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  1. Oh and the fact he rejected an England call up and he has the nerve to call someone a Judas lol. That elbow on him from Walsh though... pretty amazing 🥰
  2. What is it with Keepers on this game? simple inability to catch balls. I've got tots ederson and he makes everything hard ffs.
  3. His work rates are ****ing brilliant and hes scored some important goals for us however if you go down to stats and all of that, he isnt much better than others who get slated by our fanbase. We are few and far between.. well that was my point anyway... Albrightons loved so it doesnt add up 🤷‍♂️
  4. I rate this post. Albrighton work rate is good but in terms of Goals and Assists what does he actually do? He has to have an awful pass completion rate too. Hes scored some very very important goals for us however other players get worse abuse than Albrighton actually does. 🤷‍♂️
  5. I got Laporte. I didnt need a defender bar Trent. Ideally needed CM or RW. Humph.
  6. 6 wins gets you a tots player pick right?
  7. Unable to play FUT Champions until today. Played 3 won 2 lost 1. The 1 I lost I should have won comfortably, I had 17 shots 14 on target. He went down the other end twice and scored twice. His keeper motm. I swear games are fixed ffs.
  8. I seen some fan account the other day tweet about player SBC for PL TOTS. So far he has the two? released correct from memory in Fraser and Townsend. The other players he or she did were. Jota, Vardy and Ricardo. I think there were two more but I cant remember who. Let's see if anything happens.
  9. Ashley


    This coming transfer window... yes. We mean big time.
  10. Ashley


    Dats embarrassing... Babs.
  11. This is why we tie them into 3 or more years on season tickets. There is massive potential for us to fill 50 plus thousand every week. Especially if Coventry go under(I'd hate to see if but it could very well happen).
  12. Anyone been successful for next week? It's a joke that people have won in previous years are in again yet people who haven't won dont get a chance.
  13. Gigi is basically 90 Gullit but better. 3* 3* which is okay I suppose.
  14. Huh? I'm not watching the stream. Explain better please i didnt get your post.
  15. Oh and if we do have a tots, they'll be a cads somewhere around Leicester. If you find it you get it free?
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