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  1. Either have confidence in Thomas being able to be part of 4, or don't play him. Either have confidence in Mendy as the anchor, or play Hamza. Boats are safest in port but that's not what they're built for. It's just feckless.
  2. How about a first half sub to wake these guys up. Just torpid.
  3. Danish Friendships are to be mocked
  4. Kasper has a potty mouth.
  5. Am I the only one who thinks their salad days are behind them? Messi isn't getting any younger and once he departs I think they fall off significantly in prestige and results. I get that we cannot stop the stupid money that can be raised for deals like these, but I imagine we will continue to use it to our advantage. Finally - I understand its hard not to see Leicester as this little East Midlands club, but we are sitting here first in the PL and probably a top 20 team in the world; we're not the West Turdshire Rovers trying to hang onto our one competent player. We h
  6. That tackle in the first half was unreal. What a player.
  7. Glad we have people here keeping him honest haha, because I see the generational talent.
  8. This is going on to go for a few days, likely weeks. Submitted for some of your edifications, not an endorsement: https://thefederalist.com/2020/11/04/yes-democrats-are-trying-to-steal-the-election-in-michigan-wisconsin-and-pennsylvania/
  9. It's simple as this: Trump - let's learn to live with Covid and open up. People's lives depend on normalcy returning. Biden - Winter of Darkness, mandatory masks and more lockdowns - SAFETY UBER ALLES Trump - Law and order, defend the police, stop the looting. Biden - Defund the police, it's peaceful protesting not looting. This is heavily oversimplified, and I'm assigning surrogate positions to the main candidates, but I really think these are the two critical things that the pollsters missed and the media missed. Both are areas that the 's
  10. The betting markets have flipped to Trump 70%, the Yuan is tanking - as I said earlier, this was not going to be the cakewalk projected by the 'experts'. Not calling it either way though.
  11. The first polls close in 45 minutes from my post.
  12. Listen, you can cheerlead as much as you like - our conversation is not impactful on the end results. I hopped in and reread the last five pages, and saw a conversation which was not really reflective of what I see on the ground. Biden is still favorite to win but it's going to be far closer than many here seem to think. My instinct is that Trump pulls it out.
  13. Well had you read it it'd talk about methodology that led to the miss in 2016 and how they attempted to redress it. So my comments were never about poll writ large. Regardless I'm more providing additional context for the interested, not proselytizing like many in this thread.
  14. Well.. these are not in disagreement really.
  15. https://medium.com/wick-research/predicting-2020-research-on-the-research-57ad9b7b3d5a
  16. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2016-election-forecast/national-polls/
  17. Let's get that additional year extension out to Fuchs now. Also for some laughs, here's a Leeds fan post-game thread:
  18. You have the spine of a jellyfish. My goodness.
  19. Like what I see from him early days, but I'll be honest with you guys - I'm already over umlaut and 'under' puns.
  20. I agree with the general sentiment that he's a special player, but I look forward to the invariable swing back following a down performance.
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