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  1. Ah so you don’t smoke on the water
  2. I bet you do smoke on the water
  3. Robbie Williams isn’t reggae
  4. Have you thought about getting any Man City players in?
  5. Half time entertainment on the guitar, you really are the man
  6. An assist like that deserves half!
  7. Great goal that by Justin and Tielemans
  8. I’m currently watching the graphic on bet365 go back and forth, almost like I’m there
  9. Mehrez


    I thought this but having looked Pochettino is currently on around £165k a week - https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2018/05/24/mauricio-pochettino-signs-new-five-year-tottenham-contract-worth/ We are paying Brendan £100k a week on his current contract - https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/02/26/brendan-rodgers-appointed-new-leicester-city-manager/
  10. Why don’t we just use the flinstones one we used for Simpson before - Maddison, James Maddison He’s the greatest midfielder in the league Why won’t, Gareth Southgate put the f***** in the england team Quite apt at the moment..
  11. I think Brendan will go strong for this and throughout the cups, it sounds like the boys really want to win something this year
  12. Yep, really hope the club have been working on this, put him on 100k a week and keep him happy
  13. What a result, thought we were pretty great throughout the game, proud!
  14. Refs been useless but nothing to moan about there we’ve played well and look so much better in this formation, get an early goal second half on push on
  15. If you have the know how, get a Raspberry Pi and put OSMC or Librelec on it then hook it up to your streaming provider
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