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  1. There's already a thread on the Watford forum called "Pearson Out."
  2. There's already a thread on the Watford forum called "Pearson Out."
  3. Would be even better to draw them in the same group
  4. He must've been giving someone an intense horse ride.
  5. We have to beat Liverpool and Man City during the Boxing Day fixtures. If not, we fall +10 points behind LiVARpool and maybe drop down to 3rd place, considering they win all of their next matches. I would really love for us to win the league again. However, if we achieve 2nd/3rd place this season and win the FA Cup and/or the League Cup, I'd still be thrilled about it.
  6. 4-2 for Liverpool at half time. When was the last time Everton scored more than 1 goal in a match?
  7. Liverpool have fielded a weaker team without Salah and Firmino tonight, Buy they're still on the bench
  8. Anybody else wishing for us to score more than 2 goals on Wednesday and increase our goals scored and goal difference? We've scored only 2 in every match since the Southampton one. I know a win is a win but sometimes 2 goals won't be enough to win. Okay boomer.
  9. Never started one of these before but since the game is in 3 days, I was like why not? They sacked Flores so hopefully the new manager bounce won't come into effect against us and we can come away with a other 3 points.
  10. I seem to recall he was playing with a groin injury though.
  11. Opinions matter of course, but there's a point where there's unfair criticism or fans not looking at the whole picture. Still, a manager who works with the players for hours each day 6-7 days a week knows better than a random fan who watches their team for only 90 minutes a week. Puel, Emery, Pellegrini, and Silva are all great managers, but the environment depends. Puel is a great manager in France, but his lack of knowledge of English hindered his ability to communicate with players and made his interviews look bland in front of the press. The football was also dull for the most
  12. OK boomer. My point is. I'm sure our manager would know much more about a player that he works with almost daily than a random fan in the stands or behind a TV. No offense to anyone of course.
  13. Hope we smash them, they sack Silva, and the new manager bounce comes into effect against LiVARpool.
  14. I don't see why not. We're title challengers until the title is handed to a team.
  15. While I feel we will win this match, this is the only match out of the next 4 I am somewhat unsure about. I don't mean to be pessimistic at all really, but I feel more confident playing against Aston Villa, Norwich, and Watford. We should get 10-12 points out of these next 4 games before playing LiVARpool and Man City over Christmas.
  16. It won't be their title until it's in Klopp and Henderson's hands.
  17. I've been browsing the Brighton forum. They might praise us but quite a few members don't like us.
  18. He scored in 5 consecutive matches so that makes it 6 more to equalize it and 7 more to beat it.
  19. If we want to be a top side, we need to win all 4 of them. It's totally doable and I have confidence in this team.
  20. Farquad is a one man army. We're fine with him alone.
  21. Crystal Palace has scored. Let's hope that they can see out this game.
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