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  1. 34 minutes ago, Raw Dykes said:



    I just think it's got out of hand. I expect we thought we could probably get him for a bit over £20m at first, and then kept increasing our bids gradually over the past few weeks. Now the asking price is close to double that.


    We mustn't lose sight of what we're paying for what we're getting. If we're spending £40m, we can probably expect to get a ready-made 1st team starter, not a teenager with barely any experience. I wouldn't go much over £25m if it was up to me.


    I'm sure Fofana will turn out to be a good player, but I don't want to see us be put over the barrel.


    I kind of suspect West Ham aren't really in for him, and it's just a ploy to get more cash out of us. If we walk away now, I wouldn't be shocked if St Etienne came back to us in a week or in January with cap in hand.


    I'm sure if we set ourselves a £20m limit, we could find a very good, young 3rd choice CB.



    Conspiracy theory of the day. 


     The family said they wouldn't do business with West ham after Karren Brady crudely revealed in her gutter gossip column how much Vichai spent at an expensive  London wine shop. 


    Claude knows of the family disdain for West Ham.and its spunked soaked money.


    Claude Tells ASSE board the City won't let themselves get beaten to a player by Hammer's and therefore to Invent an inflated offer from Lady Muck and the dildo brothers, of which we'll react to with an increased bid


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  2. 1 minute ago, FoxesDeb said:

    Our flights to Malaga were similarly empty, not complaining though!


    How was Majorca? 

    Yeah..bit like having a private jet. Everything on time, no queues, security a doddle. Personal service...


    Majorca was great. Very Spanish. It's like they have reclaimed the Island from.brits, scandis and Germans. Even some of the British run gaffs were having to speak basic Spanish to the punters. But the vibe was very different..quite cosmopolitan, except for Claire Sweeney, who I kept seeing in the same bars and restaurants! Lol


    Militant mask wearing. They are hot on it as you'd warned 

    And bars closed at 1am ...which is more than enough for me anyways tbh



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  3. 4 minutes ago, FoxesDeb said:

    Just booked a couple of days in Portugal next weekend. Flights are £25 each, each way, and 2 for the price of one atm so £50 return for us both. The weather still looks good, and it's somewhere I've never been. Booked a little apartment near the beach and plan on doing absolutely nothing apart from eating, drinking, and sitting in the sun. Can't wait :)

    Fair play to Ryanair ATM (even though they owe me.money)...the two for one is a great offer.


    My recent flights to Mallorca had a sorry 20 punters each way. I'm guessing each if us paying perhaps 40 quid each leg. So they were running flights, 2 a day, from east mids for 800 quid gross takings, Inc tax.  wouldn't have even covered the crew wages, let alone landing fees, plane lease and fuel. 

  4. 2 hours ago, UniFox21 said:

    Slightly off topic, but a member of staff was off from Monday - Wednesday feeling shite, but tested negative. She came back in today and I felt fairly uncomfortable her being in. Even if it wasn't Covid, chances are she can still transmit the cold she had and any one who gets it is then off for a test etc and causing more work for others 


    Wouldn't have been ridiculous for her to wait to return until Monday. 

    Funnily enough, I can clearly recall a general attitude shift pre Covid with a colleague last January hauling himself in with a heavy cold,.playing the martyr....'look how dedicated I am'. 


    He was roundly complained at and about and his boss have him a lecture about coming in unwell, underperforming and potentially  bringing the rest of the office down with him....I remember a the time commenting what a cultural shift from, say, 10 years prior when taking time off for a cold was seen as weak and skiving

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  5. Even though I've been been vehement on here for months railing against the absurd, contradictory, arbitrary, ever changing rules/guidance/laws....I was hoping the lockdown might be more severe and as such, spike the public to 'take back control' away from this shambles


    Treat me.like an adult and I might listen.


    But until then,  that fat, posh, egotistical, bumbling, erratic, philandering, condescending c'nt can fack off.


    'Heroic Leicester'. Fack off.

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  6. 1 minute ago, RowlattsFox said:

    I guess football and professional sport in general will be left untouched in any new coronavirus restrictions? Unless there is a full scale lockdown. 

    Agreed but despite evidence that outdoor infection is extremely difficult, I'd imagine the govt will take relish in extending the ban of that particular winter enjoyment for us all as 'punishment'

  7. 1 minute ago, TrentFox said:

    Totally agree re Burnley. They were great. Everything that, bar the last 6 years, we would 

    kill to have been for the last two decades. Organised. Committed. Dangerous. Disruptive. They worked us really hard and I like that they are out there every weekend sticking two fingers up rot the elite and running off a shoestring budget. Good for them. 

    They were a nightmare. Which is a credit to them. 80% of the match was almost complete control to us yet we were a lucky rebound off the post away from them scoring three goals and a horrific last 5 hanging on

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  8. 19 minutes ago, Lionator said:

    I’m intrigued why we aren’t trying the stuff that we know works before going into a full blown lockdown.


    The 2 metre rule for example, with or without a mask reduces circulation of this virus. Why hasn’t it been reintroduced? 


    We know it barely transmits outside, so why are we banning outdoor meetings? People would be less tempted to break rules and meet indoors then. 

    Nothing makes sense, the government blew it over the summer when they should’ve been making plans for an increase of infections and now they’re crapping the bed. Instead all we got was an exams fiasco and ‘normal by Christmas’. Such infuriating incompetence. 

    So accurate. A great post..


    I personally just feel we have such a staggeringly low intellectual pool of talent at Whitehall compared with generations past. 


    Regardless of views on policy, we've had big leaders with string cabinets in the past; Thatcher had huge intellectual figures in the cabinet  (albeit some if them bullied by her) and on the benches.  Blair had big beasts like mandelson and brown. Even Cameron had political thinkers of Hague, Clegg even Clarke in the hinterground. 


    This lot are league 1 level politicians. And cowards to boot. Leading isn't about rules.of six and blaming students and soundbite moonshots. Leadership is taking tough decisions AND taking people with you



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  9. 3 minutes ago, MPH said:



    but we also just signed a right sided winger. that plays Grays position. Coupled with the fact that Rodgers pretty much admitted he’s going means the case is closed, i’m afraid!

    Would seem a pragmatic financial decision to sell him on ahead of h.beong a free agent from January onwards


    If we get 15m and sold to a team not expected to be directly challenging with us, as Alan sugar would say, with regret, you've gotta go. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, String fellow said:

    I'm struggling to work out what's the alternative strategy to re-imposing tighter restrictions. Do we pretend that the virus has gone away, don't give it any publicity, and let thousands more from the older generations die? I'm starting to think that some from the younger generations would be happy for that to happen. And trying to play down the statistics all the while can't hide the fact that 64,000 excess deaths have occurred in the UK since February.   

    The alternative is to get on with it...a bit like how we get along with cancer. We just carry on. 


    Allow 'at risk' groups to take indefinite sick leave. Set strategies for those who wish or need to shield. Provide guidance and advice to the rest of us.... who'll then get on doing whatever we want to do, go where we want to go and everything else.

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  11. 1 minute ago, peach0000 said:

    He was born in Yemen that's not disputed. But all I can find is that he descends from a family in Goa (India) that are catholics and descended from Portuguese colonialists centuries ago. I think that gives him a pretty good reason for him to identify as Indian, not that anyone needs a reason to identify as anything. 


    With your logic we are all African as after all if anyone traces their ancestors back far enough they'll find themselves in Africa.

    He has long family connections to India and his dad worked there. But he's as Indian as, say, Shane Warne pretending to be an aborigine. His famy are colonialists..


    He's surname is Vaz. He's Catholic. His Mrs is called Maria Fernandez. Brother called Pedro. He's not quite the Indian he likes to make out




  12. 15 minutes ago, peach0000 said:

    Except of course from the fact that his family hails from Goa and his surname comes from Portuguese colonialism when they ruled that area of India. But of course don't let facts get in the way of your strange statement lol

    He's a Portuguese Catholic, born in Aden (Yemen) 

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