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  1. In the cut-throat, ruthless football industry, do you really think the club would have done it unless they felt that something could have been gained overall? Far be it for me to assume that I know exactly why they wanted to extend James' contract, but I think for you to suggest that it's 'crass mismanagement' doesn't really have much basis either. While I do think that once his current contract runs out, he won't be offered another, perhaps the club foresaw a different speed of recovery? Maybe even a sense in training that he was reaching a suitable level to fulfil a need we'd have? They have
  2. There's got to be a link for it that will show up just before kick off surely?
  3. They have an absolute bucket-load of injuries - we should be able to cope with playing a pretty strong side without too much worry ahead of Bournemouth, especially given the international break that follows it.
  4. I don't necessarily think Fuchs signed to stay on for one more year here thinking that he would be in the squad to keep Chilwell out the team. He's a model professional in the way he's stepped in and used his experience to see us through, however I fully expect Chilwell to come back in once fit. Bare in mind, Chilwell wasn't dropped, he got injured.
  5. I think that Claude Puel would 100% agree with that selection. As much as it would be nice for some of the fringe/younger players to get a chance to play, we do need to respect the fact that Newcastle are a Premier League team. We got beaten by Newport last year by thinking our B team could handle the game easily and that was one of the most embarrassing games we've had in recent memory.
  6. I think against Wolves, we were simply a bit off the pace and our system was counter-acted very effectively by their equally talented midfield, meaning that both Tielemans and Maddison couldn't quite have the impact we got used to towards the end of last season. Against Chelsea, still slightly rusty, Tielemans was pegged back slightly, occupying Kante, enabling Maddison to get forward and create. I think he still played some great passes and linked play well and if his shot goes in, not a single person would doubt his performance. Absolutely no grounds for panic!
  7. I personally think he was thrown in the deep end a little too early for him to fully mature his game in the Championship. He was obviously fantastic there for Birmingham, but he did come to us at a very young age. While he has shown glimpses of the quality he possesses, I think at this stage in his career, he would benefit massively from playing every week. Just like Barnes, some time to build confidence and skill on match-days could still see a route into the first team for him.
  8. Think Rodger's will change it around a bit for this one as we won't need two midfielders screening the back four. I would like to see Maddison and Tielemans play a little more centrally, with Praet coming in for Choudhury.
  9. Thought he was excellent today. Giroud is an absolute handful and so are Pedro/Pulisic, but I thought they were all very intimidated by Soyuncu. He's got a real presence and certain that thing that Wasyl, Tunchev and Huth had about them too; scary as ****!
  10. My god the stuff we were playing in the second half definitely should have converted a few over to his way of thinking. Watching us dominate against a skilful, tough team like Chelsea is joyous to watch and we'll only get better.
  11. I think one of the main changes in Leicester over the past 7-8 years, is that a lot of the younger generation actually support Leicester now, as opposed to teams like United and Liverpool. It means we have a growing fanbase within the city, which is of course, excellent and no doubt driven by success. I've seen the number thrown around a bit, but I get the feeling that expanding to 40,000 capacity would be just right for the level of demand that we have. Imagine the noise!
  12. Bizarre to be so down about a draw against a team who are clearly very well set up and have some great players. We're not quite sharp yet, but that will come with a few games under the player's belts.
  13. Being able to take the top goalscorer from another Premier League side is a sign of our reputation and intention. Really excited to see how he fits in with our attacking style, as he's basically had to scrap for those goals in a largely defensive team beforehand.
  14. When the Mercury described Gareth Williams as the ´Midlands Zidane´ just before we signed him from Forest.
  15. Weird to see dislike and hate for him. Lyrically he's immense, perhaps not as much in this one but in his other freestyles he's shown that he's super talented and his back story makes him really unique.
  16. Jermaine Beckford. My god when he said that ´only weak people feel pressure´ I thought he was going to bang 50 goals, send us to the Premier League and win the Ballon D´or.
  17. Yeah I definitely agree. He needs a pre-season with Brendan and a genuine vote of confidence from the manager.
  18. Did exactly what we needed him to. Good lesson for all of us about ignoring the media portrayal of a player. He seemed so committed and dedicated to our club and had games where he was an absolute brick wall when we won the title. Our game has evolved and we´re lucky to have the best RB I reckon we´ve ever had at the moment - but Simmo is surely a close second. Good luck to him!
  19. I´ve never encountered a less enjoyable writing style in my life. The financial model of football clubs that aren´t global conglomerates depend on the sale of some players. We are about to build a new 100 million pound training complex. If selling Harry Maguire funds the majority of that, knowing full well that he´s having a dip in form and we have good back-ups, does that mean we lack genitals? If such a venture was affordable, all clubs would do it. In the same vein as Tottenham´s new stadium, something might well have to give for the long-term benefits for the club. If that mea
  20. Agree completely. Breaking the 60 point barrier will serve as an excellent marker for progress. I also think it should see us finish 7th, which meets another objective. We have barely competed in the domestic competitions over the past 15 years and I think we will have the squad to take us to Wembley. Games like yesterday´s fill me with confidence that on our day, we can take on anyone.
  21. Beautiful to watch. Such a positive end to the season given everything we've been through and it seems almost like the new dawn is upon us at Leicester. Not only did our young players shine against one of the bigger teams in the league, but they showed a maturity and competence that we haven't seen in years. The success they could achieve is massive and I think this result really stamped a level of intent going into next year.
  22. ''It was an ageing team that needed to be regenerated. Today it is the second youngest team in England with great players for the future.” I think this quote epitomises Puel's importance to us as a football. Without him we could easily still be looking at an old squad with nowhere near the future we have - nor the ability to bring in a manager like Rodgers. Despite his pitfalls, he seems to be the perfect manager when a style change is needed. I imagine teams like Stoke and Villa, who had similar issues with a style that once worked, would have benefited greatly too. I for one, am
  23. Mahrez is an outstanding footballer and his contribution to the club will never be forgotten. I can´t help but think back to the Stoke game when he did the elastico through one of their defender´s legs then set up Ulloa for a goal. His final season here was certainly tarnished by a media-fuelled transfer saga; given all that went on I´d say that his contributions were still decent. I do think that his departure was met with an overall general improvement in our squad, however. Ricardo is easily one of the best right-backs in the league. Barnes is incredibly threatening and direct.
  24. I think we're on the dawn of a new era at the club now. I would say the first development I would like to see is a more refreshed squad. Obviously we know that the likes of Fuchs, Okazaki, Slimani, Simpson and Silva are more or less on their way: however for the past couple of years we've really failed in showing that other squad players can actually impact games. So, whether it comes in the form of transfers, or a reinvigoration of the likes of Iheanacho and Ghezzal, I want to see a level of consistency in the work rate and quality produced. I think already we're going some way in doing this.
  25. Very good performance against a side fighting for survival in tough weather conditions too. I thought the decision to take Barnes off for Fuchs was a touch of brilliance and by adding Mendy when we were being overrun, Brendan showed real tactical intelligence. Ricardo is an actual monster at right back: pace, aggression and awareness throughout. Happy Saturday!
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