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  1. He’s not Portuguese enough
  2. Quality is quality. I’d be more confident of someone from a stronger league coming in and making an instant impact than a player from a weaker league, but quality always shines through in the end regardless.
  3. Got him in my FUT champs rewards a few weeks ago as a red pick and he weren’t bad when I used him so on that basis sign him up
  4. Lol Conrad’s too good for that level too!
  5. Even more unlikely Anstey Nomads play again this season though to be fair. Conrad Logan’s too good for UCL football anyway, was surprised to see him at that level! Edit: what’s even more bizarre though is that Stamford have already recently signed Luke Steele? (I think that’s his name, former Manchester United and Olympiakos keeper) and have a 17 year old called Max Peverell who got man of the match on his debut, as well as another senior keeper, plus like you say, unlikely they will play much football if any. They also have a couple of decent keepers in their u1
  6. You never know, Brendan might go balls deep when Soyuncu has some game time and gets back to form with him and Little Wes in a pairing.
  7. That’s what happens when you rely too much on one striker. Yes, we rely on Jamie Vardy, but we play a positive style of football to try to get others involved in creating and scoring chances, Wolves have been coached into just getting it to the big man to do it all and now he ain’t there the wheels have come off.
  8. I was going to name someone but I forgot that they played for Leicester.
  9. You never know with Toney though, if he didn’t get first team opportunities and be made to feel loved at Cobblers and was knocking around our academy teams for a few years he may not have followed the same trajectory that his career has. Newcastle took a chance on him and he wasn’t ready then, it’s only really now at 24 that he looks like he may be ready for Premier League football (not a slight on him, just top clubs don’t really have the chance to persist with youth prospects until that age unless they have obvious potential)
  10. Ashley Barnes second half elbow to put Bruno’s teeth back in place?
  11. Coming to the end of my second season on the Xbox version with Leicester, won Europa League and finished 7th in my first season, beating a without Harry Kane Spurs. Callum McGregor my only signing in January window in first season. Signed about 5/6 this season, including Camavinga, and let about 5/6 go. Ricardo Orsalini and Patson Daka were my two other main signings. Thank **** for them two, injuries have ravaged Vardy and he’s absolutely ****ed now after scoring 40 goals in the first year. Absolutely heartbreaking to see. Orsalini on 20 goals and Daka on 15, not too bad. Got throug
  12. Bit before my time unfortunately... just doesn't make sense to me why there isn't one yet so many clubs/players in England and people falling out from the game and being dumped on the scrap pile.
  13. Sounds like he's got good relationships at Leicester and rates Rodgers' highly, just desperate for a chance.
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