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  1. MON was widely touted as the best up and coming young manager of his generation when he signed him. we have appointed some well know names in the past, Sven was seen as a bit of coup at the time (although that didn't exactly go to plan) similarly with David Pleat As a club we have a bit of a checkered history in terms of picking our managers, but I believe that within footballing circles the LCFC job has always been seen as a good one, and outside of the money bags clubs, I also believe traditionally one of the best paid
  2. I think this is the question all managers will ask themselves at some point in their careers. He (Rodgers) will get far more Kudos and recognition taking us to the Champions league, establishing us as regular competitors and hopefully winning silverware, over the next couple of seasons than he ever would taking over one of the established "big" clubs where that is the expectation rather than the aspiration. Claudio will forever go down in the clubs history as a legend but could not sustain it due to the fact that he had an ageing squad and could not transition us. In other words he had taken u
  3. not really surprising then that we are almost top of the goals for chart
  4. try telling that to Southampton
  5. But he really hasn't. By all accounts he is clocking faster speeds in time trials now than he ever has. Apart from that though, i totally agree with everything you have said. Puel tried to get him to change his game but it was not working as we were not creating anything and i think the frustration was creeping in, whereas now it is all coming together and as you say he gets what Rodgers is asking him to do. He is adapting his game as he will eventually lose some of the pace but he is much better all round player now
  6. his raw talent has never really been in question, more what he does with it. The coaching staff have obviously been working on his decision making and explaining to him when it is the right time to pass the ball or go for it himself. I have also noticed he seems more able to make his mind up and do it quickly these days whereas in the past he would dither, not sure what to do and either run into a blind alley or lose the ball.
  7. its a good job they earn shed loads playing football cos they certainly ain't going to make a living out of brain surgery. Don't think either will be getting a call from Sue Barker any time soon.
  8. despite all the evidence to the contrary. I know it is a managers job to stick up for their players but stop trying to dig other teams players out, it just makes you look like a hypocrite. No doubt when Liverpool player goes in with a real leg breaker he will not admit it. At least Wenger never saw it. at least he then didnt have to try and defend the indefensible
  9. No he wouldn't cos you have it right that he is a deluded prat and therefore would never fit in with the ethos of our club................ on the other hand tho
  10. None of this simply raising your am in the air a-la Shearer or Kane fist pump for our Jamie. Pure gold.
  11. Vardy Scores....... rest of team strike the pose, JV makes camera mimes. All done of course in front of the away end. It needs to happen. It would be pure gold sh*thousery
  12. Hmm could actually have enough points to be safe then Joking aside as long as our young guns don't start believing the hype and keep doing what they are doing. Claudio played a blinder in 15/16 by just focusing on the next target a game at a time. 40 points, top half, Europe, CL and finally then yes we really are going for it.
  13. Big up to Big Wes. Like many others I wondered why we had wasted good money on a Forest clogger. So glad to have been proven completely wrong. The man is a mountain and legend. Captain fantastic. Never missed a single minute of the championship season. Himself and Huth the best centre back pairing in the league. Always conducted himself with class and dignity. Hope he stays at the club in some sort of coaching or mentoring capacity. It is obvious that our direction is that of youth development (either in house or bought in) and someone with his e
  14. Deffo if he keeps putting in performances like that from the bench. Sometimes it is better to get regular sub appearances than being in and out of the team. Take Ulloa for instance. everyone knew that he would come on after Shinji had run himself into the ground after about an hour, knew exactly what his job was and did it brilliantly every week. At the moment it would be hard to justify leaving Barnes or Perez out of the starting line up, So gray and Albrghton will haver to content themselves with appearances off the bench or in the cups for now. Gray may just have found his niche as a super
  15. TBF the way we are playing this should hold no fear for us. They are a threat going forward but their midfield and defence are shambolic at the minute and I can see us having a field day. there is no real pressure on us, as whatever the result we will still be comfortably sitting in the top four. A win and with other results going our way a real chance to open up a significant gap to fifth and make up ground on Man c and Liverpool. We could find ourselves either 2nd, or third on equal points with MCFC, and its game on with a run of decent games coming up. Our ultimate end point will depe
  16. or maybe just letting everyone know he is off to the Isle of Wight for his hols
  17. To be fair there are a few who seem to be having a bit of a laugh so fair play to them
  18. Keep looking at the table. After 11 games it doesn’t lie. Top 4 is looking on and it could get even better.
  19. Thought he had a good game today. Quite a few neat touches and link up play. Not afraid to get stuck in and did a lot of the grafting that often goes unnoticed
  20. Difficult one really. ‘Pool win we could go second but puts them even further ahead. Man City win breaks their run, closes the gap and puts them under a bit of pressure. A draw probably the best result for us overall.
  21. Yes but that would mean we would forfeit if they all went home after ten minutes to record some utter tripe
  22. Says a lot about him, comes across as a really nice guy who has his head screwed on right. Refreshing change to hear a footballer talking about wanting to come to a club where he will be happy rather than for the money. Also confirms what we all know about the lcfc family and the culture at the club. Really think if we get European football he could well be here for the long term
  23. Interesting about being in the leadership group. Have noticed how how vardy and co. Seem to really celebrate with him when he scores or assists. Just assumed that it was about making him feel part of the “family” but maybe they have taken him more to heart than that. He does seem to have the right character that fits right in with the atmosphere within the squad
  24. Ogs talking about needing to win these games if wanting to challenge for top four. The man is delusional. They will be lucky to finish in top half at this rate.
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