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  1. That’s a rank tackle. Red or not you shouldn’t be doing that.
  2. 5-3-2 then! Enough talent in the midfield to play through the middle with Ricardo and Chilwell as a backup if we get bogged down. Vardy and Perez together looks interesting too! COYB
  3. Arsenal are pretty rough to watch. Not sure how a sane person could actively support them at the moment.
  4. There are arguments for both but I’d stick Schneiderlin in there too, should move on after that 😂
  5. Oh my god this must be one of the worst performances I’ve seen from a premier league team. I’m almost certain the only Everton player to make a forward pass in the second half has been Pickford. Their pass success must be about 30% and they haven’t mustered a shot on target this half?!
  6. Not a good look for Newcastle fans there. The most noise all day has been the booing of Hamza. Embarrassing for such a large crowd really.
  7. I’ve seen a weird amount of marginal decisions go for Newcastle today. It’s like the officials are pitying them.
  8. Schmeichel nailed it in post match when he said that Liverpool and Man City are two of the best teams in the world, and they’re way ahead in their development. I think some of the overreaction was a bit knee jerk and I can completely sympathise because the stats are not kind to us. I would, however, like to revisit this sort of performance if/when we get to our 4th season under Rodgers and see how far we’ve come then. It’s a real bitter one to take but we just simply are not on their level yet. We should still be optimistic about the future as I don’t predict we’ll be finishing in 9th...
  9. Ew sweaty way to win it for Liverpool but the media will keep sucking the teat... Hope you all had a great Xmas though!
  10. Merry Christmas to all on here. Here's hoping for a win on Boxing Day and a good second half to the season!
  11. Get in Brendan! No fear 4-1-4-1. Even if we get rolled we’ll go down swinging.
  12. I know the neutrals love Duncan Ferguson managing Everton but they have been absolute pants and if they get a sweaty result out of this it just won’t be deserved.
  13. 100% pass success?! If that's KDB Sky Sports are making a documentary...
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