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  1. Shouted handball in a football game when the kid only had half an arm.
  2. I've stopped with the data editing but seriously disappointed with some of those ratings. Vardy is criminal. I know pace has been needed but seriously the guy is recording his fastest ever sprint times. Hes statistically the best finisher in the Premier League yet has 85 finishing and 81 composure? The actual ****?
  3. Exactly this. They are educated on that forum, I can remember a thread about red cafe before the 5-3 game and they had a fair few posters who actually knew about us and wernt expecting an easy game.
  4. Well let's not be silly. If we took two to either a qualifying or tournament they'd be Trent then Walker. The only we go with a third is if Walker becomes a centre back again and then you call Tripper up. Pointless having 3 right backs in a squad, sorry.
  5. Nelson Semedo, Cancelo. Who you dropping? Both brilliant at Right Back.
  6. Yep. Imagine having a double pivot at home to Bulgaria. Why we didnt go with a single and have Maddison or Mount alongside Barkley I'll never know. Rose and Trippier too? Like seriously play our strongest side ffs. This coming from someone who follows England home and away 🤦‍♂️ We done enough to win that's it.
  7. I agree they wernt arrogant. As soon as Hamza got sent off the flood gates opened. Absolutely criminal to take 1 CDM to a tournament. Game management as well, what the actual **** was Boothroyd doing? Why did we need to bring two strikers on? Then the games after we conceed what 6 or 7? Just shows how important Hamza was. Aidy needs to go and fast.
  8. Yep, that seeing red as such like at Cheltenham where he got sent flying and to an extent you seen it Saturday where he was trying to get back and almost gave away a penalty but other than that hes been bloody brilliant
  9. Had a friend say this to me and it made me think. He said he thinks weve gone a 4-3-1-2 and two CDM to protect Cags and give him confidence? I argued that Brendan has said on multiple occasions he likes the 4312? Either way hes been ****ing excellent so far long may it continue.
  10. Why do we sing songs so fast for? I've moved up near UFS and songs were being sung far too quickly yesterday. Take a ****ing breath.
  11. Yes. Most clincal striker in the League too. Just recorded his faster ever sprint speeds and best ever fitness levels for us yet people say he only had a season or two left in him
  12. Over heard an argument regarding Brexit the other day. I stayed quiet and listened in..... but it did make me wonder. "We voted leave, it means leave so we're leaving". "We didnt know what we voted for so we need a second referendum, do you know what the good friday agreement means?" Now, i've looked into the GFA and i cant see anything in there that effects Brexit happening or am i looking in the wrong place? Could someone point me in the right direction is so? (please excuse my ignorance).
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