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  1. Crashtoasted

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    Hard to see anything but a win here, might not see a fantastic performance by any means but we should see them off comfortably. 2-0 Vardy and Maddison.
  2. Crashtoasted

    Leicester City Quiz - Season 2001/02

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 53 seconds  
  3. Crashtoasted

    Bournemouth.. Score prediction thread!

    2-2, with a Vardy penalty to rescue a point.
  4. Crashtoasted

    Our Internationals 2018/19

    It's definitely there you just have to push really hard.
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 35 seconds  
  6. Crashtoasted

    Movies and Actors quiz

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  7. Crashtoasted

    Jamie Vardy ● Legend

    Top of the list for me. It's surreal that a Leicester City player holds the record for consecutive games scored in. Frustrating that England didn't use him more, but he's undeniably brilliant and fvcking hilarious.
  8. Crashtoasted

    Seanfox’s Pop Culture Polava

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  9. Crashtoasted

    EFL Cup draw, 3rd round - Wolves (a)

    It is very easy to poke fun at Wolves this season especially after the win at home, but I'm not sure we should overlook them. It's probably best to just soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the day out at the home of English football.
  10. Crashtoasted

    Vardy retires from playing for England

    Can't blame him at all for the decision. Regardless of the reasons he wasn't being given any opportunities in the Tottenham England team.
  11. Crashtoasted

    Human Anatomy Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 15 seconds  
  12. Crashtoasted

    Liverpool ( H ) Pre Match

    Really want to be optimistic about this one, I'm thinking back to 3-1 and that Drinkwater ping... Our squad are still learning but Liverpool will probably get through the defence. 1-2 with Shinji getting a classic Shinji scruffy goal.
  13. Crashtoasted

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    Yeah maybe, plenty can still happen after 85 minutes though!
  14. Crashtoasted

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    It is outwardly annoying especially watching it at home wishing you could be there and watching loads of people do one at about 75 minutes, but there are loads of reasons why people have to leave early. I personally don't mind it when I'm there, just wish I could buy a pint while I'm waiting to leave!
  15. Crashtoasted

    Southampton (A) pre match

    This is hopefully where we really show what this new midfield pairing of Mendy & Wilf can do. Maddison will be afforded space and I can see at least 1 coming from Iheanacho. 2-0.