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  1. F1_AN


    Yep. Guess it might be one of two business partners we know
  2. F1_AN


    I know someone who is going to be in Russia with him thats all
  3. F1_AN

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Failed the medical. Hes pulled a strop
  4. F1_AN

    Ahmed Musa

    After shinning at CSKA. sums him up really
  5. F1_AN

    Jamie Vardy

    Don’t think he made a case tonight. Was snatching at things. Having said that sterling, lingard and Alli 🤔
  6. F1_AN

    Season tickets

    Kill him steal his identity use his ticket 😎
  7. F1_AN

    Alassane Pléa

    I did check back and thumbs up the original sorry!!
  8. F1_AN

    Alassane Pléa

    In talks with Newcastle. Will they get a Plea bargain?
  9. F1_AN

    Pre-Season Training

    I don’t think he’s “looking forward” to pre season
  10. F1_AN

    Robert Huth to Aston Villa, Stoke?

    He isn’t being paid currently so how can he take a wage cut?
  11. F1_AN

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Are we hard balling on price and waiting for him not to turn up for pre season therefore breaching his contract and losing his loyalty claim?
  12. F1_AN


    That’s not saying much
  13. F1_AN

    Iborra back to Sevilla

  14. F1_AN


    Taking corners?
  15. F1_AN


    Nacho looked as laboured as he did when he joined us when they were attacking