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  1. Liverpool's threat comes through their attacking trio. I completely agree with a few posters suggesting that Amartey shouldn't start - he simply looks too uncomfortable at this stage in the season. I worry that if Ryan Bertrand and Nathan Redmond got the better of him, then Saido Mane and Andy Robertson will tear him a new one. So I'd like to see Ricardo start at right back with Albrighton just ahead of him. I think it's the only way to avoid being overrun and will require Ricardo to maintain discipline. We know that Albrighton will maintain his defensive duties, so it makes sense to do this i
  2. He looks very comfortable on the ball and is a clearly a competent RB. Getting used to the Premier League is a huge task and he seems to be settling well. I would certainly argue that given that he played for Porto - the strongest team in their domestic league, the need to track back was far less prevalent for him. He certainly hasn't been exposed to the pace of the Premier League in the clubs he's played for, albeit a few appearances in the Champions League. I think what's more promising is that he definitely has the athleticism to get up and down the flank with purpose. He'll be a huge asset
  3. He's 27 and has only played 144 games in his career. It's a shame that his injuries came at such a pivotal point in his career, as I guess we'll never know if he really could make the step up to Premier League level. It's really important to bare in mind that there were many games in during the season we went up and the great escape that James outperformed Drinkwater (certainly begging the question as to how he would have fared next to Kante). In any case, hopefully if he regains fitness, goes out on loan and performs well; one of the championship big spenders will go in for him for a couple o
  4. While our reliance on Vardy is no secret, his ban proposes a good opportunity for Iheanacho to demonstrate his worth. Maddison is a threat, as is Gray, so theoretically we should be able to adapt for the next three games. It's Vardy's aggression we really miss and haven't been able to find in any striker we've bought after him.
  5. Good lord there's some salt on this post. Here's a video of Messi playing like absolute dogsh*t in 5 (not 2), but 5 different games: Give this poor sod a chance before tearing him apart and creating expectations of failure.
  6. He's been at the club for just over 20 years. In fairness, sticking with us through the really harsh winters (administration year springs to mind) is a kind of loyalty that deserves to be repaid. He's also seemingly done alright this window. I'm pretty happy with our more recent transfers and getting £65m for Mahrez is good business.
  7. Will be pretty amusing to see how they fare on Saturday afternoons after arriving back from a 3G pitch in Zagreb on a Thursday night. Think this season might be their downfall
  8. I do think that his days are numbered here, more in the fact that he doesn't possess the attributes for the style of football we aspire to play. I think we'll keep him around to see how Pereira fares defensively. It's good to have him as an option and given the bumper package Simpson is on, I doubt he'll mind one more year here even if it is as a squad player. He still has a few years left in him, but I think after next season, those will be in the Championship.
  9. This. Tunisia were backs to the wall. Against any side that wants to press England, Vardy will be the right man to bring on. It's important to see that objectively when it comes to England, because nothing feels worse than him being poorly rated for playing in a system that doesn't suit him. Buzzing for Maguire though.
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