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  1. Don't think 2nd is the extent of his ambition here. Leicester City at this place and time is absolutely perfect for him. If Barcelona wanted to get their shit back together in a couple of years .............. they are lost now. Has to be the right project or you're just spinning your wheels and wasting time when you could be inspiring /helping yourself/others.
  2. I think Rodgers has more power here than we know. Top and Rudkin didn't just hire him as a football coach. They also hired a man with a vision. And you can't create a vision like Leicester City Football Club by yourself. You need everyone pulling in the same direction. Its happening here NOW. This is a club that is in the process of becoming a big club. When you go to a big club you don't get any say in how its run. It already runs the way its supposed to run. There are big egos and minefields to walk. They've already been successful. Your basically hired as a caretaker. You do your job and do what your told, within reason. Almost impossible for me to see Rodgers at that type of club. Feels hollow. I just see Rodgers as bigger than that, I'm being selfish of course. I want to see him finish a project he starts. Or at least see the fruit of his Labor. Its one thing to win a Champions/Prem league trophy but its something else again to do that knowing you had a hand in the building of the club and its structure. The teamwork at Leicester isn't just on the field. Its the whole of the club. And that's the vision. I just want to keep watching the build.
  3. Hmmmmm. Just read that in the Guardian. At 30 mil maybe we should be having a look.
  4. Go on now Demarai. Keep working hard........ I know he's going to make a huge contribution to this Club. One of many that some will have written off. Seen Rodgers do this again and again. Nothing more positive and uplifting than watching/feeling a persons hard work and success. Blessed to be able to witness it.
  5. Did everybody forget the shot off the bar? Personally would like to see some of the players who lack confidence be more aggressive. Almost an Ice Hockey mentality if you will .Especially Wilf. If he makes a bad shot he can always get the ball back again and again and again...........
  6. Good! Much rather have him training with Rodgers than international duty with Boothroyd. Kind of a no brainer for me which is going to make him a better player. Stay home and learn.
  7. With all due respect you need to see a doctor. Your bordering on delusional. We are competing for a Champions league spot. There's no way the club would let him leave in January. Unless you want Rodgers to walk away in the summer.
  8. What's up with Nicholas Pepe? And this forum gives Ayoze crap. You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Me for suggesting Pepe last summer.
  9. Sadly he's looking like the next Scott Sinclair at Manchester City. Possibly a move to Celtic to resuscitate his career?
  10. Stupid is as stupid does. Why do you play football Riyad? How much money is enough? Is it worth riding the pine at Manchester City? Guess he answered.
  11. I don't disagree with you that they are kicking ass right NOW. Nothing is guaranteed to last forever. I've seen some crazy things happen in this league . Not ready to concede the league just yet. Sorry but I think it's a bit nutty to concede with most of the season left to play.
  12. " Human Sacrifices to the Gods" wrong club. Should be Mane.
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