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  1. I followed a car today who stuck to 40 regardless of the road. 40 all the way from lutterworth to dunton basset, 40 through dunton, 40 up to broughton astley, 40 through broughton including over the new speedbump. 40 up past Croft where I overtook them, I imagine 40 all the way to narborough. Infuriating.
  2. My grandad, now 96, is Polish and fought in some pretty serious battles for Poland in WW2. Settled in the UK after the war. Still classed as a Polish citizen with passport, I assume he now has dual nationality or something as he's voted in elections and the referendum. He is still entirely there in his brain, he is a strong leave supporter and voted as such. I've never really spoken to him about it so not sure why he is on the leave side. Having said that, my entire family voted leave, except me.
  3. Apparently my first taste of beer was my brother putting it on my dummy when I was about 2. First time I properly drank was age 14 in Kos, Greece. Made a few mates, bar serving us all, smashing back pints of Heineken. Don't remember getting back to the hotel, woke the next morning to find a river of vomit next to my bed (again I dont remember this). The next day was about 35 degrees and my first taste of a hangover. Vowed never to drink again, and I didn't for about a year.
  4. Dont worry, think you can get a Mrs Browns Boys boxset for about 20p on Amazon.
  5. 4chan / 8chan aren't. When I was younger, I used to browse 4chan a bit. I remember seeing a live thread of a bloke posting comments and photos about how he killed his girlfriend and left her for her kid to find. Low and behold, a fee hours later it was in the news and he was arrested. I also once saw a thread where someone had posted a photo outside a school and said "guess what". Obviously lots of comments egging him on and all that disgusting stuff. And again, about an hour later, in the news of an active shooter within that exact school. To be perfectly honest I'm not sure why I browsed 4chan. It didn't fit with any of my beliefs and I didn't agree with 99% of the shit on there. But had i have been of less sound mind I can now see how these forums can be a hotbed of radicalisation of "normal" young people, all the one-upmanship and everyone trying to out-outrage each other. There is no real need for these websites and there have been multiple crimes to come from them, all well-documented. I feel awful for having ever even viewed these pages. The two I witnessed were harrowing and are things I still remember to this day.
  6. There's been a few fatalities at that exact spot. I think a couple years ago a bloke was left dead in his car for a couple days on the left side in the hedges because the police didn't look properly. When I was a young driver i used to drive pretty quickly down there, but the corner with the bridge where the crashes have been does come up pretty quickly and a lot sharper than expected, when at speed at least. Nowadays I stick to 50, I've only been down once with the mandatory 30 and I tried to stick to it, but it was extremely hard, and literally everything flew past me, lorries and all.
  7. Those competitions will make them a fortune too. Paid advertising from Wickes who also provide the prize, plus hundreds of people phoning up and being on hold hoping to play. But my personal favourite is "Game changing moments with Barclays", whereby they talk for about 10 seconds, usually pretty incoherently. Money well spent on that sponsorship. -Now its time for our game changing moments sponsored by Barclays. -errrr Gray getting subbed on and then scoring the winner -And that was our game changing moment thanks to Barclays.
  8. Talksport hosts do their job well. They talk bollocks about something hoping the team's fans call their 13p a minute line hoping to get on and argue with them, like it makes a difference. They must make a fortune out of it, combined with those shite adverts. I listen to talksport quite a lot in the car, the presenters don't bother me at all and I can find it amusing at times. But I had an interview for a job at talksport about 2 years ago and they still haven't got back to me so **** them.
  9. I invested £10 in Ripple a year ago and it's now worth 27 quid. Baller.
  10. Thoroughly recommend @Resonate as a seller. First time buying on here and went great.
  11. They still available mate? Am interested.
  12. Almost as devastated as when Benalouane left.
  13. When we win the league next year will we attribute it to Claude like we do Pearson? And when the next manager gets sacked the year after will we be calling for Puel to return?
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