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  1. Cost cutting measures to fund the lack of PPV orders
  2. Feel a bit sorry for Iheanacho to be dropped for 2 games after a good performance. But great to see Vardy back and decent team
  3. Did Keown just call Wan-Bissaka the best tackler in the Premier league
  4. Conrad Logan. Here so long he deserved a testimonial
  5. Definitely. But would be a welcome boost nevertheless if it means we can give Evans a rest. Plays non-stop for us and Northern Ireland
  6. Reckon Iheanacho will be back in for this. Maybe Vardy should be spared till the second half again easing back in. Would like to see Under finally start
  7. If I don't get COVID, he'll give me a heart attack
  8. TK95


    Chelsea are bidding 60 mil for him next summer
  9. F*** off To your super league f*** off To your super league f*** off
  10. He can hand back the medals he's got with Man City if he feels aggrieved. Amount of decisions they've had
  11. And Sky didn't even get a penny from most of us tonight
  12. Let's leave the negatives out till tomorrow. SMASH AND GRAB
  13. Would love to see Andy King as a full time pundit. He's doing a decent job on the stream I'm watching
  14. The players on bookings is a worry having to give away professional fouls like that in the first half. Arteta will be letting his players know
  15. The positive is it's still 0-0. Toothless in attack and we won't win the game without a striker on the pitch
  16. Too much f**** around again in a big game!
  17. Watched that innings in awe. Got the midas touch across all formats
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