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  1. Solid performance - drew a critical penalty when the game was still in the balance, combined well with others and held the ball nicely in the area. Enjoyed his awareness to let the one ball go to Barnes as he was off before the Ricardo goal. Great option off the bench for us of late.
  2. I also think there's a lot of you overvaluing the influence the fans have on these players. It's not a zero value but it's a bit narcissistic to assume boos can really shake these guys.
  3. I don't think confidence is Chilwell's problem, if anything a humbling might force him to tidy his play up. It makes sense to me that he'd like to try and move on elsewhere. He's been at Leicester City since childhood - who wouldn't want to spread their wings? Wouldn't or you feel ready for the next thing after ~ten years in the same place? The grass may or may not be greener but I imagine he wants to raise his wages and challenge himself elsewhere. Could see him leaving in the summer for a good fee and that'll be that.
  4. Chilwell gave away so many balls..
  5. this thread and its replies making the Merc site: https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/give-boy-chance-leicester-city-3728471
  6. Put the computer/phone/pipe down for awhile. This is terrible team management and runs completely against all the efforts the club's made to foster a positive peer environment for the young guys.
  7. They need to find times earlier in the season to add fixtures vs. this mid-season glut or trying to extend it later into June. They could even make a thing of it - like "Big Tuesday" when everyone plays after the first Saturday or something. If there's not going to be a winter break, inventiveness is needed.
  8. Too many people here are braindead with loans thinking these guys just can't wait to be shipped off to Barnsley for a few starts. Justin is far better served being as close to the first team as he can be than playing for some relegation scrapping bottomfeeder.
  9. I've never seen a player who vacillates between looking like he's never run before and has just discovered his legs and pure strokes of genius. There's like no middle ground with Nacho.
  10. what a loser mentality- why even watch the rest of the season?
  11. Disappointing, can only hope it lights some fire for the next few critical matches.
  12. you don't like bathtub bright alien veneers?
  13. I think come summer time when Sky and the like start photoshopping Chilwell in Chelsea's kit the club should reply to those tweets with photoshops of their own, showing the braindead pundit class at rival networks, citing unnamed sources. Fire with fire.
  14. One of my favorites - hope he gets a good runout in the cup games and more time from the bench.
  15. This goal just made the goals of the decade clip: That said, quite a shout to dig up such an old thread.
  16. Also, many of you will find this whole thread interesting:
  17. I think there's a lot to be said for the mental aspect of their streak. Currently, when teams go down a goal, especially early in a game, they are mentally disheartened and play right into Liverpool's capable hands as the ones chasing a game. Someone needs to blood their nose and eek out a win (or if they play not a very good team, a draw will suffice) - then I think we start seeing cracks, in both the player's mentalities and their very nervy crowd (it's a fanbase which feels very snakebitten since the Gerrard slip, if not before), as well as opponents having new found belief in their own abi
  18. I'm not saying I know anything inside (I don't in the slightest) - what I am saying as that as someone who watches the team religiously there's something amiss there and it seems to be greater than just out-of-sync teammates. The cause is purely guessing at what causes rifts at that age. Could be anything, could be absolutely nothing. There's no need to run with it but clearly a lot of other people have seen the same sort of thing.
  19. This is very soap opera-y and purely speculative but I've always read the Barnes/Chilwell lack of chemistry stemming from some off the pitch drama (maybe related to a girl?). Gotta remember these guys grew up together and have played with one another for near a decade - that's plenty of time for history.
  20. Stupid, because the Vardy accomplishment is likely inspiring his teammates far more than Jamie. You don't kill morale like that for such a questionable reason. If you're worried about his freshness, take him off at 60 minutes once he's scored.
  21. what a team of absolute garbage. Let's throttle these fvckers.
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