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  1. 54th minute applause for a fellow Fox

    I think we all know who UTLF is so I don’t get your point?
  2. 54th minute applause for a fellow Fox

    Any need for this? If he didn’t like you and made that clear it’s not ideal but as people are grieving it seems you are trying to gain attention here. Rather odd in my opinion. Sometimes better to keep quiet
  3. Marshall away at Athletico was quite special
  4. Why is it people aren’t allowed to voice an opinion without being called moaners on here? Its ok to say someone didn’t have a good game If thats what you think. Doesn’t mean you aren’t a fan or don’t know how lucky you are.
  5. Agree except for albrighton. He got better as the game went on. If mahrez hadn’t scored his game would have been his worst for a long time. Didn’t seem to make sure his passes were right. Just a bit too relaxed. I’m a massive Shinji fan but today he was even annoying me falling over and could have played Vardy in a few times and didn’t. Chilwell ducked out of a challenge with deeney that could have cost us a goal. But despite it all we won...
  6. Matty James

    Thought he played too safe today if that’s not too harsh. I thought we lacked a bit of drive from him.
  7. Andy King

    Have you seen Kings shooting lately? And the only thing he effects is his bank balance
  8. Andy King

    Let’s see what he does if he moves. Which I highly doubt
  9. James Maddison

    Could end up being a club legend then
  10. Slimani

    A team with low possession stats needs players who can win the ball across the entire pitch. He severely lacks that aspect in aerial duals and doesn’t seem to have much pace to put players under pressure to make a mistake on the floor. He doesn’t suit our game so why keep him?
  11. Conspiracy Theory

    808. Pacific state. Graham Massey is behind it
  12. Andy King

    This legend debate died for me this morning when Piers Morgan called Walcott a legend for holding the 2-1 fingers up to spurs fans.
  13. Slimani

    Yes that was him. How about the rest?
  14. Slimani

    His ability to pass I seriously lacking. That’s nothing to do with service. Overrated and doesn’t suit us at all. Sound familiar?
  15. Andy King