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  1. 4 hours ago, Markyblue said:

    I sat on the pop side wall. How did they get 42000 in that ground...scary.

    I was at that arsenal game. Quite a lot of them weren’t strictly “in” the ground. There were quite a few on the roof of the east stand and some had even somehow managed to climb up the floodlight pylons lol

  2. Whilst Sky/but push the fact that they have lots of games, the fact is I am not really interested in any that do not feature us. I admit I did have the Liverpool vs Man City game on in the background while I was getting dinner ready but only because it directly affected our chance to stay top. I could just have easily listened to it on radio 5 but had a day pass to watch our earlier game

  3. God that looks great. The cloakroom (for it deserves a better description than the bogs) looks like something you find in a swanky hotel. That is proper Savoy standard with all the marble and stuff. Obviously nothing is too good for our boys and you can see where some of the £100mill is going. Add in the all the hydro therapy pools and other facilities and any player considering moving here would only have to take one look at this place and know that the club are really being serious about looking after their staff. Which of course was one of the aims.

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  4. Poor Liverpool having to struggle with some injuries. The fact that we have Ricardo, Soyuncu, Ndidi, Amartey definitely out, likely Castagne and possibly now Under unavailable, with Evans struggling with his back issue, Maddison only just playing his way back to full fitness etc will of course not be worthy of a mention.

    If we get a result it will be due to their injuries however and have nothing to do with how well we have managed our own injury issues and fixture pile up by rotating players, including a few “veterans” and youngsters, and styles or the great squad togetherness in adversity.

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  5. Klopp trying to play mind games. Funny this is brought up now. Wonder who they are playing next...... oh wait, and who has just put in probably his best ever performance for us. Have guess, rhymes with powdery.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, StevieLynex said:

    Pleased that Vardy retired from international football - let him focus on helping us to win the Premier League than playing meaningless international games against the likes of Kosovo, Montenegro..

    Agreed. But I still think he quit after the WC cos he was p*ssed off at being ignored for a half fit Kane, and not being used to his strength when he did get on. the final straw was being brought on in the semi for the last few minutes when the team was knackered and the game lost, when it was obvious to everybody watching the game was crying out for change long before.

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  7. 7 hours ago, TrentFox said:

    I think the biggest problem foreign attacking imports will have in January is this. 😊



    Not forgetting that we would also have Wilf or Papy sitting just in front. That actually looks insanely good

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  8. If you purchase a piece of music (vinyl, CD, download etc) you are purchasing the right to listen to it not to broadcast it. Radio stations have to pay a royalty every time they play a track, pubs etc have to pay a broadcast license to show live sports etc, so why would people think it is ok to simply copy and paste another persons work just because it is published in an online format? 

    If i produce a document, such as a safety policy for example, for a client, they pay me to produce it for their use, yet i (or my company) retain the copyright and intellectual property rights as the author which protects my business. Otherwise they could pass it on to someone else to use, thereby potentially depriving me of business.

    In the case of news articles, the journalists are writing on behalf of their employers who would then hold the IPR to the articles, so reproducing them breaches their copyright. By putting it onto this forum, that potentially puts the site owners at risk of prosecution

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  9. Just now, slymunn said:

    Harvey Barnes is from Burnley.


    Chris Kirkland for goalkeeper?

    Barnes was born in Burnley cos that's where his dad was playing at he time, but the family was originally from Leicestershire and moved back here when he was a young kid, so i think that counts. lots of people were born in a different city (oe even countries) due to family work commitments would still consider themselves as being "from" where the family originated and they grew up during their formative years.

  10. 1 minute ago, RumbleFox said:

    I didn’t say he was our POTS just that it’s definitely a decent argument to say that he is. Och it’s good ton disagree, the world would be dull if we all thought the same thing. For me Wilf is world class and first choice but I think Mendy has been very, very good this season, certainly better than “OK”. 

    I think both Papy and Wilf are excellent in the cdm role for different reasons. Ndidi is certainly one of the best ball winners around and a total beast, whereas Mendy has the ability to receive in a tight situation and retain possession taking pressure off and transitioning play in such an unhurried smooth way. It’s  a shame we can’t morph them into one player but It’s a pity though that neither of them have ever learnt to shoot.:whistle:

    i think we will see rotation when Ndidi is fit again with BR selecting which skill set he feels best fits particular games

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  11. The 5 subs benefits these teams in two ways. First they can play their best 11, injuries aside, at full tilt to try and establish a decent lead, then rest half the team for the next game and so on. Secondly it allows them to make big changes at half time, like Chelsea against us last season, with the back up of of still having subs left in case of injuries etc.

    strange how it is those with the strongest squads in depth are those that want this back.

    if we bring back this rule then it should be evened out by applying a fixed salary cap so that these sides cannot simply outbid everyone else in terms of wages

  12. 59 minutes ago, foxinyourbox said:

    Liverpool just equalled their club record of 63 games at home without loss... will they make it to 64?






    If I recall correctly wasn’t it us that ended their last record undefeated home run under Jock Wallace (1981 I think) We won 2-1 Melrose getting the winner.

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