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  1. 2 hours ago, foxy boxing said:

    The guys a dinosaur, and just like dinosaurs people like this need to be extinct in the F.A. Just goes to show you can have all the pr in the world and all the diversity training but some people clearly will never change their attitudes or their way of thinking. It wasn’t just an unfortunate error it was deep rooted conditioning which needs to be eradicated. There needs to be more diversity and be more inclusive within the F.A.

    As long as they're qualified and not given the job simply for diversity, then by all means sure.

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  2. 6 hours ago, Alf Bentley said:



    This is completely irrelevant from the topic, but to dispel the unwanted gloom......



    "A couple have become Mr and Mrs White-Christmas after tying the knot in a pre-lockdown wedding. 

    Tilly Christmas and Kieran White, who met at school aged 12, married at the Roman Baths in Bath on Tuesday".


    Now, where were you when you heard about this happy event 

    5 seconds ago, waking up in bed to opening this forum

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