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  1. Uninspired midfield choice again, I'm sure we'll still win but I just wish the style of play was a bit more fluent.
  2. Not the strongest line up, but I’m guessing Southgate will mix it up big time against Kosovo. The current system indicates mediocrity but we should be used it by now. 0-0 half time, Mount on for Rashford at 75’ and a 1-0 win, probably from a Kane penalty.
  3. Great news! Glad he could get the situation resolved so quickly, guwon Shinj.
  4. That's completely fair enough, although I will say it was nice to hear a level of mutual respect from the two managers today. Still, Bournemouth lost and that's great
  5. Neat bit of play when Maddison set Barnes up. Looks like he might be actually starting to listen!
  6. Didn't see the Tielemans tackle. Howe said it was rough, but ultimately wouldn't have changed anything. Looked from the highlights like a vintage city performance. I think you can see the confidence increasing at the moment, let's continue this at Man U and show them we can take their place in the top 6.
  7. Had that look on his face today when you just know he's properly up for it. Absolutely world class from his stats to his commitment, a paragon of a striker and a club legend.
  8. Glad to see it. Hope he can go all the way to the top with us, he’s seriously talented and never stops running. The odd tackle aside he sets a fantastic example and could 100% be a captain in the future. Long may it continue.
  9. Harvey Barnes getting off the mark in that fashion. I’m so glad the footballs back 😂
  10. Really happy for him, he’s been needed in the England side for a while. Southgate will probably only give him about 20 minutes though ☹️
  11. Absolute banana skin well dodged there. Harvey Barnes good lord 👏
  12. Smart swap there, we’re winning zero headers atm
  13. Maddison looked sensational second half, outlined on MOTD2 but his positioning when he is given license to roam is superb. Great response from the lads after a p*ss poor start, just need to remedy that and we could end up being a force this season.
  14. Probably some marketing person at Adidas. At least it gets people talking about it.
  15. Pink kit looks lovely, let’s hope the lads put in a good performance. Anyone know where this is being played?
  16. Had no idea he was that rapid. Maguire comparisons aside he was decent yesterday and looked comfortable with the ball at his feet. Hope we continue to back him because he has the potential to be a monster.
  17. Wilf looking outstanding as per; resolute defending every time. Wolves don't look like creating much at the moment.
  18. Hahaha no way. 2 dives and the Wolves one gets given?!
  19. The best we’ve ever had. Feel lucky to watch him while you can, consistently one of the top forwards in arguably the most competitive league in the world; playing for Leicester City 💙
  20. In fairness it’s a great sandwich. We’re winning this, Pérez and Vards to score, probably a 2-1 win.
  21. Couldn’t agree more, the worry for them is that could conceivably happen!
  22. Let’s shoot for 7th, anything better; happy days!
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