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  1. Thanks for taking the time. I understand how you feel but am hoping for the best. Whether Rodgers stays or goes we need goals. The squad is not strong enough and needs investment in attacking players. We'll see what happens in the next window because that will tell us all we need to know.
  2. Do you know the easy way? Not trying to be a dick. Just curious as to your perspective.
  3. SO1

    Said Benrahma

    That's fine. But if we get two or three years out of them before they move on for a profit than that works for me. It's a business and we have to profit from every transaction. The key is that you have to keep everything moving. Money/Labor = Energy. Stand still and we're dead. Just like the game.
  4. SO1

    Said Benrahma

    That's why we need to have one of the best player development and recruiting systems in the world. Our new facilities are a good start. We have to develop these players one or two steps sooner.
  5. SO1

    Said Benrahma

    Security is a double edged sword. If his agent has strong influence he'll go to Chelsea and take the money now. Cest le vie Benrahma. (apologies to any French speakers).
  6. SO1

    Said Benrahma

    Think Bowen sold in the low twenties. No way do we pay more than that. He's talented but takes the chance of screwing up his career by skipping a step. Benrahma should come here where he stands a better chance of playing. Then he can go to Barca or PSG. Always a risk to go for the big contract to soon and risk getting stuck and put on the transfer wheel like so many have at Chelsea. He doesn't even know who the next manager will be. Lampard could be gone at the end of the season. Then you're just another number.
  7. They must be making money somehow. If you want to continue to Americanize the sport then I'm out. NBC can stick it up the you know where. Cable needs to die completely. Pay per view is where its at. Sick of crap streams and lousy and inconsistent internet speeds. I should move to Viet Nam as they have better internet than the US. Comcast/NBC is not the answer. They're just another set of greedy pigs at the trough. Sorry for the rant I've had to fight to watch matches. Only seen 2 and that was on replay since the break. This is the last sport I watch and follow. I'd even settle for the radio if I could get it consistently. Getting tired of the Battle every match.
  8. It was a straight red when I saw it in real time. When I saw the playback I was beside myself. Especially the time it took to ref. Was ready to shut the TV off if it hadn't been ruled as what was plain for all to see. Beyond reckless and possibly career ending. He should be made an example of. Simple. I'm all for physicality and controlled aggression in sport but when it turns into a defensive slug fest at the cost of finesse, skill, and beauty I'm out. Its why I stopped following Basketball, Football and Hockey. There's enough outright violence in the world.
  9. SO1

    Kieran Tierney

    Its not happening. Happy to see him holding his own and then some. The Prem and the Scottish league are apples and oranges. If we actually had a chance at him and he's healthy I'd bite your hand off.
  10. Justin was incredible tonight. What a player. To go from League One to tonight. Playing as well as he did under the pressure of that match is amazing. Congerton must surely know something
  11. At this point every match is a cup final. The pressure is immense. Bring it on.
  12. The dreaded "Black Mark"
  13. SO1

    Antonee Robinson

    Is it Sporting(Portugal) who are always giving you guys discounts?
  14. Looking forward to it to be honest. Win Lose or Draw this is a big moment in the history of many of these players and the club. The heat is on full blast. Hope we play United for all the marbles. The future is now. Can you feel it!
  15. Attacking players with skill on the ball and to put it in the net. Goals and movement. Please.
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