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  1. Ulloa song for Perez? Get in the ****ing bin.. NO
  2. Isnt this the clown who said Mahrez to Arsenal was done
  3. HaShTaG NeVa WrOnG WaLloP jUicE
  4. Lovely things as gifts by the club but honestly why this is being compared to a un nesersary cost to fans is silly.
  5. Is it a over reaction for having to fire up your own Hewlett Packard printer for having to print at home? Nah I didnt think so. Is it an over reaction for paying am extra £1 for someone doing their own job? Nah I didnt think so. Why increase it? Why even more for non-members? Just because the club have done wonderful things it doesnt mean other things cant be questioned.
  6. Ashley

    Ferran Torres

    Hes currently working in Sports Direct flogging the big mugs and bags for life
  7. Ashley


    Unfortunately that's football. People need to look at the bigger picture rather than the ignorance that's about.
  8. Ashley


    Absurd that we bought Maguire from relegated Hull. Absurd that Liverpool bought Robertson from relegated Hull. Silly sausages
  9. Not heard anything either way. @Abrasive fox @Micky are good for info @ramadaone used to be good for info I think*. @Qwerty was at some point too
  10. I think I know who it is but it's a hunch. If that person does know things then why doesnt he post on here on his account is the question. Edit: I'm pretty sure old Bob is linked to him as well... wallop juice and all that.
  11. 85 rated squad away from Firmino if I want him. I haven't played the game in so long though, I couldn't even tell you the state of the market. Is it worth it? But then again I have no RM...
  12. I meant in terms of fans. Following England home and Away you'll be surprised at the amount of stick that the "bigger teams" players get. G Nev said something similar in an article. I can see it happening. United > England and all that too.
  13. Breaking News: We already knew this but doesnt want to force a move so he doesnt lose his loyalty bonus... I dont want him to go but if we get the money... cheers big H.. all the best. You probably wont be an England favourite anymore too... the grass isnt always greener.
  14. Ashley


    We are. We started it with winning the League.
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