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  1. I don’t think he could drive a team to promotion
  2. I think the main issue is we have Chilwell embedded and Hamza starting to break through. Puel is too cautious to play another young and inexperienced player. I don’t think he will get much time if he comes back
  3. They played in the fa cup final under strachan in 2003. Ok it was Cardiff but that’s irrelevant
  4. The interview I heard he indicated he was rested as Cardiff sit deep and he wasn’t suitable for that
  5. That’s not what Puel said? He said it was tactical
  6. I’ve akways been of the opinion that when you are winning the style is secondary but under Puel I feel different. We don’t have a target as such (promotion or avoiding relegation) so the entertainment becomes more important. Currently that is severely lacking in most home games. I find it odd he is lauded for improving some players yet fails with silva for example and it is the player to blame. Surely a decent coach could get a tune from someone with his ability?
  7. Can’t see anyone paying a fee for him. How long has he got left?
  8. It’s so weird. Some absolutely terrible football yet some solid results and nobody can complain about the league position. I just don’t enjoy watching us and feel there is a bit more to this team than we are currently seeing in terms of playing style. I dont like his style but resigned to the fact he is getting results so shouldn’t be sacked. I just pray he can start finding a way to make us more dynamic and attractive at home because watching us play is pretty dire...
  9. He could have played Vardy in then
  10. That’s Evans dropped next game
  11. We can’t pass the ball 5 yards. Pretty fundamental
  12. Ghezzal is like the lad someone brings along when your Sunday team is short. Looks the part but no idea how to play football.
  13. Nobody ever tell me again Puel is improving our players. They can’t make 5 yard passes
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