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  1. I think that playing with a back 3 means that 2 can stay back and 1 can go forwards or any combination Rodgers decides based on our intent in the match. Flexibility is key for us.
  2. Do you live in Brendan Rodgers mind. Its possible he was told to push up aggressively and let Evans and one of our Defensive backs take up the slack. Don't think either of us really knows what Tactics are being used to keep the attack on Braga's side of the field. If anything we should realize that Rodgers almost never uses a cookie cutter approach to anything. Fofana looked like he was playing as an attacking player when he came on for the second half. Having a hard time understanding slating Fofana for a thing he wouldn't do on his own.
  3. Kasper and I must be thinking on the same wavelength. Because I was screaming the same thing at the TV. Anybody post Kasper's Greatest Hits on Youtube?
  4. For the first time since Covid I'm actually sorry I didn't turn the volume on.
  5. Playing the ball in the wrong end of the field. Time to push back and press harder. Barnes showing some anger. Under can be a real bastard to play against. We can win this.
  6. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/pittsburg-area-antifa-leader-tweets-warning-trump-armedif-not-concede-sunday-noon-will-begin-block-roads-conservative-areas/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=the-gateway-pundit&utm_campaign=dailypm&utm_content=daily Just thought I'd ad some spice to the ongoing festivities.
  7. He got on the field didn't he. More than you or I ever did.
  8. Remember as a kid going to the big city once a year to watch my favorite baseball team. The Yankees. Staring out at that beautiful pristine green field surrounded by blue and white. The magic of watching those players warm up before the game. Making look graceful what I would practice day after day trying to perfect. At that time (70's) there were probably 750 players in the "big show" out of millions of kids like me. When I think about football that number has to be in the hundreds of millions. I'm always trying to never take for granted the skills of others around me. Anybody who makes
  9. Doom and gloom. Its a fire you can never put completely out. Best to let it burn itself out by ignoring it.
  10. ....said that because he might be better off playing in a counter attacking side that has less possession.
  11. I thought the same. The less he thinks. The less touches of the ball he has. The more instinctive he is. The better player he becomes. If Rodgers hasn't found a place where it can work out for Gray and the club then I think its over for him here. That said look at Mendy. Never say never. Something is going on because there are clubs in the Premier League who need his ability. He should have been sold on for profit last season. The enigma.
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