up. Generally, our good results against Man U have been considered "down to them playing badly" etc etc, but if we win this one, it will be down to our merit alone. I can't see us doing badly and all we have to do is target their centre half as he's fairly slow, Vardy is going to rattle him big time. Tricky to pick a tactic against their potential injuries, but logic says the starting line up of Bournemouth will happen again and that's the way I'd go. For me, it just feels made for Maddison, so I'd like him centrally to utilise that area of the pitch and exploit/bombard their defence. Really excited about this game.
  9. His top 10 best goals are World Class, but consistently as a player I'd say not. I still believe World Class is Ballon D'or winning/nominated territory and obvious names here apply. What he has done for the Club though is huge, so on our level and to us only, World Class. That said, if you were pissed in a pub or at an event and you bumped into him, you'd possibly slur "I luv you Jamie Vardy, you're proper world class..Now, can I get you a Blue WKD?" and he'd say "Not today Danny, I'm driving, but thanks for the compliment, come on Rebekah, Emmerdale starts in half hour and it's hair wash for the kids night"
  10. Sure it's been said before, but I reckon it's just guilt for doubting him, or at least that's what I'm experiencing. I reckon many are like "Weren't me mate that doubted you, I knew all along you were good...you can ask Brendan" which is fuelling his adulation, and rightly so. I thought we needed experience to replace Maguire with as little risk as possible. However, Soyuncu is proving me utterly wrong, nothing changes there then. He looks so composed and confident. His iffy positioning is well documented, but that will improve with time. Once he gets that right I reckon we'll see him brining the ball out more. He started the 3rd goal, which is interesting how high he's pressing up the pitch at that time in the game.
  11. I like this, as I didn't see anybody get flustered, everybody looked so confident on the ball...more so for me Soyuncu, insane.
  12. Vardy MOM, none discussion. All across we were so balanced today and as people were saying, really good that Brendan is reading FT. All I could hear was Alan Hansen saying "If you're a young defender wanting to learn how to defend, Jonny Evans performance today was a masterclass" he was immense. Over to you now Brendan, you've got a squad.
  13. I'm enjoying the amount of starting 11 competition we have going into this game. Schmeichel, Vardy, Tielemans, Evans, Maddison, I'd say, are pinned positions, but, depending upon formation, the rest have strong competition, including Ndidi. It's fairly certain Chilwell will come back in today, but will have to be bang on form to keep out Fuchs. Home game, we have to see more hope of the vision today and I reckon we will, well...after the first 15 minutes, obviously. Schmeichel Ricardo Soyuncu Evans Chilwell Ndidi Tielemans Choudhury Perez Vardy Maddison I have a feeling Brendad will still go defensive to counter their wide play. But if he fancies a change, Schmeichel Ricardo Soyuncu Evans Chilwell Gray Tielemans Ndidi Barnes Maddison Vardy Get a wide on.
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