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  1. F1_AN

    Claudio to Fulham

    King 😂 mr anonymous who hasn’t played for 6 months. Perfect choice for a relegation battle simpson I’ll give you bit as amartey is injured would he be allowed to go?
  2. Jason got offended with me when I repeatedly asked him to approach the club with regards to showing their support for the @offsidetrust in the wake of the Crewe (and others) child abuse scandal. Unbelievably he said he’d never heard of them and I pointed out he was supposed to be a sports journalist and should be aware to which he took great offence. That phone call between him and stringer was the ultimate cringe fest. Personally I think stringer does ok and is much better than those before him but he does have a habit of describing his every intention which really isn’t needed. I also don’t need to know what kind of dog is sitting in front of the fire at the Woodies every Thursday!
  3. F1_AN

    Spare a thought for Soyuncu

    Why was he safer than Evans last game then? i know these are unusual circumstances but it’s another bizarre in/out from Puel
  4. F1_AN

    Claude Puel’s personal tribute to Vichai

    No fan of his but he did that with real warmth, dignity and clear grief and not in his native language. Gone up in my estimation
  5. Wanted to say that also times Like this bring the reality of life to you. That video isn’t of a billionaire football owners son (how we usually see him). it’s of a man who is devastated to have lost his father. Just like any of us would be
  6. F1_AN

    10 Games In - The Verdict So Far

    Cardiff are the sort of team he won’t be able to set us up to beat
  7. F1_AN

    10 Games In - The Verdict So Far

    What’s his plan? Isn’t clear to me. Too much faith in his kids project despite them having little end product
  8. You may be a little early we kick off 530 today
  9. As long as he plays a youth player in his place half the fans will be fine with this...
  10. F1_AN

    That “Handball” last night

    First time I’ve seen it having been at the game. That ref needs censuring for that
  11. F1_AN

    Arsenal away - Mon 22 Oct, 8pm

    Crap view from there
  12. F1_AN

    School Visits

    Did they mistake him for King
  13. F1_AN

    New training ground approved

    Let’s hope he doesn’t bring his umbrella