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  1. No speculation on the context of this image from last nights game, but the moment did make me smile. . Yeah, proper great game that Seems quite a while since we last had such a late equaliser in a game.
  2. exactly as @webbo says above, it would be great to stitch this game up and allow some rotation for the remaining games in the competition and help are position in the league. Easier said than done. I would like to see us use something based around the 4-3-3 / 4-1-4-1 / 4-2-3-1 formations again. Schmeichel Justin Evans Fofana Castagne Tielemans Mendy Praet Under Vardy Barnes Maddison on later in the game.
  3. I remember somebody on here saying a while back that, from a corner kick, it would be more productive for Maddison to kick the ball back to Schmeichel. It's an incredibly pugnacious statement, but it's justifiable.
  4. Upon seeing the team news, the inclusion of Barnes over Praet was the obvious stand out eye brow raiser. The recent system had become easier to understand, but with picking Barnes over Praet, this was the standout decision from Rodgers that looked out of sorts. Including Barnes, was a positive choice, but in hindsight, having Praet in the front 3'ish, could have been a difference from the start. In reality, Liverpool played an almighty game. If they can sustain that level of intensity for the rest of the season, then they deserve everything. My favourite par
  5. And this season so far, he's playing well enough and getting enough games to get a contract extension. Fox in the North's 2052 vision is firmly on course. One of the best players, obviously, but easily one of our finest ever characters at the club. Just such fun to watch when he's playing and to also follow on social media, such a ray of sunshine.
  6. 15 minutes to install Construction Updates 3 and this is the improvement, awesome.
  7. Perhaps after this promo video he needs to do a reality TV series.
  8. The conversation is spot on, except it all takes place in my head, not with Mrs Clender
  9. "An imaginary conversation between Brendan Rodgers and Susan Wheelan" The following story is based upon no fact at all. Susan: When was the last time you saw them? Brendan: Saw who? Susan: Liverpool. Brendan: Oh, thank Heskey you didn't mean Celtic. Susan: Oh gosh, sorry, no I’ve forgotten about them. No I mean Liverpool, when was the last time you saw them? Brendan: Well yeah, it would have been last season's game at theirs,. Susan:
  10. You love a good voting poll. Here's a suggested one for you. When Ricardo finally takes to a competitive game again, the first person to post that Ricardo is not the player he was before his injury; will happen within... 0-30 seconds 30 - 60 seconds 1 - 2 minutes
  11. I guess whilst there's a market for it, then continue as it is. I find international football incredibly boring and I only enjoy and watch the World Cup. That competition would be enough for me in all honesty. I wish players could opt in or out of playing for England easier.
  12. I'm so glad the A celebration was explained, I always thought it was a new celebration for an assist, which is utterly daft considering it's done after scoring.
  13. Absolutely agree with this. Even when they do start to bump us up in their pages, it's always so patronising and vague.
  14. Perfect post. I know we've been playing this system for a number of games now, but it was only yesterday that I noticed how in control of it we were. It was unsettling at times, as the super tight space we are prepared to work in now is a little scary, but as Stryder has pointed out, the players are technically comfortable to play like that. Also, when seeing Fuchs, Fofana, Thomas/Albrighton and Justin all so high up the pitch, it's edge of the seat play. I think my only gripe with it would be, at times yesterday, there was not enough support in the box when
  15. It was a really enjoyable game. Great first half, second half we got the job done. Although at times, I found it quite uncomfortable to watch in the tight spaces we now play in and seeing JJ and Fofana so high up the pitch, that's no criticism, just it's edgy to watch. Great to see Fofana having the confidence to bring the ball out though, that's going to be a huge advantage to us again. And that save from Schmeichel. I Hope most of the team can take a break now and I can't stop thinking about the line up for Liverpool. Who's going to be coming b
  16. Vardy is on the pitch, that's enough for me at the moment. He's in that great form that makes stuff happen.
  17. And another example of not getting too bogged down in where the graphics team places his starting position.
  18. According to Google Maps, taking the shortest route, Molineux is 53.9 miles from the King Power. In distance, that places Wolves as our 3rd closest rival in the Premier League after Aston Villa, 41.6 and West Brom 48.8. It’s excellent to see the Midlands representing the Premier league with all 3 teams doing excellently, ok, Villa doing moderately because they beat us. As the only East Midland club in the Prem, this represents the clash of the Midlands and seeing as I cannot predict a team line up or prediction, I thought I’d see which team would win in a simple battle of
  19. All about managing our expectations, which as you say, includes plenty of the "jinx" theory. 2nd half of the season 19-20 syndrome still sits high amongst our anticipations and anxieties. And that's why the fun and privilege of supporting of Leicester is so whacked out!
  20. It's like supporting a really good team. Quality performance that.
  21. Nice rotation again. Interesting to see if Maddison does line up out on the wide'ish? Could be playing behind Iheanacho and Under in the 10? or deeper in the midfield, really not quite sure.
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