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  1. I think his movement and positioning at times is very good he just needs to show a bit of strength and when in front of goal sort his finishing out, same applies to Barnes really
  2. I know, but normally we don't have to resort to listening to Stringer. Just letting my frustration out
  3. So annoying, Sky have cameras there.. show the bloody game
  4. Probably used his massive c*ck to block him off
  5. Probably safe to say he won’t be switching to FAI
  6. Every time I see him play I just want to see him play more, genuinely think in two years time he’ll be the star player in our team, he’s got it all
  7. Note to self: check the BT commentators before switching off. Sutton is a clueless knob
  8. Anyone got the clip of Maguire abutting down Geoff Shreeves? I missed it on Sky on Sunday
  9. This is so cringe, what goes through your mind to think that slagging your own players off on social media is a good idea
  10. Need to make sure we target Zouma next week
  11. Exactly some need to calm down, it’s our first competitive game where for a large part we played a new system, yes we look rusty but a draw against what we know is a decent side is not really that bad of a result
  12. Interesting article on there about the inner workings of transfers, particularly one section talking about how agents will force players to go to a particular club because they pay higher agency fees. Apparently we had a case of this last year: I heard last year one player was on the brink of joining Leicester but instead was told to go to a club abroad. He didn’t enjoy it at all, found out the truth and was absolutely furious. We can’t live with agents but we certainly cannot live without them.” Any ideas who that might be?
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