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  1. SO1


    @fuchsntf is it time for the "Football and its connection to Eastern Philosophy and Mysticism" thread yet.
  2. SO1


    Life is a gamble........One way or the other.......Left or right .........up or down.
  3. I may be wrong but there's a reason they have extensive medical examinations for transfers. Sadly for him it cost a dream move to Liverpool. He's a fine player who could breakdown under the stress of a PL season. Knee injuries are career killers.
  4. SO1

    30-50m Winger

    Feel like everything is going to happen at the very end. Like a game of chicken. Except there are so many variables. Like the wild west. PL clubs not wanting to overpay vs. clubs wanting maximum value because they know we have a stack. Not everyone can play for Barca or Madrid or the other mega rich clubs.............Who will flinch first?
  5. SO1


    Really have to have European football next year. The only reason Klopp can keep the players that he has is games . Lots of games,
  6. That's true. But I really hope its not. Things could get very interesting from here on out if true. Top just needs to keep saying no. Harry can train with the reserves until the window shuts. United have way too much time and energy vested to let this go . They'll be back in the winter.
  7. Simon Bryson. What an idiot.
  8. Followed Liverpool while Rodgers was there. Remember the absolute hostility of the fans and the club for the Sun. Wherever the paper was seen it was thrown in the trash. Reporters were refused questions answered. Whenever I see the Sun name it make me cringe. Absolute scum what they said about the fans that day . Unforgivable. Should be boycotted here as well.
  9. That's an absolute crap website in my opinion. Read a story last night about the goaltenders hoofing the ball up the field to take pressure off the defense. No more playing from the back. All the work Rodgers and his staff put into their style of play. I don't believe it.
  10. Actually to be fair to Southampton they were never easy. If a player wants to go he's going to go. They fought for Van Dijk, Says everything about Harry really. But if he wants to go he will. Maybe not until the winter window.
  11. Its your opinion.You know what happened. We're going to see where we all stand when the world is governed by 'might makes right' and 'preemptive war'. Sad for us all.
  12. The Rule of Law. Like the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action JCPOA with Iran. The tanker your country pirated from Iran. "Law for thee but not for me."
  13. The democrats doubling down to hopefully get one more turn at the trough. Whatever. I feel like my country is on a Kubler/Ross wheel of the five stages of grief. For a political system that does not work except for the very rich. Politicians who will do absolutely anything but help the majority of its citizens. And no another new corrupt president is not going to make it better.
  14. SO1

    Papy Mendy

    "Crap signing section"
  15. SO1

    Papy Mendy

    I'm pretty sure Rodgers doesn't give a fxxk. It's his ass that's on the line and he's not going to start playing favorites here. Produce what he wants or get in the stands or ride the pine. Choudhury seems to have more of an all around game to him though. We'll see. Either way this two defensive midfielder look has got to go. One of them has to be scoring more goals and creating a more attacking threat.
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