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  1. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Vardy cost me 28k after packs were sold I didn't think I'd get that much back. Chuffed
  2. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Anyone play Madden? Just been told it's a concept like they use on there and similar to fortnite where you get challenges with players etc. IF it's true this promo has the potential to be huge and get people actually playing again
  3. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Phil Foden, De Ligt & Nkunku I've been told so far. Will update with any more.
  4. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Why use strikers? Use Adama or a winger. I had adama and Costa in there.
  5. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    The new update/content is rising stars from what I've been told. More than likely see some ridicolous cards out.
  6. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    I'm still selling players currently sitting on 109k, transfer list is full. Wouldn't be surprised if end up on 150k plus. Zlatan comes on as a sub.
  7. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Completed the Premier League SBC for around 240k including players I had in my club. Wolves players are very over priced. Vardy finishes everything and anything just beat someone 6-3 online. Vardy 4, Zlatan 2. Dear Lord that partnership. Edit: selling players from packs now. Albiol went for 8k, Forsberg for 6k. Bonucci and Son are in there plus loads.of normal golds. I'll probably be sitting on 100k again later
  8. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Ocd in me says this is wrong. Swap VVD and Sanchez please
  9. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    If you haven't done Zlatan. Do him. Cost me around 140k before rewards. Well worth it. I can help with the SBC too.
  10. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    9k to 150k in 3 days and I do Zlatan. Luiz or Robben was rumoured for yesterday. Will we see it today? Who knows
  11. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    On Xbox or PlayStation? Id get onto live chat show them the messages and get the little thunder cvnt banned
  12. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    As I posted that the SBC got released
  13. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Van Dijk POTM 89 Rated. I'd buy Alisons, Strootman other higj rated Holland players. Potentially anyone who Liverpool played in december and look for cheap informs
  14. Ashley

    Nintendo Switch

    Is Netflix, YouTube, IPlayer etc compatible on the Switch?