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  1. Bong Hits? I spent most of High School in the woods.
  2. When the potential of lost dollars rears its ugly head they usually do the right thing. Eventually.
  3. Like the seat prices in the main stand this won't be forgotten. Oliver Holt is comedy gold. Must be sucking on John Henry's knob as we speak.
  4. One of the more enjoyable things about following a club is getting to know the long time supporters. The ones who hold the history of a club and its underlying ethics. I know who they are because I still see them pounding away on their forum. They are not happy. There's a fine line that if crossed can really ignite a fan base. Especially if the History is working class. Most love a rich guy tossing money at their club to improve the players. But at some point you have to draw the line. Saving a million is like pocket change to FSG/ John Henry. No one likes seeing wealthy selfish assholes treating workers like shit(especially me). This won't be finessed easily to their long time supporters. Like most of you they Love their club and fear the selling out of what it stands for. Its Personal.
  5. They're saving a million dollars. The ghost of Shankley would be so proud. Can't wait to see the PR show. An absolute gagfest. Hope John enjoys being teamed up with Ashley and Levy.
  6. FSG investers, John Henry and Tom Werner. Showing the type of people they really are. After watching them for three years I'm not surprised.
  7. I agree in principle but think you have more trust in your government then I of mine. Your situation sounds like a potential case of The foxes running the hen house or Rich people don't tend to police their own very well. If only people could do the right thing instead of fighting for every last scrap.
  8. By the look of that I'm going to have to sharpen up my bushwhacking abilities to get a look at Brendan and the squad in training.
  9. Rich people doing what rich people do.. Hoarding their money and buying politicians to write laws so they can hoard even more. The newly rich just trying to learn from their bosses so they can hold on to what they have. Greed and corruption have been rampant for centuries. Fear as always sets the stage for who people really are.
  10. Love the look of that! But Barca not ready to take that kind of hit on their investment. And honestly don't think we're in the league of paying the wages and transfer amount they would be asking for. Not to mention the politics of the squad. I love the guy and to me he is being misused at Barca. Just can't justify spending what they want when we have most of what he offers. We need more goals and aggressive physical runs in the box to create those goals. When he came to Liverpool from Inter for 8-9 mil I thought he was a punt until I first saw him play. His vision is magic. My eternal love for him started @2:11 of his first match vs Wigan
  11. You forget who their dealing with. You think the owners don't have their own self interests? Negotiation is a part of life not some thing to be frowned upon. IMHO
  12. What a great guy. Excellent english speaking skills. Did he say he sharing a place with his mom and his girlfriend? Get well and see you in the Champions League!
  13. Personally think if money or food aren't flowing by the end of next week then my country is done. People need to eat. If they don't things are going to burn. and who can blame them. Dumb or Dumber for president really doesn't matter. For the first time in my life I'm fearful of what's coming. Feels like the calm before the storm. If there's a solution its going to have to come from the citizenery.
  14. That's my feeling too as this guy seems more of a "stay at home" type fullback. But as Chilwell, Ricardo, and Justin are the opposite who knows what the plan is. If we have as much flexibility with Castagne as we do with Praet i'll be very happy. God its nice to be talking about football for a change
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