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  1. Hitman Benny is technically Italian, right?
  2. Makes sense. They're from Bangkok and they purchased from Belgium and Britain. Bulgaria is probably next.
  3. I'd rather He scored an own goal screamer trying to hoof it into the Brighton fans. No hard feelings for them of course.
  4. Deserved man of the match, even if I didn't watch the game. Always nice to see LCFC players getting international recognition. That being said, Fuchs off "big 6."
  5. Let him take out Sigurdsson before the league and league cup matches against Everton.
  6. I voted for us of course. They should add English youngsters never age, like Lingard.
  7. I'd already be in debt from my first day at the club if I played there. I always seem to be late for everything.
  8. If he leaves City for City, I will lead the City fans on a riot outside of City's oil stadium.
  9. This explains his pleasure of violence and pain. He's the Joker!
  10. I've been browsing the Liverpool forums recently and it's full of arrogant w4nk3rs. A lot of them feel they've already won the league.
  11. I should've reworded that better. Do you think OGS will be there on the final day of the season?
  12. I'd love a Man City win but a draw wouldn't be that bad. The important thing is Liverpool have to drop points tomorrow.
  13. How about big 4 with Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, and Chelsea instead? Arsenal, Everton, Spurs, and Man United struggling for the next half decade would indicate a change in guard in the PL.
  14. Why? You want to create another earthquake?
  15. Ahhhh. The memories of the MW2 Remington shotgun akimbos. You could snipe someone with those damn shotguns.
  16. For me, before his 4 year hiatus, MMLP and TES are the best. After he came back, MMLP2 and Revival are the ones I enjoyed the most. Relapse is good but some songs have really heavy accents.
  17. I actually enjoy his newer music more, probably because I'm young. There are a lot of great songs put out by him 2009-present
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