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  1. Interesting. I like what they are doing. Some brilliant lads and ladies involved. They've done wonders with tifos and trying to help with the atmosphere so far.
  2. I wonder what happens if you put this over a world map.....
  3. On a serious note.... We NEED to change the 'Kop' to the family stand. Dont give me it cant be done blah blah blah because quite simply... it can. Derby have managed it and so have Middlesbrough. If not move the away fans down to the kop now, and yes, yes it could be done. Derby have the exact lay out to us so using 'the coaches park on the road and it's an easy exit' is a poor excuse. Someone said it above ^ we aren't pro active enough as fans to challenge the club. Those that have before have found themselves banned for a period of time...
  4. This time last yr It had started so i assume itll be next week my friend aren't players normally sbc though and not packs?? If you're saving packs save them for tots
  5. Fut birthday started this coming Friday last year. St Patricks day wasnt the same as usual ones last year. They were all SBCs who knows with EA though. They chop and change constantly.
  6. Yep Stalteri? Lcfc 3 Spurs 2 Joey from the half way line.
  7. Promotions are good BUT generally they use the same players to get people to buy packs which again they do. Time and time over. It seems like EA only care about Money. I seen a server break down and much it would cost for game play to be good it worked out to around £200 million for the year. EA announced profits of £3.6b last year. You do the math.... they could easily do it, have they? No.
  8. Probably not worth it. Unless you want it for the packs. Fut birthday starts Friday I think?
  9. This is the mentality we have as fans, I guess he lost us the cups as well? Nah not having it. We had 22,000 turn up at £12 a ticket. Playing bad should give you more of a incentive to get behind the lads. Ladies and gentlemen, modern day football fans for you right there ^^
  10. Another Neymar card. Just for pack sales. They really dont give a shit do they? Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar rinse repeat. ****ing horse shit from EA
  11. Okay.. so one of our players get taken out by a keeper. Then what?
  12. Bricklayers used to be half decent but now the gaffer has gone to The Kings. Might try it in there again.
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