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  1. pmcla26

    Corona Virus

    The way the police officer handled that situation was appalling
  2. It’s amazing how you say all our players are average mate but we’re 3rd in the league
  3. Can’t say I’d see Roy Hodgson punching up Solskjaer to be honest
  4. Elton John’s half time performance was moving - never seen so many people head for the turnstiles
  5. Mine would be Alison Trent Evans Van Dijk Robertson Ndidi De Bruyne Grealish Salah Vardy Mane
  6. Drinkwater seems a very confused bloke, I don’t think he, like any of us, could’ve predicted his sudden rise and probably not being able to completely comprehend what was going on in the situation has led to his demise. A lot of stupid mistakes but from his time at LCFC he doesn’t seem a bad geezer, just badly advised and wrong decisions made. Like you say, Pearson would be best thing for him right now.
  7. Can’t wait for September 1st (or whenever the transfer window closes) when @volpeazzurrostarts a thread in rage because the club haven’t flogged Perez to Oadby Town for a packet of quavers.
  8. I’ve heard before that apparently some of the crowd noises on tele at times is artificial anyway but could be a loada shite
  9. Not so sure about ‘devastating’. I think if you’re going to make the commitment to go watch lower league games as it is then you only do it because you really want to. They’ll be fine, but still affected nonetheless by a few here and there.
  10. Could just be relaying info from SFE tbf but still
  11. Don’t get why people get so precious about us growing as a club then claim everyone else isn’t a real fan cuz it’s ‘not the same anymore’. I live outside of Leicester and went to my first game when we were in League One as a child. All I ever wanted when I was at school is to see us doing how we are right now! If u want something to keep to yourself go support ur mates Sunday league team cuz no one else will. Plastics don’t bother me in the slightest, I support Leicester how I support em and someone else can choose to support em however they want to. Bigger problems in the world.
  12. Perez will be a much more useful player next season when we bring a real winger or two in, in the summer then let him play a bit more centrally with all the games and rotation we’ll have. Anyone writing him off is silly, I don’t envy the next winger we bring in cuz if they get half the crap that Perez has got for posting the best G/A stats since Mahrez left of a wide player then fvck me - some of our fans think world class wingers grow on trees just cuz we got lucky with 1! Everyone should just take Perez for what he is and stop using him as a whippin boy just cuz he ain’t Mahrez.
  13. Albrighton shouldn’t be near the starting 11 but the rest is ok
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