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  1. Geeerrrrrrriiiiimmmmmmmmmmmin.
  2. Steven


    Don't dis my post count bro'.
  3. Steven


    I really do hope this isn't hubris. I have been a Leicester City fan for too long to believe anything other than the fact that whatever can happen at City; will happen.
  4. In Belgium, yes.
  5. From Genk who have a good Academy and Scouting network, including Wilf, plus he has won the "Ebbenhouten schoen" as best African player this year which Tielemans has also won.
  6. Steven

    A. Perez

    IBL Top job Congers and Rudders!
  7. I am sure this question was asked when it moved from a largely Amateur game to one of Professional Leagues.
  8. Stan Kroenke would never go that high!
  9. Steven


    The reason why I strongly dislike Spurs is based on a Sky interview where a "fan" said that Spurs should win the title because of their "heritage". **** off.
  10. This is only a registration of a charge against revenue and not payment of a loan.
  11. Steven


    It has happened quite recently.
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