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  1. SO1


    Its a nice little ride I have with you all every summer for a day or two where everyone including myself dream about watching Coutinho play in a blue shirt at the King Power. 3 surgeries since January? Not happening.
  2. SO1


    Did plenty of defending when he played for Rodgers at Liverpool.
  3. SO1


    29 with his wages is a no go for me. Feels like putting a lot of eggs in one basket that I'd rather see go elsewhere. But its not my money and I dont know shit. We need goals.
  4. SO1


    He's 29. So we're going to pay for a player at the last part of his career? Eat it Barca your a bunch of morons .You made your bed now pay for it.
  5. SO1


    If we get 140 mil for Youri then we can talk about a loan/option.
  6. Its not happening...........but if it did. Youri would have to be leaving for big money. That's the spot I see Coutinho playing here(playmaker). Feel so fortunate that I got to see Philippe Coutinho blossom under Rodgers at Liverpool. Such a great player when used properly.
  7. SO1

    Patson Daka

    Reminds me of Benteke. Before he had the injuries. If Daka is the one it means we are speeding up not slowing down. Thank God.
  8. Wash your mouth out
  9. Thanks Ric. Figures I checked out the guy from Slavia instead. That's what I get for not being through.
  10. Oh c'mon now. Its not that hard. I can smell the piss from here.
  11. SO1

    Ozan Kabak

    Kris Ajer is the guy Rodgers transformed from a midfielder to a defender. So if Rodgers believes he can do the job than it seems like a no brainer. Makes me think that Lee and Brendan have other targets in mind. After Fofana, Cags and Evans the pressure is on.
  12. One year loan with buy option for me. Saved us millions in regards to Under. We don't have the money to make huge mistakes.
  13. We're just like Brentford with a higher place on the totem pole. Not a bad thing. Better than being owned by oil sheiks or Asset strippers.
  14. Poch would be nuts to go back there. Cant believe PSG not working out especially after all the time they gave Tuchel.
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