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  1. The World Cup was fun, but tactics, shape and selection were all wrong yesterday. Also they spent all week throwing a nerf ball about 😂
  2. Chelsea, Liverpool, Man U away and Tottenham at home. Not many teams can have those in their first 8 and end up 4th in the table. It was a rough one to take but I think we’re going to be a serious force for the rest of the season. We won’t need much motivation for the home fixture, we’ll want to do a job on them.
  3. Ugh hate to lose like that. No worries lads heads held high we’ll go again next time. COYB
  4. Hamza's great, and could go on to do great things. It’s nice to see him talking about his roots when other footballers aren’t as up front and open about things. Fantastic player and already a role model to so many at such a young age 🙌
  5. I’m sure basically everyone else has said something to this end but we really nailed it didn’t we?
  6. Mahrez was a poor mans Knockaert...
  7. Always hoped he would just click one day for us but it doesn’t look like happening, best for all to move on and bring Barnes through.
  8. Rough one today but we’re good enough to bounce back. I’m sure we can make excuses like the international break coming at the wrong time etc. But we just weren’t at the races tactically and didn’t have the execution needed to get a result away from home today, never mind at old Trafford. I’m sure the media feel vindicated for the Maguire move now (don’t think the player is too sure) but I hope they don’t ram it down our throats like they did with the transfer itself.
  9. Tactically wrong from the outset today I’m afraid. Untied have been there for the taking all afternoon but we’ve looked scared and bereft of ideas. Take the loss and move on, no excuses.
  10. Uninspired midfield choice again, I'm sure we'll still win but I just wish the style of play was a bit more fluent.
  11. Not the strongest line up, but I’m guessing Southgate will mix it up big time against Kosovo. The current system indicates mediocrity but we should be used it by now. 0-0 half time, Mount on for Rashford at 75’ and a 1-0 win, probably from a Kane penalty.
  12. Great news! Glad he could get the situation resolved so quickly, guwon Shinj.
  13. That's completely fair enough, although I will say it was nice to hear a level of mutual respect from the two managers today. Still, Bournemouth lost and that's great
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