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  1. Agree can imagine Madders isn’t enjoying not being looked upon favourably and hopefully fired up to prove a point and make amends
  2. Can we get an update on this after today’s game
  3. At least we have something to look forward to, and a huge opportunity to re-find our form. Still got a good chance of progressing to the final and still plenty of games left in the league to push for the top 4. As ridiculous and disappointing as it was from Maddison, Perez and Choudhury, we have to move on, and having Söyüncü back is a big bonus. Not sold on the 3atb but struggling for alternatives. Also who would have thought arguably one of our biggest misses this season has been JJ. No one else has looked as comfortable on the left. Cannot face bringing any of the above s
  4. Haha ffs should read *fired up had something similar back in my school playing days in the county cup. Playing the team which had won the last 2 years and we missed half our team due to detentions etc so were dropped. Went on to win the game with half our second string playing on penalties. Best feeling in the world
  5. No Madders or Perez gives us very little attacking options on the bench if we need to change things up. Arise Sidnei Ridiculous if true, bet Rodgers and Schmeichel etc were fuming. Hopefully the players will be up fired up for this.
  6. So none of it’s true? A cover up for something else maybe? Or deflection?
  7. So is the alleged rumour that a certain YT, JM HC and AP broke Covid rules in some way?! Or is it something else? would be surprised if YT was involved as seems to be a consummate professional, and is allegedly in line to start? feel free to remove if inappropriate Mods, just trying to work out what the rumours are?
  8. What time is it? Can’t see anything on BBC sport Leicester? and what are people hinting Brendan might reveal? Or is it linked to the training photos?
  9. Wow the lads from Syston who knew In seriousness great interview, it’s so good to have fans playing for the club you can always sense the passion and they’re less likely to leave in the future. Hopefully will go on to have an outstanding career for us.
  10. I think Inter Milan currently play a 3/5 atb with 2 up top, and they’re not doing too badly in fairness. And I think Real Madrid have played with a back 3 at times this season as well. Not sure I can think of many others off the top of my head. Edit: Actually Atalanta are another that play 3/5 atb
  11. Think a back 4 is the way to go but concerned about the lack of width in a diamond. So I’d go for a flat 4-4-2 and keep it tight. Would like to see Castagne and Ricardo swapped as I think Castagne is much better on the right on the overlap, but I’m guessing it must have been worked on and reviewed in training and this was the preferable approach. Was tempted to bring Maddison or Perez in for Iheanacho but think the Iheanacho-Vardy axis deserves another chance as it has proven it can work. And then we can bring Maddison on if it’s not working. S
  12. Not sure if it’s just rotation or a sign of respect from pep that he’s opted to play both Rodri and Fernandinho against us.
  13. Not sure I fancy Amartey to line up as LCB?! But not sure what the alternative is - Amartey - Fofana - Evans?
  14. With finances tight would provide an ideal squad player. Young with plenty of room to grow and versatile.
  15. Uhh ohh it’s starting... In fairness IMO he is capable of playing for any side in the world, he is that good. The only reason I don’t think it’s a dead cert he’ll leave is because he’s been burnt by a big move too soon before, and he’s happy and enjoying his football here and playing well. Although if we want to keep him it almost feels like we need to secure CL football. Hoping we might get at least 1 more year out of him, just need to get him on a new contract so if he does leave we can get a figure more similar to what’s quoted in the article, rather than a token fee i
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