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  1. 14 minutes ago, LVocey said:

    I know he's been mentioned before but apparently Tammy Abraham doesn't want to sign a new deal at Chelsea as they chase Haaland.


    Could be a really good option for us, only 23 and already pretty proven in the PL.




    Before he becomes even more expensive I’d love for us to go for him, sadly I think he’s already out our budget 

  2. 42 minutes ago, honeybradger said:

    To be honest if rodgers wants a defensive right wing ricardo/castagne is about as good as it gets

    Yep I’d at least want to see it a few times this season seems to make the most sense 

  3. 1 hour ago, volpeazzurro said:

    Who out of Evans, Soyuncu or Fofana would we leave out for Tarkowski, bearing in mind in a 4 at the back situation 2 out of that four would be left out? Tarkowski is the weakest of the 4 but from his point of view, when he has openly stated that he still has international ambitions, why would he go to a club to sit on the bench?

    With Armarty, Justin etc we have ample and adequate cover. He'd be a total drain of money that could be spent more wisely in positions of a higher priority. 

    I’d obviously rather none of them leave, but it’s clear that we have to be prepared for injuries. We’ve been linked constantly and I don’t think it’s gonna end just because we signed fofana, I think brendan wants a strong a squad as possible and he’s not gonna be expensive. His England ambitions will only be strengthened joining a team that has seen relative success in that department and will continue to.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Greg2607 said:

    In the year we won the league, we had Mahrez and Albrighton. 


    Now, we have Barnes, who is contributing almost as much as Mahrez was that year and we still have Albrighton doing what he does. 


    Do we definitely need a RW option or does Barnes become the Mahrez replacement??


    Maybe a club of our size doesn't have the resources to have a worldy option in every position. 


    Maybe we have to find ways to win and compete despite some of the shortcomings of the squad. 

    Exact point I’m making, we don’t want a “Mahrez replacement” Barnes has become that man just on the other wing, what we want is either Albrighton to continue giving that balance on the other side or someone with the attributes but better, think of a David Beckham in terms of a player. 

  5. 10 hours ago, murphy said:

    Where would that leave big Dan?  I think he has shown that he s capable of being fourth choice CB.  Justin can also play there in a three and Wilf if necessary.  That's six options.


    I think we're OK defensively, I would rather prioritise RW, striker and midfield.  

    I agree mate but it seems to me we’re linked with another centre back an awful lot so maybe it’s not about big Dan but rather the fear of Soyuncu leaving? 

    Edouard and josh da silva would be my priority signings this summer, unsure on the RW as it seems clear to me brendan wants someone who will track back.

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