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  1. Can just see it now, Jon Moss rocking back in his chair, falling asleep with a pie in hand
  2. Would of thought that’s a big reason for them having the bedrooms, may well be used for the euros next year also if it’s done in time
  3. Dean Smith, spent a fortune on what in my opinion is largely average at best players, bought far too many in (I know they sort of had too) I can see it going horribly wrong
  4. Please mind the gap between the train and the platform edge
  5. Other (Matty James) to Celtic Reserves for £120m+
  6. True, hadn’t realised how far it is until just looking, suppose they could just go through Seagrave/Sileby (which the construction traffic isn’t allowed to). Should have built a runway and jetted them in everyday
  7. Think they were just widening the central bit so it’s big enough for a coach, I’d guess they’ll advise players to go up to the roundabout and come back down
  8. Just watched the Vardy goal back, and I hope Fuchs is teaching Chilwell his throw in technique it’s pretty phenomenal
  9. So if Maguire is 85mil I’m going with 150mil for this genius. Genuinely think he could play for any club in the PL
  10. Surely Coutinho isn’t going Arsenal? Good job their back 4 is terrible or they’d actually be threatening for trophies
  11. Mehrez


    Yep great again today, looking forward to seeing how he does against Wolves, Wilf might have a fight on his hands at this rate. Also interesting how Silva gets in ahead of Mendy.. maybe he’s off
  12. Wish I could have more than 3 Leicester players in my FPL team
  13. Haven’t you heard? Celtic reserves are better than us mate
  14. Hopefully they don’t turn up and play 442 then
  15. City for me, the best of our history has been made as Leicester City, long may it continue
  16. They are using SeatGeek Enterprise SRO if you can get me the prices on that feel free. Man City also use them and they also charge a £1.50 fee.
  17. Think you’d be surprised how much something like that costs, I’ve already said in here I’m not on the club’s side on this I’d like it If they absorbed the costs but just trying to point out it’s not as black and white as some think. Imo revenue is irrelevant, profit is the argument you should be using
  18. Just one point those saying about printing tickets at home it’s very likely the club are paying a company to provide the software/system that enables you to do that - little to no chance they’ve developed that in house, so there is a cost to that, although it won’t be as much as postage costs it’s not ‘free’ for the club
  19. I’ll have you know he was actually doing his Christmas chopping not shopping
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