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  1. Schmeichel Justin Fofana Morgan Castagne Under Tielemans Maddison Albrighton Perez Iheanacho I wonder if there will be a time when Castagne switches to Left Back in anticipation of Ricardo returning. I'd say the plan there still isn't clear. I'm sure BR will work out a surprise line up. Well excited for this game.
  2. Continuing on from above. What are the excuses? Injuries? ridiculous schedule? Covid? no fans? not really sure I need to list anymore, that's enough to get a clear picture of how the game is currently insane. Yesterday's game though, just doesn't add up. If we're keeping a bit back for Thursday's game and playing the long game, then I'm happy for that. I'm fairly sure I convinced myself, last season, that we need to look at the whole season before we begin to make rash accusations about Rodgers and his management, but after last nights game, big questi
  3. I agree with this sentiment, the excuses are running out. That team was more than capable of beating Villa.
  4. Oh, and to fuel speculation a little further, sorry, but does anybody else feel that quite a number of the players often look a little confused on the pitch?
  5. I really don't enjoy the talk about sacking the manager when we're in one of the best periods of our history. We're going to be playing in Europe again, we have such an exciting young squad, the new training facilities, upgrade on the ground pending, there's so much to be happy about. Also considering that, currently, football is in a weird place, it's tricky to judge things impartially. That said, as detailed in previous comments in this thread, his form stats are going the wrong way at the moment and that's the default set of facts we use to judge him on, so he's sketching an
  6. "Neo reverse somersaulted in slow motion, it took about 10 seconds, maybe 11, either way it was really slow and it also panned around in three hundred and sixty degrees like you've never seen before, as he expertly dodged about 30 bullets, maybe 40, who knows? the tension was really big" "A Regular Normal Computer Programmer Discovers The Truth About a Massive Conspiracy Theory" © The book's better than the film.
  7. Jonny "The Doss" Moss in the black as well. He's always up for top quality #bantz. Should be an epic game this.
  8. The Filip Benkovic situation really is a strange story. Interesting to see how he plays at Cardiff, hope he does well.
  9. He's even trending again!! Just behind Soares. #Islam
  10. I'd play in this one, except I'm on loan at Scunthorpe, sorry. During the Great Depression of Project Restart, we had Ricardo, Chilwell and Maddison injured and then Soy suspended for 3. So to everyone that enjoys the dark arts of supporting Leicester, this weekend is your big chance for doom, bring your Halloween celebrations forward and light those candles. It is unusual to have this many critical injuries and doubts to key players, but in these 'unprecedented times ©', that's where we are. Although, from some of the team suggestions in this thread, it doe
  11. As always, I’m really looking forward to the Maddison vs Grealish battle. There is an absolute endless pit of comparisons for these two, but skillz, capz and bantz aside, the battle I'm looking forward to most, is of their hair. Grealish has just been away with England playing European cosmopolitans Denmark, Belgium and Wales. For Jack though, he brushed away the competition. For starters, there was no Gareth Bale or Joe Allen and Belgium and Denmark are a lower grade compared to Grealish. There’s school of thought that perhaps Grealish may be caught off guard
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