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  1. Time to cut Sean some slack. He did get Under right right? Some.
  2. SO1

    Wesley Fofana

    This is class. Finish it maestro.
  3. Is it possible that Sam Allardyce and Tony Pulis have been having secret meetings with Brendan at a discreet location to discuss direct Football?
  4. Thank you @StriderHiryu........Just thoughts and no need to answer. The interesting thing to me is "what's next" or "what now". How will this affect how we play other clubs in the future. West Ham on Sunday? How many other clubs play possession one match and counter attack the next? Is this a hybrid? Really trying to wrap my head around playing multiple styles especially after watching Rodgers and football the last ten years......... Your truly, Stupefied in Savannah
  5. SO1

    Wesley Fofana

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
  6. SO1

    Wesley Fofana

    As long as we realize we're spending next years money. Right?
  7. SO1

    Wesley Fofana

    You can see his mentality. He going to be pushing for game time hard. Depth in competition for all places is going to electrify this club.
  8. SO1

    Wesley Fofana

    That seems a bit risky or a very tight margin compared to what we're used to. But no one really knows what they're talking about any way.
  9. Do loans get the full Treatment or will we just see him and Cags BS ing on the training ground running around pylons. I wasn't here when Youri started his loan.
  10. SO1

    Wesley Fofana

    Shhhhhhh! So St Etienne about to learn our Harry Mcguire lesson? All prices that go up continue to go up? or Karma is a bitch.
  11. Now Now Calm down Gents. Plenty of room for everyone at the inn. Injuries and recovery, lots of matches played in a short period and high intensity training to keep the engine humming. What a problem we have with players so versatile. Almost like it was planned. The Dutch Way.
  12. SO1

    Wesley Fofana

    No doubt. Silva Silimani and there were one or two others who I think have taught ownership and staff a very valuable lesson about spending large sums of money. Have a plan and buy accordingly. Don't change the plan. I don't know what happened here when Puel started but that seems like a dramitic shift in the playing style of the club. Thankfully the change to Rodgers feels seemless in terms of business. Think that Rudkin and the club have been flawless since I started following day to day.
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