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  1. Forward thinking and progressive. If he likes it here we should stump up for him. Got stuck in as well.
  2. Nice to see Puel is offering Tottenham the chance to play without our main striker since their's is injured.
  3. I think an article such as this discounts the ability, leadership and commitment Kasper has towards us. It's bizarre to compare shot stopping ability based on saves per game; our style of football generally restricts the opposition to taking a minimal amount of shots. Furthermore, by negatively portraying him here in saying that he doesn't save enough of these shots - how do they test the quality of a shot? Both the Cardiff goal and Sigurdsson's against us were absolutely outstanding. I personally feel like this is journalism that aims to pick apart an unnecessary feature of our team. Even if
  4. Agree. Moreover we aren't a top 6 club; we don't have the luxury of bringing in a genuinely world class player who will have a much higher probability of succeeding in the premier league. Even in this case, players like Morata, Jorginho and Alexis Sanchez serve as proof that a slight misjudgment of how that player will fit into the system can lead to an overall lack of effectiveness. The overarching theme of this post seems, however, that we detracted massively from our policy of investing in young, hungry players with a desire to 'make it' as such. I feel that we're returning to that policy m
  5. Good lord if we had a manager who was willing to play less than 3 defensive midfielders, I think Slimani could definitely work in our system.
  6. If it was at half time I would have politely asked Kelechi to keep his shin pads on.
  7. I genuinely could have f*ucking cried when Iheanacho wasn't even ready when Puel wanted him to come on.
  8. Mendy and Simpson got absolutely bullied today. Fair play to Wolves; knew our weaknesses and exploited them without much protest.
  9. I still remember thinking that Kante probably wouldn't make our bench if James and Inler were fully fit.
  10. Could easily be here for another 5 years. Excellent keeper, a leader and has seen us through thick and thin.
  11. Honestly at this point in the season I wouldn't mind giving him another go. Not suggesting he showed any signs at all of warranting his price-tag, but we're in a good position this season to experiment with our squad and see what we can make from it moving forward.
  12. Building a squad that can challenge the top 6 is a slow process - one that certainly isn't an exact science. Our starting 11 has great potential but as soon as we need to dive into our squad to rotate, we end up with very mixed results. To finish in the top 10 and do alright in the FA Cup will be another season of growth in my opinion; after everything the players and club has been through it will be a huge achievement.
  13. How we can still look a bit suspect at the back when 9 of our 11 players are defensive is quite the achievement. Maddison has to come on and we need to find a new sport for Ghezzal.
  14. Like the inclusion of Hamza and Mendy: hoping Vardy is raring to go for this one
  15. When he changed our style in the second half to one that offered quick-moving, direct football, we looked a team that was actually playing to its strengths. However Puel's insistence on reverting back to an incredibly conservative style is what irritates me.
  16. His intensity was brilliant - could easily grow into a player like Torreira at Arsenal. Made up for captain slow next to him.
  17. Thought we were actually pretty exciting in the second half. Agree with the sentiment to some degree - why he thinks we can play so cautiously and somehow succeed against City when we couldn't even do it against Palace is beyond me - but he changed it around in the second and we played well. More to the point, that's twice in the same round of the same cup against the same team at the same venue where you would probably have backed our full strength team to get a result without pens. Weird decision not to take that chance.
  18. Literally all Palace had to do yesterday to nullify our threat was ensure that their defenders didn't leave space behind. It was almost an absolute given that Gray and Albrighton would quickly resort to relentlessly crossing the ball in the box with 3 of their tallest players surrounding one of our shortest. Tactical genius.
  19. Our current situation puts a hell of a lot of pressure on him to come in and do a job. I'm not suggesting that he can't, but he's clearly benefitted from playing in an environment where he can learn, develop and understand the game better. Moreover, although the Scottish league is becoming tougher, Celtic are still quite a way ahead in terms of the quality they have, so he can become the ball-playing centre back we need him to be. They're also in Europe and he's at a club where he feels loved by the fans, which is magnificent for his confidence. If he was to return in January, it would be quit
  20. Odd situation as it stands. We certainly need a more proven striker and it's become way clearer this season that when Vardy isn't fit we lack edge. January is always the worst time to buy however and I think our board will certainly not be feeling the urgency that we as fans might. By January, if we're beyond the 30-point mark, we're basically heading for mid-table, which given everything this season is by no means a failure. Next summer I do think we'll aim for a fairly high profile striker should Iheanacho not prove effective enough this year. Defensively I actually think we're alright
  21. Obviously the red card threw us completely - we held our own very well with 10 men against a side that is usually very good once they're in front. The intensity and sheer aggressiveness from Vardy reminded me of the United 5-3 game, still proving that he's not showing any signs of running out of steam. Clearly fired up and our whole team responded. Overall decent result.
  22. Excellent post. I completely agree with the idea that the family Vichai created is now banding together, perhaps stronger than we've ever been, to overcome such a a tragedy. Giving people a sprinkle of hope and a reason to dream is perhaps the most valuable currency there is, and for that, fans of any sport can continue to dream safe in the knowledge that there is no such thing as 'impossible'. We've been truly blessed as a city.
  23. He's a fantastic cartoonist and this is such a lovely tribute.
  24. It's good to see that despite the result yesterday a lot of posters still back Puel. It's difficult to excuse some of the defensive errors and although I am most certainly not placing too much emphasis on this, but the fact that Bournemouth's starting 11 didn't contain anywhere near as many players who had to report for international duty was telling at this early stage in the season against a side in transition like ours. We certainly didn't get the rub of the green yesterday, but these issues are sure to iron out in time. Albeit a must win, the game at home to Huddersfield next week should g
  25. For absolutely years we've hoped for a lucky break against the bigger teams, often outplayed and showing a clear difference in class between the opposition and ourselves. We started slowly, but the energy and incisiveness we showed was incredibly positive. It's clear that if we were as clinical as Liverpool, we would have beaten them today. Puel's project is taking real shape and I think everyone saw today what he's trying to build here.
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