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  1. SO1

    James Justin

    That's what it says on transfermarket. Of course they never make mistakes.
  2. He's always welcome to call and say hello. Whatever info we exchange will be just between you and me
  3. That's true. I would think you have two contenders for every position. If I were as good a football player as Soyuncu I'd be in Rodgers face all the time about playing. Or tell me why I'm not. Or tell me what I have to do to be better. Soyuncu and Benkovic aren't here to play backup to Maguire. They aren't indentured servants. When I see the word Nurture it says to me 'be patient and wait your turn'. That's not gonna fly forever, especially in the minds of some very hungry pro footballers. The kind of squad Rodgers wants to create. Of course I could be full of Sxxx. Just food for thought.
  4. Damn ! That's an excellent question. Yes Out of respect to the die hard supporters who have followed this club their whole lives.(kind of sounds like BR doesn't it?) If you asked me that in reference to my statement it was only to emphasize the possible perspective of the players in question.(yes I can be a drama Queen) Hard to say. I always feel a personal and emotional connection to the teams that I follow. Witnessed by my wife when Liverpool beat Barca in the semis(even though I hate FSG). I'm really addicted to the energy and the building of an attacking football team. When Rodgers went to Liverpool I made up my mind that win, lose, or draw I was going to watch him put together that squad. Learned alot about football from BR and this guy on Liverpool RAWK Phase of Play. Hard to become a long term supporter when you can't see any home games. Some day, in this life or the next
  5. Maybe we should sell Benkovic and Soyuncu. If we're going to keep Maguire and there's no place for them to progress except for the squad then its time to move on. At least that's how I'd look at it if I was either one of them. You want to loan me again fine. Pay raise please, your stunting my growth or sell up so I can move on. Players only have a limited time on the field. I'd be absolute hardball with Rodgers and the team. This is starting to remind me of the Hudson Odoi BS at Chelsea. You can't stockpile talent and expect it not to blow up in your face. Sell Maguire and buy some attacking players or suffer the consequences. I'm bored.
  6. I started watching football when R&R were at their peak. I've never been so conflicted about two players ever. Talk about love and hate. The insane levels of speed and guile against the shitbaggery and downright nasty and criminal behavior........Maybe he could teach it to our players.......without the flopping.
  7. I haven't watched Robben play in the past year so I'll have to take your word on that. I am beginning to see this happening providing the finances are right. Sounds like the Kolo Toure treatment is in store......... Arjen probably wants to get on the manager track and is probably in the process of his badges now. Luckily for us he still has something in the tank. Probably enough to come on in the 60th min and create absolute hell for Premier League defenders. Saw Arjen and Brendan being best buddies when Bayern and Celtic met in the Champions League a couple years back. Rodgers was a youth coach at Chelsea when Robben was there so that's probably where the relationship started.....Arjen Robben as a player/coach teaching younger players how to win at the highest level. Something smells right about this.
  8. SO1


    Saw hot topic and thought something happened. Usual poo fest. Onwards and forwards or backwards. Whatever.
  9. The mystery of 'ramadaone' continues. Who are they? Where do they come from?(ps.. don't really care just keep it coming. don't want you to blow your cover) Are they possessing of secret knowledge or a magic clarity that seems to follow them from topic to topic(see Congerton)? Mysteries and answers await?
  10. SO1

    2019 Deathlist

    One of the greatest drivers to have ever lived. Godspeed Niki.
  11. What the Hell is going on here. Codes, ITK, false witnesses, Spell it out for the moron please.
  12. Southampton fell down the table because they sold multiple players to Liverpool for millions and the owners pocketed most of the cash. They did this without making the investment in higher caliber youth to replenish their squad and their development teams. In short they tried to get away on the cheap. Everyone seems to trust that the owners will do the right thing here. That they will sell and reinvest back into the club. I don't know how you can ask for much more than that from our owners.Especially if you want to get top 6. Personally I'm looking forward to Benkovic and Soyuncu stepping up and competing for 1st team places. It's probably the strongest defensive unit I've ever seen in a Rodgers team and their potential along with the rest of the team feels off the charts. There is something special happening here at Leicester and I'm looking forward to Brendan putting his foot on the gas and letting it go. Have Faith.
  13. Or you sell one a year and build instead of two or three because your greedy Southampton and you've got Liverpool throwing you cash. I wonder how much money they took from Liverpool that they actually reinvested in the squad.
  14. Milkshakes now? The new fashion in expressing our point of view. Makes me wonder If people really understand what violence and humiliation feel like. Human Beings the absolute dumbest creatures in the universe. No wonder the aliens wont help us.
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