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  1. I type bobbins daily... no bugger misses that!
  2. Anyway, being serious now, we will smash Chelsea twice.... job done. And then we will fetch Kane & son’s pants down on the last day. EZ.
  3. Can we? I can’t see us beating Chelsea at full strength....
  4. Oh dear. This is a very bad result for us. We simply have to 4 points at least from our next two games.
  5. All we can do is hope we muster up something to draw with Chelsea...... I think we can beat Spurs, it’s just Chelsea I worry about.
  6. I just don’t think we can beat Chelsea. This is where that defeat to Newcastle can come back to bite us. United have to win this game for me. I can see Liverpool steam rolling the rest of their games.
  7. I think it’s clear Liverpool are going to finish in the top four.... question is, who are they going to replace?
  8. Chilwell **** up will be the difference. If Ben is playing get after him, lad will shit himself if you do.
  9. Chelsea will lose to Arsenal today. They will probably rotate the squad and it’s a scalp for Arteta to save his job.
  10. First half was painful, no urgency and seemingly no desire to get at them. Second half we were much better. We started to control the midfield and Matic was no longer breaking out from deep. And they were not finding the channels so easily. It took about 20 minutes until we really stated to turn the screw, I was starting to get worried as they got Cavani, Fernandez and co to warm up. But we kept United at arms length pretty much all second half, we started to threaten a lot more after 20 mins and we’re getting in behind quite a lot, Kelch will be disappointed he didn’t score his effo
  11. Highlight of the game. 79 minutes. MRS “DINER IS READY” I peg it in, grab a hand full of pasta and just scoff it whilst swearing and running back to the lounge. Apparently I’m a twat.
  12. I’m sweating so much the mrs thinks I’ve showered dressed.
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