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  1. Papy Mendy - coming back ?

    Not sure they are up to the pace of the league now
  2. Robert Huth

    He is better than Morgan but on the basis we need able passers for Puels style Drago should be ahead of both
  3. If he’s got as much influence as they say he needs to go if not first choice. I can imagine him stirring it up when his replacement makes the slightest mistake. based on this story how he told them not to get another CB in the summer he thinks he’s the man
  4. Captain Morgan bottles

    I think they could have made him captain of the worst team. To reflect what a top bloke he is 🙄
  5. With all this talk of possession. Why does he still allow the ridiculous kick off routine where we hoof it into touch or to their defence? Hardly sets the tone...
  6. Schmeichel injury

    Based on the Morgan/Drago scenario of not playing a player who may not be here next season he can’t play Hamer can he?
  7. Captain Morgan bottles

    Opposite of a fine wine in terms of maturity and quality
  8. Name a better option than puel

    I’d love Benitez but he’s 2 points behind us with a much bigger club historically amd next to no budget. if he doesn’t stay he won’t be short of offers.
  9. Name a better option than puel

    I was replying to you but not aiming my reply directly to you in any kind of jibe. What I was trying to say (quite badly) is Morgan being kept in sends the wrong message in terms of Puels authority. If it upsets players then they probably aren’t worth keeping to be honest. Who is going to be sitting in the changing room saying oh Wes you’ve been amazing how could he drop you...? Puel has nothing to lose now by dropping him. In fact it would tell him a bit more about the characters he might be working with next season if they get upset
  10. Name a better option than puel

    But we are allowing him to bow out with a whimper in case it upsets any of the poor lads who love Wes?
  11. Name a better option than puel

    Agree on accountability but he is accountable for selecting players who keep making mistakes. If Morgan starts again it shows Puel has no authority
  12. He’s making it tougher by starting Morgan.
  13. What exactly would you want him to coach? Positonal awareness X passing under pressure X aeriel dominance X on pitch leadership X last ditch tackles because you’ve failed to be aware of what around you ...OK being a top lad in the changing room ... OK sign him up
  14. Someone who can hardly pass a ball as a coach. Great idea
  15. Southampton pre match

    Maguire right wing. Seemed to play there a lot today