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  1. Despite our magnificent season, perhaps one of the remaining question is our ability to beat the better teams in the league. City knew that they could bully us if they targeted the left-hand side and Mahrez alongside KDB taught Chilwell a few lessons that evening. I'd personally feel a lot more confident with Fuchs there, but doubt this will be the case.
  2. Trying to contemplate with human error alongside potential bias is in my book, something that's actually enjoyable especially when going to watch Leicester play live. The rawness of the emotion that transpires, for instance, when Jon Moss sent Vardy off against West Ham was in hindsight, a moment that unearthed a level of passion I didn't even realise I had for the game. Nonetheless, with the introduction of VAR and essentially less scope for referees to make mistakes, I don't believe that the aforementioned are worries at this point in time.
  3. This one, where for a brief spell we turned into prime Brazil '98 against Liverpool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4bdCdiKGto
  4. Personally don't see why this is still a thread - creating space on an online football forum to discuss the complexities of race is purely inflammatory and appears to have lent itself to unearthing insensitivity towards others. Dele Alli's video was careless and players in with such heavy public scrutiny should use an ounce of common sense in appreciating that their actions provide a breeding ground xenophobic responses from his followers.
  5. Norwich were essentially the Man City of the Championship last year. What must be annoying for their fans is that you can't assume that the free-flowing, high-risk mentality will work in the best division in the world - probably right that they go down.
  6. In a season with so many collective and individual stories of success, I personally feel that in the latter half of the season, Barnes has genuinely come out on top. I think more recently we've seen a sense of belonging - it will have taken time to build, given the stature/quality of some of the players in our starting 11, but you get the impression that he's got the self-belief required to succeed at the highest level. His power and acceleration is absolutely frightening and he seems to eat up ground quicker than any other player in the team. But the difference now is that he's become so much
  7. As soon as Maddison came on you could see how our attacking play evolved. I think fans quite quickly forget the quality that some of our starters have. Justin was solid today and managed to get a brilliant assist, but Ricardo would have wreaked havoc down that side. Fuchs was brilliantly defensively but he won't drive forward in the way Chilwell can, which in itself creates an easier situation for a lower league club. I think it's fairly disrespectful to assume that Brentford would offer nothing in their final cup game at their ground. We used to give Premier League teams a decent game at time
  8. Did a job without having to use most of the usual starting 11. Wasn't pretty but the fact that we beat Brentford without too much real exertion was so important in preserving our squad a little. Only natural to have an eye fixated on our semi final in a few days.
  9. Tielemans today was phenomenal also. Incisive passing and played with a sense of real purpose. Long may it continue.
  10. Up against a very physical team and his height is something that played a factor today. They aimed to crowd him out. That said, he really didn't have a lot to do and his kicking seemed a lot better today.
  11. His runs were such a problem for West Ham and despite a couple of strange decisions, his constant endeavour pegged them back. Really good to see him getting back to his usual self.
  12. Some of the comments on this thread are beyond ridiculous. He's a fantastic full-back who is clearly suffering from a lack of form. Bare in mind a lot of teams are now setting up to block our flanks which gives more room in the middle for Maddison and co to shine. I just think he needs a bit of a confidence boost and he'll be back to his best. Having the second coming of Cafu on the other side is a good reference point.
  13. But again, the fans aren't the people responsible for that. Their board clearly followed a model that they thought would propel them into the Premier League - which, might I add, isn't so dissimilar to what we tried to do when our new owners arrived (Sven, Michael Johnson, Yakubu etc). The only difference is our board had the diligence to halt it before it spiralled out of control, alongside the fact that our owners had enough wealth to wipe our debts etc in order to comply with FFP.
  14. No football fan deserves to see their team crumble financially due to poor, exploitative ownership. All you need to do is consider how important Leicester is to your life to understand why that is.
  15. Thought he dealt with any threat that came his way with calmness - he got the better of a lot of players from long balls too. One of our best signings over the past decade in my opinion. Got him for a pittance and he's provided so much to our club. Legend!
  16. Very true - I think performances like that at West Ham should hopefully nullify some of the pessimism around our squad too, with the future in mind. I think a lot of people would have had flashbacks of Milwall away in the cup prior to kick-off, which, all things considered, is understandable.
  17. I don't quite understand how rash, reactive and abusive (with regard to the 'moron', **** Rodgers' posts), is an entitlement, especially given that we're now talking about one of the best Leicester teams in our history. What you're referring to connects incredibly closely to the wider problem within society; that football is a realm in which people can say whatever they feel like, given the lack of consequence. I would argue that if someone is likely to hurl abuse at the manager/players purely on the basis of team selection, then the likelihood that they will echo these at the gro
  18. I listen to the Leicester City Football Forum podcast on Spotify on my way to work and I actually don't think he's too bad. What bothers me is how limited he is in providing sensible, well-thought football analysis. Whenever they have guests from Talksport or 442, or other football writers in, you realise just how far away from that Stringer actually is. Worst thing is, a lot of these guys don't religiously watch Leicester like Stringer does, yet they can provide a much more holistic conversatio about them.
  19. Newcastle played a full-strength team today against Everton and lost, so obviously will be more fatigued than our normal starting 11. Would really like to see Ricky play out right with Justin starting at RB.
  20. Can you imagine. I'm sure the idea must have popped into Brendan's head at times today. Here's hoping!
  21. It's a bizarre loophole which does seem rather exploitative if we're being completely unbiased here. Obviously from a financial perspective, we are right to use any loopholes that we can to pay the least that we possibly can to get any player, which of course isn't the issue here. An incredibly wealthy club using their sister club to bypass a fairer compensation for one of the brightest prospects from a much less wealthy club is morally wrong. I'm not saying other clubs don't use their power in this way too. But just remember what it was like for us before we had money - you can't blame Sheffi
  22. Agree - there's nothing defeatist about being outplayed by Man City and in terms of tactics, why anyone thinks that because of our strong league position, Guardiola won't have an answer to our threat is unbelievable. Rodgers plays a brand of football that seems to have been influenced quite a lot by Pep. Moreover, I think nerves got to our young squad a little which is bound to happen. Great lesson for them to learn and will make us a stronger team in the future.
  23. I dread to think what kind of ailment you diagnosed Elvis Hammond with. He's off form, perhaps partly due to a much higher demand on him to press which he didn't have to do as much when Rodgers first came in.
  24. And then he would have been lambasted for going to the Etihad 'to sit back'. When Kevin De Bruyne is in form like that he is literally unplayable - he was like a magician yesterday. The quality of his passing is second to none in world football in my opinion, particularly at the moment. It is good for our youngsters to see the level they should aspire to reach too. Again, if Barnes scores his chance and it's 2-2, nobody discusses an ineptitude in tactics - instead we celebrate a good result. Brendan will have something up his sleeve against Liverpool!
  25. It is ridiculous, undoubtedly and anyone who has played even one 5-aside game will understand why. However, modern footballers demand ridiculously high wages. The only way to pay for those wages is through the unbelievably lucrative TV deals that serve every club. The winter fixtures that other leagues don't have attract so many fans around the world, ergo, money and higher demand. Unfortunately, capitalism has and always will put profits before welfare - but players and their agents operate similarly these days, so we should all just sit back, pray Vardy doesn't get injured and enjoy the ride
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