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  1. He does a lot of stuff that’s great but there’s no doubt fernandes gets lucky sometimes too. That stick your leg out and hope assist against us was probably one of the most rage inducing bits off jamminess I’ve seen this season.
  2. It’s fine to think that’s a yellow but if Shaw does that on Harvey Barnes we’re all screaming red. Man U let off light there imo.
  3. JJ has seriously been our best player this season.
  4. 0-1. Like Brentford last season we’ll score an unbelievable goal early on then nothing will happen for 85 minutes. Long as we get through I’m not bothered; these won’t be easy.
  5. Thiago red tonight? Early booking and he loves a sneaky foul.
  6. Danny Murphy purring about tielemans tonight on MOTD2. Usually it’s tough to get him to say anything positive but that goal was absolute, undeniable class from a top midfielder. He’s showing more glimpses of the world class player he will invariably become and it’s mental that he’s at Leicester. Enjoy it all, we’ll look back on this lad as some player for us I’m sure of it.
  7. Why do all of our back 4 need to have a touch before we pass forwards?
  8. What a pisstake a draw is. Really bitter taste.
  9. We looking ****ing shit now. No bottle in this side at all.
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