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  1. Again; if De Bruyne scores that Maddison goal it will be on the premier league advert for the next 12 months. Keep saying we’re shit sky, we’ll keep battering your darlings.
  2. Dodgy ref blowing on a corner like that
  3. He’s a willy puller but honestly I think the fact we got 4 years out of a world class player trumps anything he’s had to say about the club and that. I hope we can keep him quiet this afternoon
  4. That was impressive. We could have fluffed it after they went 3-2 but it never really seemed in doubt. Definitely our most convincing performance against an anti-football team. Let’s hope we get the same intent when playing against the likes of Arsenal and Man City.
  5. Good lad. Great to see him get his first goal and you could see he loved it. It wasn’t his fault Dyche put 6 cavemen on him at every dead ball!
  6. Relax, wilf in CB, JJ starting left back and chestnuts second game and Burnley still can’t shithouse one over us. Wait until we have an actual defence!
  7. The best thing is that Albrighton came on for Praet about 5 minutes ago and Keown still hasn’t noticed.
  8. All over them for 25 minutes, Martin Keown: “Leicester just can’t get the ball out of defence”.
  9. Jesus we aren’t winning a single header and they are lofting everything into the sky.
  10. Hahahah can’t believe they’re already time wasting. **** sake come on lads show these hooligans how to play football!
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