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  1. Didn't take long https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/brendan-rodgers-emerges-tottenham-contender-20917208
  2. France football did the interview - translation here https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&nv=1&rurl=translate.google.co.uk&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://www.francefootball.fr/news/Riyad-mahrez-se-confie-dans-ff-j-ai-eu-ma-revanche/1079235&xid=25657,15700002,15700021,15700186,15700191,15700256,15700259,15700262,15700265,15700271,15700280,15700283&usg=ALkJrhjsmOCqSZObzdkLUOxzBOgb_nsO0A#
  3. Respect the guy for what he helped us achieve but after reading that I hope Hamza snaps him in December. Not that he’ll make it off the bench
  4. I was halfway through doing this when someone beat me to it so no credit
  5. Just to add to this: Southampton: 11 Norwich: 11 Newcastle: 11 Crystal Palace: 10 Watford: 8
  6. Jamie Vardy goals this season: 11 Man Utd: 13
  7. The big question is how is he going to make himself look like a big green dinosaur when he bags his 3rd today
  8. Pen a heartfelt letter to Ms Susan Whelan see what she can do for you pal
  9. Think he needs a couple of loans first - certainly needs to stop playing BeagleBall we’re pretty strong in his positions so a loan for a season or two in the championship would be ideal
  10. If we’re sending Benkovic out on loan then we 100% need another CB but should be a £25m max buy from abroad. I reckon we might bring in a young left back in January so they get half a seasons of Fuchs experience to learn from. Hopefully we go big for a left footed right winger in January to help us on the push for top 4, a striker wouldn’t go amiss either.
  11. Stick a pony in me pocket I’ll fetch the story from the gram Cos if you want the best ones But you don't ask questions Then brother, I'm your wag Cause where it all came from was a mystery, Until she outed me, for the world to see But here's the one that's driving me berserk When did Coleen become Agatha? Na Na Na Na
  12. I wish some of our own songs were as good as these
  13. I can’t wait for his next goal, the rustling will be superb
  14. The problem with that is that players with have promotional deals (i.e with Adidas or Nike) that they have to promote on their social accounts that they earn a tonne of money through, you can counter that and say then don’t agree to those deals but why shouldn’t they? I won’t tar all Liverpool fans with the same brush but there’s a proportion of their fans that are disgusting - more so than any other UK club imo, the fact Liverpool haven’t even put out a statement condemning it does reflect well on them either. Always the victims though aren’t they. I don’t think Hamza will let it affect him, he’s unfortunately probably used to it but let’s make sure we get behind him from the stands next game!
  15. Someone better break it to him that they won’t be playing Coventry at the Ricoh next season, maybe at St Andrews if they get promoted. He does speak a lot of sense though
  16. Man U fans suddenly realising that whilst Maguire might be good in the air he has no ability to actually control where the ball goes with his massive head
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