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  1. I know I’m overreacting (not the only one) but if we put about b team against Birmingham I’m worried we’ll get rolled and I don’t think we’ll come back to form anytime soon. How we think we can just turn up and beat teams is beyond me. This is coached out of kids; Brendan has a lot of responding to do after this but ultimately the players just aren’t good enough for top 4/CL. Time to start doing something from next week, anything. Losing I can take but getting outfought and outplayed by the team bottom of the league is severely worrying. Cheers sons crying now x

  2. Oh my god this must be one of the worst performances I’ve seen from a premier league team. I’m almost certain the only Everton player to make a forward pass in the second half has been Pickford. Their pass success must be about 30% and they haven’t mustered a shot on target this half?!

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