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  1. Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Tiielemans Ndidi Maddison Perez Vardy Barnes Considering that was the team that had great success in the 1st half of the campaign. Trying to look subjectively at it now to look how it could be improved or re-shaped. Schmeichel - I feel he's still a great option, I think a new prospect would be good to see though. Ricardo - doesn't need a comment and Justin continues to improve. safe position. Evans - He's been tremendous. This is a position to strengthen. Soyuncu - excellent season, looks like he'll only getting better. As above, position needs strengthening, Benkovic potential. Chilwell - If he's staying, we need to see consistency and work out his best position. Thomas will be pushing him. Tielemans - Excellent potential, but considering he's hardly been mentioned as anyone's POTS, that's telling. This position needs to be consistently scoring 8's and 9's for us to improve. Choudhury is versatile, but hasn't shown the promise I thought he'd deliver from the chances he's had. Ndidi - If he continues to improve upon his possession and distribution, then this position is safe. he's the lynchpin for me. Maddison - same opinion as Tielemans. He needs to reach the potential that non Leicester fans rate him at. This is a position that should be strengthened with experience and an ability to give options in changing a game, he has shown he can do it, but no way near enough. Perez - Round in circles with this player, all opinions of Perez fit. This position will be strengthened with stronger attributes i.e fearlessness, pace and ability to get past players. I'd like Perez to become great for us, but in a position he wants to play. Vardy - Read the OP on the "an unpopular opinion" thread by @GingerrrFox - Have to have another option for this position and as discussed in that thread, it has the potential to change the whole set up of how we play. I think Rodgers will want a player in this position that offers more. I find this position the biggest conundrum. Barnes - once he finds consistency in scoring, this is his position until if he's sold. A more experienced player could be considered for this position, especially in European games, but happy to see Barnes learn on the job. Iheanacho - a curious one, would he step into Vardy's position? He seems to be able to do most things on the pitch, but Rodgers' handling of him recently, just feels off. I suspect that's how Rodger's wants to play and I feel, he's a little underwhelmed from many of the players from the performances he's seen, as most of us have. I can't see us bringing in too many players that will be specific to Rodgers vision, by that I mean we'll sign for the club and future and not the entirely for the manager. I think we do have to look at the modern game and style and improve from there, I feel going back to the 2015-16 philosophy would leave us with less options and less chance of a "Plan B", but according to most Leicester and other football fans, he doesn't have a "plan B" full stop. There's so much optimism, but Rodger's has lost a little reputation and fans are asking the right questions about him, I just hope he has the answers.
  2. Let's say hypothetically, we put in place the perfect preparation plan and return to the next season fully recovered, there will still be new worries.
  3. I definitely would have done. Finishing 5th seems to be fitting of our current squad and how we've seen them perform over the season. Europa League would allow us to invest sensibly into next season, yet still allow us a competitive chance in all available competitions. I do wonder what type of investment we'd be prepared to add into the squad to have the chance of progressing through the initial stages of the Champions League. I reckon we'll recruit enough talent for next season to do this all again, but with more points. Pick this one up after the Manchester United game though.
  4. I'd like to give thanks to the Premier Leagues Fixture Deciding application, it really got it right for Leicester and Man United today.
  5. Congratulations to Jamie Vardy, It's great the players and fans have agreed in their selection. It has been an outstanding season for him and hopefully he takes the Golden Boot today. Its another perfect example of how these decisions, bar one game, are taken over the complete season. I'd say, even around March time, Ricardo, Ndidi or Evans would have been ahead of him had the vote been taken then. Which is why I don't understand the opinions claiming Vardy was the only choice and how Leicester fans are strange because they aren't voting for Vardy. For anyone that didn't vote for Vardy, it doesn't mean they under appreciate him or they don't understand football, it's just they enjoy other qualities in players ahead of Vardy's. Further justification of a great season when opinion has an eclectic range of input rather than one obvious stand out performer. For me, it was the Villa game when Vardy came back from an awkward patch of form and scored twice from the bench, classic Vardy. Since the restart, he's been more involved in the games and continued scoring and has shown why he's deserved these awards over the full stretch of the season.
  6. Properly exciting to be going into the last game of the season competing with Manchester United and Chelsea for a chance to finish 3rd, 4th or 5th. I like the cup final appeal of this, so for me I hope the system, formation and tactics aren't overly thought out, just get the players mentally ready for it and hope for the best. Schmeichel Justin Evans Morgan Thomas Tielemans Ndidi Praet Iheanacho Vardy Barnes If every player delivers an outstanding performance, there's every chance that team can win. Midfield has to deliver a performance of a lifetime to help the defence out and provide the forward line. Praet hasn't been looking so great recently, if he's not ready for a blistering game, then Choudhury could come in. I see this as a crucial game for Vardy and he's somehow got to summon the spirit of the 2014 5-3 victory. I can't see him waiting for the ball getting him anywhere, reckon he needs to buzz around everywhere, drop deeper and pick the ball up and use it like he did against Sheff U, that's why Iheanacho could replace Perez. Could be a bit of a surprise for United. We saw in the West Ham game, if Pogba and Fernandes misfire, teams have a chance.
  7. Totally fair question and I'd say you've had a good amount of answers to consider. I'd add to this, could the same question be asked why did we move to the current stadium instead of redeveloping, or not, Filbert Street. I'd say it's just about progress. We are, essentially, a corporate company and we're moving into brand new flagship offices (with a 9 hole gold course). I doubt there isn't anything that hasn't been upgraded and the potential for growth and long term development surely looks better here than Belvoir Drive.
  8. Yeah, good shout for the Iheanacho goal. Great build up, wonderful technique etc, we can only assume Rodgers subbed it out from the list.
  9. Just voted; Goal = Ricardo Player = Vardy Young Player = Barnes
  10. Totally agree with the reverse of form, we've stalled. I'd say, our available squad list explains most of that, Rodgers tinkering explains some of it and just being in this new position of challenging for CL explains the rest. Part of me always considers the conspiracies behind the slump, but I can't explain those.
  11. By asking you a question, you put the words into your own mouth, not me. Thanks for answering honestly though. I think every team this season, apart from Liverpool, have been inconsistent. Our form has caught up with us and balanced out with Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.
  12. Mourinho gave us a tactical masterclass and outfoxed© Rodgers. A breakdown of those tactics. He used his forward players to attack our defence of Bennett, Evans, Morgan, Justin and Thomas and tricked them into a false state of security (debatable). Is that really a masterclass? We did play some great football, they took their chances. © UK Media 2020.
  13. Isn't that what everybody said when we won the league? Is that how you explain to people why we won the league?
  14. Basing opinion on a back 5 of Justin, Morgan, Evans, Bennet and Thomas, should Rodgers be considered under pressure? Ok, so the opinion is based upon form since December, since December we've been trying to re-discover form without key players. Our depth allows us to have 1 excellent system, see league position after 19 games. Take key components out of that system, see league position after 37 games. Rodgers has a strong argument against anybody wanting him sacked, he's not had his squad available.
  15. If this happens in the future, as you've predicted, would you post on here something like "I said this would happen in July 2020"?
  16. ok, let's see what happens after here.
  17. Let's hope they learnt about how basketball works from the MJ Doccie.
  18. We have to remember it's Jose and he changes his mind all the time, he probably never even said this https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/12/jose-mourinho-targets-europa-league-after-tottenham-edge-past-arsenal
  19. At the very least he's looking like a Premier League standard player again. This style of development suits him.
  20. a +38% swing in favour of the manager based upon our present situation. You know who you are!
  21. Or the emergency formation of 9-1-1, nine Goalkeepers. We'd need to have Rudkin take a forensic investigation into the rules and get Kasper's spare jersey's in the wash.
  22. Play like the Sheff game and we have a chance of not losing. I'd say, maintain that line up with a review for either Barnes or Iheanacho starting with Vardy up top.
  23. It's a wonderful presumption, but in typical Mourinho fashion, I think he's already stated that getting Spurs into the EL will be an excellent achievement.
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