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  1. pmcla26

    Luka Jovic

    I’d still rather we went for Eduoard tbh, if we go for a striker. Jovic isn’t gonna come here willing to bide his time and Vardy’s got a couple seasons left yet. Think Eduoard would be better as a player to transition into the squad. The only way I’d want Jovic is if we are gonna persist with two up front, and even then he’s gonna have to perform very well to displace Nacho to partner Vardy.
  2. It opened for one day in Germany on July 1st for deals already completed then shut again. I think it seems likely it’ll open for August and September then close on October 1st.
  3. I’m still convinced Ederson is secretly 6ix9ine, just puts a rainbow wig on for his music videos.
  4. It was when we just came up, bid £7m on deadline day 2014
  5. I think Dyche would be quite clever if he went to Italy and took over at a side just outside the Champions League places. European football could really raise his stock, and I’m not sure if defensive football is an optimal tactic when you’re going for Europe in the Premier League - you can point to Wolves and Sheffield United to some extent, but all the current top 5 teams play variations of very similar styles of pressing, possession football. His style is suited to Serie A and I can’t see any obvious choices as to where he’d go in the Premier League - maybe Villa if they stay up but would be a pointless, sideways step in my opinion.
  6. Because plenty of managers don’t understand goalkeeping as a position in its own right. Give me Jan Oblak over any other keeper in the world right now, and he’s not particularly blessed with the ball at his feet to be fair.
  7. Who do we reckon will take Chelsea’s penalty today then?
  8. They’ll be down next season or year after. Ageing squad and the board won’t reinvest any money, they’ll just expect Dyche to produce the same as usual. Mike Garlick said Burnley could’ve gone into administration when there was talk of the season being postponed. If they really don’t have any money then they either have a very inefficient business model or Garlick’s padding his back pocket with the tele money.
  9. pmcla26

    Luka Jovic

    I’m not sure Pulisic did deserve to start previously, he had a good spell around the time he scored 3 vs Burnley but before and after that he looked like he was finding his feet. Now he’s come in and I doubt he’ll look back. He hasn’t wasted any time at Chelsea at all really, end of the first season and he’s becoming a fixture in their starting 11. I’m sure he wouldn’t have expected a lot more on a personal level.
  10. If PSG are genuinely keen then they will get him. Especially as Meunier has gone to Dortmund on a free, like for like replacement really.
  11. Henderson edges it for me. Pope should’ve had a chance at being first choice 12 months ago though.
  12. Rose looks like the player he was before Pochettino went Spurs but without the pace, don’t know what’s happened to him. He’s done a few interviews that have been a bit down beat, think he knows his chance of trophies at the top level has gone and his desire’s gone with it.
  13. He reminds me of Carlos Tevez or Rooney in his style of play, real rugged forward but could be a top player with some work
  14. Pre title winning season yeah, I’d have to agree.
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