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  1. I think it will be clubs in our bracket of trying to sign the next best players that aren’t quite at the top table who will be after him, not the elite. I can’t see the likes of Juve, PSG, Man City etc. taking a chance on Trincao.
  2. ‘Look at the Filbert doll James, Filbert doesn’t like people who go to parties in lockdown, the doll will appear in your Louis Vuitton rucsac and follow you to every single lockdown party you attend - are you prepared to go against Filbert the doll....’
  3. He’d be perfect for us with his physicality and technical blend, exactly what we’re missing in the middle of the park.
  4. If anything, the fact that he is partying with his team mates suggest he’s pretty content with who he is around at the minute. Don’t think someone is gonna pay the money we’d want for someone not in the England squad.
  5. Oh god, no disrespect intended here Geoff, but talkSPORT meets FoxesTalk
  6. The only other option we really had yesterday was to bring Albrighton in for Amartey and play 442 with Praet on the wing out of position or 433 with Vardy on the left wing and Albrighton on the right. Neither particularly playing to a lot of the players strengths whereas the 3412 should do with the lineup that was put out.
  7. I don’t see why he didn’t just fine them a weeks wages, deal with it internally and tell them to make sure they played well yesterday as a bit of a warning and then drop them if they didn’t. I agree they shouldn’t have done what they done but is missing a game a punishment for the players or is it a punishment for their teammates and the fans? I think it’s the latter tbh.
  8. Who knows when they got tested before or after. And the assumption is off of the fact that none of them have caused us any major issues in their time at the club and would you really assume the opposite from how the manager and those in the media have spoken of them in the past?
  9. They get tested every few days. Have a final warning - just because they’re footballers doesn’t mean they aren’t gonna wanna have a beer together considering the last year or so of not being able to. The expectations of what athletes have to be these days is ridiculous. We know that none of those 3 lads are bad eggs
  10. Yeah let’s be real here Brendan ain’t dropping lads from the squad and disciplining them for one of our biggest games of the season. Tbh I’d be more annoyed at Rodgers if he were to do that than the players for going to a party.
  11. Brendan seems to be more of a coach that works on developing players day in day out - obviously as an international manager you can’t do that, and besides, the England players don’t need a coach next - they need someone who is going to set them up tactically the best way possible and win games not nurture talent, as that’s been mainly Southgate’s job for the last few years.
  12. Ndidi and Soyuncu would start for most teams in the world, Tielemans also but I think you have to be able to watch him for the full 90 to realise his true impact on a game as he’s not as ‘all action’ as the other two.
  13. Yeah Riyad we were so bad we blocked you out of getting out of Ligue 2 and into the Premier League.
  14. Gonna get a lot of people say no to this but to be honest I’d take Traore. Barnes is the only direct option we have and to be honest his physicality and pace would probably be put to good use by Rodgers. Could even be a right wing back option against certain opposition, although if we were going to sign another wing back it would probably need to be a left footer, I could see him doing well causing problems with passers like Maddison and Tielemans threading it through to him when he’s used higher up the pitch. He gets marked out of every Wolves game, but when he’s given spac
  15. Would make sense - he can play on the right as well as up top too. All depends on the price, same with Keita.
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