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  1. F1_AN


    Pretty shocked he didn’t get the nod to start Saturday and even more shocked he didn’t come on ahead of Gray. Ghezzal looks pretty average and Gray just never inposes himself on a game. You can argue all you like about quality and technique but albrighton has far more influence over games that Gray and consistently seems he just isn’t the managers type
  2. F1_AN

    Jonny Evans

    You didn’t see him pass to their forward from a simple 10 yard pass? but I’d still keep him in over Morgan. Not sure today is a good barometer as they are awful
  3. F1_AN

    Do you remember...

    Evans in their line up. I remember my then 7yr old son asking me why I was going so crazy at this result. I told him teams like us don’t do that to the man uniteds of this world. Little did I know...
  4. F1_AN

    puel chant - or lack of

    claude puels armée bleu et blanc
  5. F1_AN

    So, 5 games in...

    What puzzles me is why Evans is written off after a nervous first home game yet Morgan can be as/more error prone for runs of games and maintains his place. Same happened with dragovic although I don’t think he actually had a bad game
  6. F1_AN

    Gray ??

    Every time. When was the last time Gray had a big influence in two consecutive games? If ever? He isn’t worthy of his starting spot other than because he’s a “promising young player”
  7. Just watched highlights on MOTD and people think Morgan is still up to this level. He’s a shambles
  8. F1_AN

    So, 5 games in...

    Totally agree but as long as he picks players regardless of performance it won’t improve. People going mad for Chilwell. His end product both ends is pretty horrific. Gray is being gray and in my opinion won’t ever be a consistent player at this level. And as for his captain. Well I’m sure he will be back after his one game ban regardless
  9. F1_AN

    Why does Morgan play?

    Don’t think Claude will play him next game
  10. They don’t need to mark Gray. He is no real threat
  11. F1_AN

    Why does Morgan play?

    People say he isn’t playig badly. The point is he drops away from so much of the play as he knows he isn’t up to it and others are then exposed
  12. No we aren’t allowed to say that about lovely old Wes
  13. If only you had access to the internet to check.... 🤔
  14. F1_AN

    The King's reign seems over.

    Is it only me that reads this final quote as a bit of a dig in that he had options and didn’t take them. Given Puel made it clear he wasn’t part of his plan last season the omission might be a retaliation to King deciding not to take a loan option