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  1. I think the key with Bielsa is if he has Premier League longevity. He’s always been a fantastic coach in the short term but think the media should withhold their superlatives until he proves he can battle in the top division for a while. I’ve been impressed with their style of play though and the transformation in Bamford and Ayling particularly.
  2. In all honesty, knowing this now I feel for Ben. I’m glad he’s moved to Chelsea, both as a Leicester fan and for the player too, we done well financially out of the deal and with our replacements for him, hope he’s happier achieving what he has and hope his struggles with his mental health are behind him.
  3. It’s not clear and obvious either way to be honest, hence VAR not overruling.
  4. I'd say we might have already had that one with the tight offside for the Vardy goal last season or for Nketiah's red, but I'm more than happy for us to use any spare credit next time out!
  5. I don't care. Just put it down to the free VAR token we received at the Emirates from last season after the Iheanacho push decision. What goes around comes around.
  6. We’re all saying about how much responsibility lies on Barnes this evening but Maddison, Praet and Tielemans are going to need to support him. All are capable of providing goal threat if they get in the right areas.
  7. I suppose against Man City we played well on the counter without playing it for Vardy to run in behind all the time. Let’s see how it goes but not confident.
  8. Hopefully everyone just uses the blanket approach in deciding that all refs are shit bastards rather than getting into the male/female debate
  9. Well done you read what I said
  10. I feel sorry for Kepa, I don’t anticipate many keepers doing well behind that back line. Not to say he hasn’t had undeniable faults in his game. I could see him going abroad and being on a similar trajectory to Szcesney when he left Arsenal.
  11. Thank **** he’s not registered for the Europa more like
  12. Same as Barnes has been crap most the season. It’s neither Perez or Barnes fault just both are expected to do too much with little support from others.
  13. If Perez was a Leicester lad and Barnes was Spanish it’d be amazing to see the contrast in people’s opinion.
  14. I don’t really particularly care, I grew up watching us play Championship and League One teams, as did most on here. I’m sure we won’t miss the games against the ‘big clubs’ that we win because we were ‘lucky’ or the ones we lose because of VAR. Just let them get on with it and watch it fail whilst us and Everton win the league for the next 10 years on and off
  15. Look how easily Spurs carved open West Ham yesterday. I know they’ve got top players in attack but they didn’t have to do anything special. We just can’t seem to do even the bare minimum in the final third at the moment with regards to making chances, there’s just nothing there.
  16. It’s obvious Rodgers is one of the best coaches around but tactically he is shite. What did he think bringing Slimani on yesterday was going to achieve? Pointless even having the bloke on the bench, be better off using Gray or Under’s pace to stretch a game than put a man with the running capacity of a hippo up top.
  17. The Ricardo, Vardy, Soyuncu and Ndidi effect.
  18. I’m sorry, you’ve missed my point completely. What I was saying was we potentially could have made more money out of sponsorship deals, as the finance stats show us ranking pretty low compared to other teams of similar statures, but we may actually have benefitted as we don’t know what King Power have made from sponsorship as a company, rather than Leicester City as a football club.
  19. Didn’t say they didn’t. Read again what I said and put it into context and you’ll see the point I was making.
  20. Fofana might make mistakes and need time to adjust but when we’ve spent £30m and spent most the summer going after him I reckon Brendan will be comfortable chucking him in a back 4. Hoping we get to see what he’s all about.
  21. If we’re gonna go all American then let’s make a draft etc. and make it a level playing field for everyone, not **** everyone over.
  22. Really losing interest in top flight football apart from City, finding myself much more interested in the local non league teams and leagues etc. just so much more relatable and actually a sport rather than just money washing and power tripping. Worry is that a lot of these leagues will die out with more of this shite.
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