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  1. Hope Dermot is drinking this all in. So glad Rodgers got out when he did. Had to of seen this coming especially after Liverpool and what they stuck him with there in his last season. If Celtic are smart they'll hire a top notch manager who will set up a system for the whole club and stick to it this time. Patience is needed. Really need to structure the club from the top down with people who know what they are doing.
  2. He's very smooth. New contract and loan him out in the Championship. Man knows how to glide.
  3. And why not. It's fun to watch players rise in the ranks. Rodgers wouldn't play him if didn't have the ability to do the job on the pitch.
  4. Is there someone on the forum who actually knows anything about management or coaching at this level?...............crickets..............another Rodgers bashing thread it is then. Whatever entertains and makes you feel good.
  5. I'm on a complete high after that match. The optimism is flowing through me. We tied and didn't lose. Fofana looked like he didn't miss a beat and Tavares feels like the future......and that world class finish from Iheanacho was amazing. Can't wait to see who next can impress from the squad.
  6. I know I was. Just love it when he walks through people and takes the ball away. Especially in the box. With nothing more than a change in body shape. Like its nothing. Justin and Fofana have been miraculous this season.
  7. What a wonderful feeling when he came on today and absolutely bossed it. Love his confidence and composure. Absolute madness the amounts spent by the oil barons and asset strippers to try and find quality at that position. Most of the time they fail. What a player.
  8. Rodgers is going to turn him into a beast if he stays. He looks twice the size he was from when I first saw him a couple of years ago. Showed me today what I needed to know. Tough mentally and physically. I can see the comparisons to Yaya Toure. Think we have a player if we can keep him.
  9. I'll take it considering the injuries. Little Wes is back and bossing it. Tavares looking like a real player with serious attitude. A good day for me.
  10. Tough sxxt. Whatever it takes. Up the city you bunch of pud pullers.
  11. How does this happen? Can we get him to train here in the summer so Rodgers can make an appraisal before we buy/loan? What's legal?
  12. I hope for the best and expect the worst.
  13. https://www.rt.com/op-ed/517008-caitlin-johnstone-one-news-story/ Think this is great insight.
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