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  1. I can't believe "When people started comparing footballers to Pirlo" isn't on there. That's definitely one of my favourite from this decade
  2. No he didn't. He had a load of these done, in various kits, in the passport-photo booth up at East Mids. Security had to lob him out at one point, that's why there's not an Atletico Madrid version available.
  3. Boo-Hoo, I've lost loads more than 2 years by supporting Leicester over my time. As posted earlier in the thread, I think he's deflecting from the reality of this thought. "Mahrez remains a magical player on his day but the suspicion remains that he is a player who reflects his team’s performance rather than dictates it" Quote from The Guardian yesterday. His memories certainly waned post 2016.
  4. If Rodgers went to Arsenal, wouldn't he just be implementing the Leicester City philosophy at The Emirates? It doesn't quite compute for me that he would leave and set up what he already has.
  5. Totally agree. 5th?, sounds sarcastic, but I really hadn't noticed that, crazy! come on Brighton. Unchangeable is the only route, I just like juggling the pieces around because i'm a nerd like that and my middle name is Tinkerman.
  6. I can only imagine this is how far in the future my daughter thinks Christmas is away. I wish I supported England FC, it would make these breaks mildly more bearable. So dull. So, to Brighton. Anyone brave enough to suggest a different line-up? Rest Ricardo, bring in Justin? Albrighton for Barnes? Give Gray a start over Perez? Certainly none of the above from me, but nice considerations to have. I kind of liked it when we were average, circa 2010, this pressure....eish!
  7. Let me analyse this thread. We're doing the maths and wanting to win the league, right? Ok, good. So, we'll need another 64-69 points, strewth, bring it on.
  8. I missed this, I've looked for it, but can't see it, is it anywhere online?
  9. Have a watch from 5.36. Sorry Tim, just had to throw this "hand-grenade"
  10. For me, this is the exact sentiment that's driving everybody. It's the total unknown question. I'd say, in terms of achieving European Football, then it definitely is, as for the other options, let's all just be sensible, yeah? Pizza making day imminent i'd say, or what would Rodgers do instead?
  11. From the back to the front, this team is working so well. Last nights game was seeing the potential raised to another level, insane that there's more to come. One of the many things I enjoyed seeing last night was the way Soyuncu was pinging, literally pinging the balls forward, not checked his pass completion rate, I bet it was good, but I kind of feel the stats are irrelevant as it was plain and obvious to see how good it was. He played the passes with such purpose that it set the tempo, quite separately and on another level from Tielemans. I also noticed how much him and Evans communicate which, again, allows each other to bring the ball out with confidence and make the right pass. I'm in total agreement about the importance of Ndidi, he's like the Aunty and Uncle that look after the kids whilst you go out and party. He was immense last night and continues to develop into the total beast. No need for going into much more detail about the other players, they are all playing with such enjoyment which is running through everybody right now. I'm fine with Gray's position of coming off from the bench. Yes he is asking the question of 'should he start'?, but I'd say, let's leave things as they are for him right now, it seems like a development plan that's working well. Let's all just manage expectations now, 40 points.
  12. Yeah, this is about how I see it too. I just don't think we've ever recruited such a high pedigree of manager from the beginning. All of our best and most successful managers have come in a little rough and worked up their potential. Rodgers has come in with the right degree of skill and experience exactly at the right time for us.
  13. He did some very impressive rebuilding then, also 9 million from us. Ok, not right up there, but he wasn't as humble a manager as you suggest.
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