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  1. Fined £5000, no ban - http://www.thefa.com/news/2019/may/02/hamza-choudhury-fined-100519
  2. Fair play to them, in all fairness they do deserve a trophy this year, glad it won’t be the PL but have no qualms with them winning the CL
  3. Saving him for a joint announcement of his 5 year deal and the away kit on May 17th
  4. Can’t really complain about that, done by one wonder strike, defended heroically. Ricardo MOTM without a doubt
  5. Nah Iheanacho is claiming that job
  6. Great half from us. They don’t half winge!
  7. Leave me and my dyslexic tendencies alone
  8. Go and have a read of the last few pages of the match thread on blue moon, they’re all sitting their with their tin foil hats convincing each other everyone involved in football is bent and out to get them, very strange
  9. In fairness their net spend over the last 5 years compared to Man City’s is a lot less, in fact only a bit more than West Ham’s. I don’t want Liverpool winning the league either but you can’t say they’ve bought it in the same way as Man City have. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/premier-league/fuenfjahresvergleich/wettbewerb/GB1
  10. Wonder what’s worth more to us, the add-ons for Mahrez winning the league or finishing an extra place higher in the table
  11. Watched that game earlier and in fairness thought he played very well and did pull of some cracking saves
  12. Christ i bet there’s a swimming pools worth of gob floating around below Carragher. Stop shouting man
  13. I reckon Newcastle’s defenders have got a bet on Liverpool winning the league and their attackers have Man City. p.s. Carragher shut up, not everything Liverpool do has to be described as world class or best in the Premier League
  14. Danny Murphy is knob who’d have thought, Maddison makes a meal of it but that literally happens every game. No mention of Torreira doing his Tom Daley impressions mind
  15. Absolute technical masterclass from Rodgers, by far our best performance this year, Arsenal were woeful but that doesn’t take anything away from an excellent perfomance. Hamza MOTM for me but I could name atleast 6 others. Proud
  16. It’s a pen but only because he’s threw himself to the ground.. again
  17. Not sure what’s worse appointing Ole given his history and not even waiting until the end of the season or giving Moyes a 6 year deal. Thank god we have our owners/board and not clowns like at Utd
  18. Wonder what the odds are for Ole to be gone by October
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