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  1. I don’t think anyone would be unhappy if we finish 7th and calling for players or managers out (well, hopefully not) but I think it’s just the acknowledgment that now is a good time to go for top 6, if we come up short so be it, but we’ve got a good opportunity to do something special this season also.
  2. Breaking into the top 6 doesn’t take billions if you’re run correctly, as much as we hate Spurs, they haven’t spent an obscene amount and are top 4 now. Also, if we had done better business in the summer of 2016 we could have been competing for top 6 the following seasons after and built on the title winning side, but that’s in the past and we’re in a good position now so... who knows.
  3. Surely if he followed Mikel’s career, he’d realise whilst he was mostly at Chelsea, he wasn’t always a fixture in the side. Surely you’d rather have someone playing 35-38 games a season for Leicester than 20 for Chelsea. After all, they’re playing the same ****ing teams each weekend.
  4. I don’t think managers like Rodgers, or players like Tielemans, Perez, Ricardo.. join a club where they are one bad managerial appointment or transfer window away from relegation. I think we’re solidified now, not permanently because football changes, but the amount of money in the club and the standard of players we have and have set the bar for in the future means it would take catastrophe for us to go down. Ourselves, Everton, Wolves and West Ham would all have to struggle ridiculously to get relegated. I think for anyone else you could say it’s 50/50 either way to be going up the table to top half or down to championship football.
  5. I think that’s probably why we don’t seem to be offloading Iheanacho, because we probably know that Vardy is fit enough to play 35 or so out of 38 games again this season. I remember seeing in the news a news a couple years ago Real Madrid’s sports science staff claim that Cristiano Ronaldo had the body of a 22/23 year old and had another 10 year so left in him as a pro. I’m sure our sports science staff will be able to look at Vardy’s data and then let the transfer team and coaching staff know when to expect a drop off in performances. If anything though, I actually think Vardy is getting better, his movement is phenomenal now in comparison to a few years ago, even in comparison to the title winning season. He’s had to adapt his game as teams learnt how to cope with his pace and sussed him out during 16/17, but after that season he’s become a much more all round centre forward I’d say. Realistically, I think he can go for another 3 years or so at the level he’s at, maybe a slight drop off as time goes by, like I said tho, our medical and sports science staff should know before anyone else does.
  6. It just makes me think of Wan Bissaka, imagine paying £50,000 for a Fiat Punto and knocking on your rich neighbours, who have full knowledge of your over spenditure, door asking how much you have to pay for their Porsche, obviously they’re going to ask for millions just because they know you’re a ****ing idiot who overspends, plus they like their car. No matter how many analogies we make tho don’t think United or their fans will ever understand
  7. Double standards, because he plays for Man U they’re allowed to demand an obscene amount for their player who’s contracted to them, but because we’re little Leicester we can’t do the same.
  8. If Megan Rapinoe and Jimmy Saville had a child
  9. Another clickbait scheme from them the media it seems
  10. Just a thought, but as we were interested in Malcolm last summer (reportedly), and they seem interested in Neymar, I wonder if we could get Malcolm for cheap due to a fire sale of players towards the end of the window to try fund a move for him. Could be a bargain there to be had, if Barca become desperate, although our market shuts before their’s.
  11. Why isn’t he just as interested in joining Newcastle then as Bruce is now their manager? This saga just gets more and more ridiculous by the day
  12. Thinking about it as a Leicester fan before the days of the title winning season, growing up watching them in the championship my heroes were the likes of Nugent, Morgan, Knockaert... I never saw the likes of Terry, Kompany, Rooney as my heroes from the 00s and early 10s. My first favourite player was Matt Oakley in League 1 ffs Why would Harry, as a Sheffield United fan, see Vidic and Ferdinand as his idols. Can smell the bullshit from here.
  13. Shame he’s already signed for someone in Ecuador but you know..
  14. Wan Bissaka’s own goal in the u21 euros was probably the most ‘Man United defenderesque’ skill imagineable. Imagine going from playing with Ricardo, to that
  15. pmcla26

    Papy Mendy

    No I stick by what I say, he went in to the season with Silva, Mendy, Ndidi and Iborra as his 4 options for 2 spots. Any manager worth their salt, who works day in day out with their players in pre-season, would have addressed that in the summer before or have given Silva a longer run of games. Just because he made some good signings and had good ideas doesn’t mean I can’t fault the fact he had some terrible decision making and was overall, in my opinion, a very poor manager
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