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  1. The very same! We usually get Istanbul if we’re getting takeaway but Efes is banging and the offer was insane
  2. We got an Efes the other night and managed to get 50% off because my mum’s a teacher. Very good stuff. I think our Chinese is still open too.
  3. Do they have to have played for us? Because if not we’ve got Faiq Bolkiah of Brunei and had Lithuanias Simonas Stankevičius
  4. I heard a couple of rumours today, basically corroborating what SFE’s said there, with Vardy on the bench. I think it should still be enough to roll Villa, but we can always throw JV on second half if we’re struggling to press.
  5. Well I had fun I guess. Atmosphere wasn’t as dead as I thought it would be, we actually held our own against the unintelligible brummies. We were far too slow overall but deserved the win on the balance of play really. Let’s hope we take it and build from here 🤷‍♂️
  6. So cool seeing nige and shakey back together in the PL. This is Watford’s 5-3 against Man U
  7. Newport style performance without the excuse of a bad pitch? Or we’ll tonk them I genuinely have no idea.
  8. I know I’m overreacting (not the only one) but if we put about b team against Birmingham I’m worried we’ll get rolled and I don’t think we’ll come back to form anytime soon. How we think we can just turn up and beat teams is beyond me. This is coached out of kids; Brendan has a lot of responding to do after this but ultimately the players just aren’t good enough for top 4/CL. Time to start doing something from next week, anything. Losing I can take but getting outfought and outplayed by the team bottom of the league is severely worrying. Cheers sons crying now x
  9. Hope Wilfs alright, come on ladssssss
  10. Eeeesshh that was rough. I'm still feeling a bit confused about how we managed to lose that tie, but whatever we go again Saturday and that.
  11. Well time to take a break for a bit. See you in May lads
  12. Oh man that's embarrassing for the VAR team. I've been a huge proponent of it but you have to look at the correct incident. Seriously poor from them, either way we deserve this and should get back into it.
  13. So weird that we start using long balls after we go behind. It's like we completely forget how to play football.
  14. Our defending looks bang average but Brentford are up for this. We should still get over the line though.
  15. 4-6 weeks out as well thought he looked tidy against West Ham as well considering he hasn’t had it easy.
  16. That’s a rank tackle. Red or not you shouldn’t be doing that.
  17. 5-3-2 then! Enough talent in the midfield to play through the middle with Ricardo and Chilwell as a backup if we get bogged down. Vardy and Perez together looks interesting too! COYB
  18. Arsenal are pretty rough to watch. Not sure how a sane person could actively support them at the moment.
  19. There are arguments for both but I’d stick Schneiderlin in there too, should move on after that 😂
  20. Oh my god this must be one of the worst performances I’ve seen from a premier league team. I’m almost certain the only Everton player to make a forward pass in the second half has been Pickford. Their pass success must be about 30% and they haven’t mustered a shot on target this half?!
  21. Not a good look for Newcastle fans there. The most noise all day has been the booing of Hamza. Embarrassing for such a large crowd really.
  22. I’ve seen a weird amount of marginal decisions go for Newcastle today. It’s like the officials are pitying them.
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