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  1. Chipping in 3 screamers in already lost games a la the goal away at Man Utd for us.
  2. You don't have to be a nostalgia merchant to recognize that while he's not a starter for this squad any longer he's far from our most pressing problem. There's about a dozen players who should be shipped off before he goes.
  3. Not a top six adjacent player - his fringe spot should go to Albrighton. Sell.
  4. Handball and foul - what is this fat boy seeing?
  5. Guy steps into the CB role, and aside from a few dodgy back passes early on, felt he looked a natural. Nice to know that we have an in-house option already, but definitely look forward to having Evans back.
  6. Everything else aside (injuries, form, expectation) it's all there for the taking - can't ask for more given what's got us to this point. Will be an exciting game to watch.
  7. Goals: 1-0 Perez https://streamja.com/qVo10 2-0 Gray https://streamja.com/oPjbP Bonus Vardy shoulder barge at the start (not my laugh): https://streamable.com/lumzjo Nice job boys.
  8. Lifeless performance for most of the game - something needs to change yesterday.
  9. [never mind, don't want to get involved here]
  10. I agree with both of you, but ideally these alternate angles offer a. a fresh feel of a signature moment and b. a closer to the action than the TV angle. Sometimes it does work - but like any cinematographic technique you can overdo it.
  11. It's more important for a multitude of reasons (probably most pressingly, financial) to finish this season versus starting a new one. They can also do quite a bit more scheduling-wise for the next so long as they get this one finished (including scrapping a few international breaks, multiple games a week, and so on).
  12. Also, basically every American sport in season (and even those who aren't like the NFL, but have a ton of activity this time of year) has suspended. If I were a betting man, we won't play this weekend.
  13. This isn't confirmed - someone who has it and 'recovers' still testing positive is not the same as being reinfected. That said, any/all precautionary steps are advisable.
  14. I've always figured it's over a girl(s). Makes sense if they grew up together and ran in similar circles. This idle gossip topic is a favorite of foxestalk.
  15. Rumors of Albrighton's death are greatly exaggerated - he's a great squad player and with Europe on the menu his minutes will increase. I still think he's the last title-winner to depart.
  16. Unless Coronavirus kills 10% of the US population, Trump wins this at a canter. The more interesting political questions is who emerges on both sides in 2024?
  17. I feel like there's two choices in life, you can either get bent out of shape when some has been never was slights the club, or you can just toss them in the dumbass pile and go about your day. who the hell is even asking this guy his opinion?
  18. Agreed, our best player. Do feel like he flys below the radar though at least as far as the punditry is concerned.
  19. Solid performance - drew a critical penalty when the game was still in the balance, combined well with others and held the ball nicely in the area. Enjoyed his awareness to let the one ball go to Barnes as he was off before the Ricardo goal. Great option off the bench for us of late.
  20. I also think there's a lot of you overvaluing the influence the fans have on these players. It's not a zero value but it's a bit narcissistic to assume boos can really shake these guys.
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