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  1. Let’s hope we learn from this, as it is the first time Brendan’s seen it live. We need a different shape against teams that sit deep, especially with 5 at the back. 4-3-3 next time maybe?
  2. It’s hard to see where a goal is coming from tonight. Friday night curse again!
  3. Shut up Carragher, like you never made a bad tackle you hooligan 😂
  4. They’re finding it very easy to deal with our attacks at the moment. Need some of that improvisation BR was on about 👏
  5. Time to pick it up that’s terrible
  6. We’re p1ssing them off with the possession. Expect them to make a mistake soon.
  7. Come on lads let’s get at these early! Sad that there’s no soyuncu or hamza but I suppose we’re properly going for it now. Good to see Albrighton make it back ahead of schedule 👏
  8. Paul Kitson in a 1:0 away win over Watford, Brian Little era.
  9. Come on the boys! Let’s beat these for once and add to an already beautiful Saturday 🦊
  10. Satisfying. Even when they went level we never looked out of it. Defended brilliantly second half and got what I thought we deserved. COYB!
  11. What happened? I’m still trying to get a stream!
  12. Soft, weak defending all night. Brighton deserved that...
  13. Really disappointed by that, not much else to say really ☹️
  14. Not to worry, something like that (or equally as mental) was always going to happen. Let’s have a positive response second half!! COYB
  15. Really hope we can get the win here! I’m expecting them to bag one through some Woy Yoda force but I think we could certainly get 2 or 3. COYB!
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