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  1. Might do, seems the player agreed on terms a while ago if rumours are to be believed so only really took St Etienne to accept the offer and for a medical to be done. We’ll just have to wait and see
  2. He’ll be in an out, could be starting 11 by the end of the season, but not many centre halves could come in and displace Evans after the last couple of years he’s had with us. Hopefully gives us extra quality when we play 3 at the back too.
  3. Only because he scores a hat trick every year against them To be fair though, I enjoy watching him play and you could see he had quality at the time, gets said all the time but shame it didn’t work for him here.
  4. Anyone else working within the NHS having to put up with a relentless amount of abuse from patients at the moment? I'm not a clinician but people talk to you like you're the one making themselves or their family ill. It's ridiculous how entitled (especially the older generation) are acting at this current moment in time.
  5. I’m not sure if it’s a case of Rodgers doesn’t rate him as such (unless he has said otherwise) but more a case of the fact you can’t rely on him to be a starter and you risk unsettling the team having a player in and out all of the time. I don’t think he’d necessarily be a starting player, but it might be why he hasn’t been given the chance yet.
  6. Hahahaha to think Chelsea spent £50m on Chilwell when they could’ve had this lad for less than half! We’ve only gone and fookin done it again, what a baller!
  7. Eppiah’s first taste of first team football, doubt he’ll pull up many trees at Leuven making the step up to the Belgian top flight, but he’s an exciting player on his day with his pace.
  8. Kasper Timmy Cagsy Johnny boy JJ Papy Hamza Dennis Youri Barnesy Vards 4-2-2-2, try out number them in the middle and counter attack
  9. He’s like having a Ferrari that falls apart as soon as the engine starts.
  10. I really hope Barca don’t have an eye on Ricardo now Semedo has gone to Wolves (good signing for you guys @The Bear, don’t think he’s particularly great defensively but should replace the attacking threat on that Doherty offered on that side plus more; allows Traore to play further forward too) Think they’ll use the funds in their pursuit of Aarons, but if Norwich hold their stance, could mean they make a move for Ricky later down the line.
  11. Would love Big Dan to have a blinder tonight after all his injury struggles but looks bleak when you look at the lineups tonight in terms of a result. Like @AKCJ says, hope Dewsbury-Hall shows what he can do, too.
  12. Fair enough, sorry for misinterpreting ya point mate. In that case I would agree that all 3 are/were defo better on the ball technically than Wilf.
  13. Wilf is already twice the player Lennon or Nzonzi ever have been. You could make your mind up depending on what game you see as to who's better out of Wilf and Fabinho.
  14. Praet and Justin have only just started playing regularly after a year at the club and if they keep this up they defo won't be poor to bang average players. Amartey was just unlucky with an injury and we've moved on. That is all.
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