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  1. I thought we signed Praet to give us a deeper lying player who can put a foot in and still distribute the ball well. Would have liked him in instead of Hamza. We don’t get the ball from back to front quick enough and that’s a lot of the time from Ndidi and Hamza taking too long on the ball or playing the safe option. There 6’s, neither should play as an 8 like Hamza has a lot this season, unless we are really under the kosh.
  2. Kasper Pereira Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Praet Ndidi Tielemans Maddison Perez. Vardy Not too keen on the diamond but our wingers don’t really seem to do enough right now so just get the 11 best players out on the pitch.
  3. Obviously I put Otamendi in my dream team thinking that’s a cheap player with easy points this week. Todays not been a good Saturday to say the least.
  4. We should have started him instead of Choudhury, there’s no real link between defensive and attacking midfield when Youri isn’t performing. We need to see more transition in midfield because Maddison can’t shoulder that all by himself, especially if he’s on the left.
  5. The lack of penetration is frightening
  6. *Asked about Puel* “We got on well” There’s no need to lie Jamie, just confirm to all of us that he was a cock
  7. I’d have to question that, he’s always been a more offensive number 10, I would say it’s only been his disappointing goal/assists stats mixed with certain managers tactics that has seen him move a bit further back to play as an 8.
  8. I think there will be one for King, but then you also have to think will we start having to dish them out to all the title winners too possibly? I imagine King will get one, then when all the title winners retire we’ll do another one for the 2016 side too, although there are quite a few players you’d say who deserve their own.
  9. England have always had ‘yes men’ as managers, bowing down to the FA’s preference over players is part of the terms of accepting the job. As much as I’d like to think the next manager, or the next one after, and so on, will be different, I doubt it ever will be.
  10. Was probs being drunk and disorderly on his mates yacht and got nicked or something, Youri will be fine
  11. Someone from the FA said that the U21’s failed at the Euros in the summer because of their arrogance, now I know Mount was there too, but maybe it was a subtle dig at Maddison, maybe Southgate was saying ‘you should be here on ability, but you’re attitudes not good enough’. Tbh, I doubt Maddison has a bad attitude anyway, he’s just a confident young player with a bit of swagger. This explanation is scraping the barrel but he’s ahead of any of the midfielders on the pitch tonight in terms of technical ability so I have no idea how he’s had no involvement over two games.
  12. I think the current one looks better than any of them to be fair, what do you reckon?
  13. For sure, I don’t know about Semedo but I think Cancelo can play left back too. I don’t know about their options on that side tho.
  14. Wouldn’t worry, they all look shit anyway
  15. I’m not being silly. I’m just saying that it’s not impossible to have 3 right backs in your squad, as England are proving right now (2 of which arent that good). Ricardo at least should have been called up once or twice since he signed for us, regardless of Semedo and Cancelo. I would say there’s not much between Ricardo and Semedo really, anyways. But then I wouldn’t choose to have 3 right backs ideally either, but seeing as I can’t think of a great Portuguese left back right now, surely one of them could go that side and fill in anyway?
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