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  1. Be amazing if what followed Mourinho at United happens to Spurs.
  2. Declan Rice is just wank to be honest. Eric Dier mark 2
  3. Can’t be worse then Southgate - the man who thinks Mount is better than Grealish and Maddison.
  4. I don’t know if Demarai thinks he’s better than he is, I think he did a few years ago. He looks more frustrated than anything, he knows he’s good but don’t think it’s arrogance as such, he just can’t seem to channel his abilities in the right way. Clearly a very good footballer technically, but he just doesn’t do the right thing at the right time. Can imagine he looks amazing in training but you know when it goes to match day it’s unlikely he’s going to produce, such ashame for someone with a lot of talent - says a lot tho that Barnes has had 6 months and looks a level above and Grays had 4 years.
  5. Does he play a lot of Fifa ? Malen is pretty decent on there
  6. Rather sign wes up for another year
  7. We’ll get Demiral in the summer boys
  8. Not gonna lie have been on his back last few weeks, but much improved tonite. Still not his best, but moving in the right direction and 7/10 performances like that every week is all you can ask from your defenders. Anything else is a bonus. Maybe we’re just spoilt with Ricardo on the otherside and having a world class Fuchs for a season. Ben will get there just needs to sort his control out a little bit, be more conviction to his play though with confidence no doubt.
  9. Puts you off watching football in general when we lose, gonna be glued to MOTD tho now
  10. Ballon D’or 2020 winner Kelechi Iheanacho
  11. For sure, West Ham clearly watched the Burnley game and saw if you put a man on Kasper on corners he can flap... hope teams don’t wise up to this and it becomes an every game thing because we will start to ship a few on set pieces.
  12. Glad this is the general consensus between fans now... who would’ve thought we’d be thinking this following a Vardy injury this time a year ago!
  13. The turning point was that Man City miss for me. Rodgers done what Puel wouldn’t and criticised his performance publicly. Think the lack of chances for him from there and the embarrassment of being singled out - coupled with some confidence building words in training and behind the scenes I’d imagine - has bought the player we thought we signed from Man City come to life. Really was last chance saloon and he’s worked his ass off clearly to step up the way he has. The players seem to love him too so shows he’s a good lad.
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