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  1.  Some of this is very unusual for me(family member?).Very sad and serious  business all round and the year seems to have flown by my friends birthday on the 27th will be a reminder every year but unless you knew the man or the family personally I cannot in truth share the connection to that level..39 people dead yesterday in a trailer trying to get to UK .

    No offence to anyone but we should all appreciate the owners past and present and most important look forward to the future.whilst keeping the remembrance going every September.

  2. If he carries on recent form for the rest of the season then there will be a problem at left back.We all know he can head run looks good happen to think he had a understanding with Maguire in terms of the pass back inside which is not part of the team now.You have to be able to use both feet take  a shot and hit a decent ball on the run .Dead ball is good but just something not happening when running with the ball.

    Making more money than me though

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  3. I m not seeing that final ball still .Last night all nice and tidy but chance to shoot on his right didn't take it and right at the end in close left side cross to nowhere .

    Its a shame but I hope it will happen .Great money would be good enough for me

  4. Great  thread guys,I was a Braunstone lad ;and played senior league Enderby town was the target for us a a few mates went there.Names I can remember are Rob Hemmings (right wing) and Brian Richmond(midfield).Pretty sure Martin and Graham Capewell were there as well .

    I think the decline was due partly to the value of the land for building as at Blaby and Wigston Fields amongst others..Happy days

  5. If you take Wasil there just wouldnt be a fight .

    Many moons ago we were in a club in Leicester and a mate asked us to help out outside sorting some random bloke out .When asked he said theres six of us so we declined.

    Little while later we wandered out to find six groggy lads spread around - the random bloke turned out to be Chiris Pyatt

  6. These are very good points .Ive wondered about the end of the game in these circumstances.If time is up and the kick(pen corner or free kick) is taken how long do  we play on.In theory the game is over before the ball hits the net.Maybe time to take this away from the ref.Corners sometimes allow several phases of play but time is up t be correct.

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