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  1. This is the problem, market value vs selling value. Theres no way Dunk, in reality, is anymore than a £20/25million player, but because he’s Brighton’s captain and he’s so important to them, that price doubles for suitors. Zaha ain’t an £80 million player, but if Palace sell him and go down, they’re gonna lose a couple hundred million over the next few years, and that £80 million means fvck all (well not quite, but in the long run they lose out)
  2. Heard Spurs Facebook page has gone down due to a massive influx of the cabinet’s fans demanding it be set free as its underused at the club.
  3. Think a lot of it has to do with his time at Celtic, not necessarily because his tactics would have become a lot better, but adopting that elitist and winning mentality. At Liverpool it never seemed like his side were on top, even when they were, but being at Celtic would’ve gave him that experience of belonging at the top and believing you’re better than the opposition. Think this would have installed a lot of confidence in the defenders and the team as a whole in being stronger in the tackle and more combative, rather than hiding away or shaking responsibility.
  4. I think market value and what we’d actually sell the player for need to be taken into account. For example, Vardy’s market value is probably £20 million, but we wouldn’t sell him for that price. Maddison is probably a £50 million player but we wouldn’t sell unless you doubled that and added a little extra. The market value is probably between 50-60% of what our selling value of the squad is.
  5. Is ridiculous really, on course for something like 30 assists A mile ahead of anyone else in the Prem in his position.
  6. I didn’t say anything about his form during the title winning season and comparing how he’s playing now. I think in this current side we’d see some of the best of Mahrez to be honest, like we are with Vardy and many others right now. Just because he’s made some silly comments in the last few days don’t pretend he wouldn’t walk into the starting 11 of this side. ‘Past it’ at 28. You’re having a laugh, it’s just because Man City have players better than him, which is fair enough. He isn’t past it - just isn’t playing as well as he did in the title winning season, which would be hard to when you don’t get loads of minutes. To say we don’t need a top right winger either because we have Ricardo, Man City have Walker and Liverpool have TAA but they don’t just discard Silva or Salah because their right backs decent
  7. Really? I’m sorry but right wing is probably our weakest position in the starting XI and Mahrez would definitely improve this side. Might make the pressing slightly worse but don’t think it’d have a hugely adverse effect on our game plan, especially with what his attacking play can produce.
  8. I would definitely back ourselves but especially Chelsea. I think if either ourselves or Chelsea played Liverpool tomorrow we’d win (although saying that VAR would probs bail Liverpool out)
  9. That’s a pretty crazy turn around from last season when at times it seemed at times as if we couldn’t buy a goal off anyone except from Vardy, one of the main things we needed to work on and it’s been addressed
  11. Maybe he should look at it a different way and see that no one (apart from lcfc fans) will ever remember him after he retires, but he could’ve stayed with us and been a Premier League great... Swings and round abouts Riyad
  12. I’m sure everyone was saving the same thing this time 12 months ago... was 10 points then too, and 2 teams in it not 4.
  13. They never learn, always sign fairly decent attacking players but just ignore the need for any decent defenders. Diop is the only one who’s actually alright. Shows how much they rely on Fabianski
  14. To be honest, when you look at the outstanding attacking players in the league this year, so far you’d say Sterling, Vardy and Abraham are the top 3 (possibly make a case for Mané too) Great that it’s 3 English men leading the way and even better that Vardy’s probs been the best so far. Really hope he gets the golden boot so he can cement himself up there with the great strikers of the PL era.
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