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  1. Come and get me Sean you mutt!
  2. Williams did his ACL and is out for the season. That's a terrible injury for a defensive back who has to cover so much ground in a match. Surprised that he's only 24. Feels like he's been playing forever. Still has the Koolest first name in football
  3. I was wondering why you seemed so mellow.
  4. Why? You have every right to your opinion. There's an art to doing public relations and that's his job. Whether or not he knows how to do that job is pure speculation on the part of both of us.
  5. He pointed out the goals and what the mistakes were in detail in the 9 min presser after the game. Rodgers will never ever say something in public to question our players or their commitment. Its Rodgers and the team against the world. Our players confidence and ability is all that matters to him. Ultimately your and my opinions mean nothing in Brendan's World.
  6. I don't know. Aggravates me most every match how slow and ponderous we are sometimes. Watching forwards take the extra touch for the perfect shot only to get it blocked. Pass stop pass stop and very little if any controlled one touch passing to create space and beat presses. I'm not talking about deflecting the ball into space as we move down the field on the wings (Ricardo and Perez etc.). That stuff is sublime. We just seem too slow. I remember Rodgers at Liverpool took 2 summers and a season before it really started to go. Know this club has a lot more in the tank and have to be patient as I don't know how to teach a team to speed up or how long that takes.
  7. Mendy = Joe Allen and Hamza = Henderson ????
  8. Can't wait for next year when we don't have a squad big enough or the money to build it in one season . Great if we get in the champions league but have to remember that its top 4 that gives us the money to continue to build the squad. I suppose we can douche the league cup but there's no way possible to compete in all competitions and get Top 4 as we are presently constructed. I won't comment about the "chink" in Rodgers armour. His record of success under different and difficult circumstances speaks for itself.
  9. SO1

    Moussa Wague

    True. We have to remember that we're in the process of building a squad that can compete in Europe. That's going to take at least a few years. This club can't lose sight of how we got here. The League. We can't lose our place in the top four or it we'll be like starting over. Once we build up the momentum we don't want to start losing players that we attain because of our status as Champions League club and the money that comes with it. Talk about pressure.
  10. Depending on the prognosis of the injury I wouldn't walk away from this. Not if we want him as a starter/1st team player. I don't want this club being interested in less than. Go find a loan if we're filling a spot as a sub for the rest of the season. Wait for the summer to see what happens and then change targets if we have to.
  11. I don't know why I but I feel very nonchalant about this loss. Very peaceful. Strange. Glad we have the whole week for Rodgers and the squad to rest, review and go again.
  12. Of course its not the reason.
  13. Southampton deserved to win. But pre game gloating doesn't help. Poor taste.
  14. Showing 0-9 goal replays in the stadium during the pre-match I hear? That's World Class stupid.
  15. Southampton came to play. Need to scrap harder.
  16. Probably why I wouldn't make a good ref. Be getting in some players faces there after seeing that.
  17. WOW! Now that's what I call Structural Steel Work.
  18. Trust Rodgers to know what he is doing in regards to anything related to football at the club over you bunch of mutts. When I came here you were all begging for top 6 and look at you now. Crying, pissing and moaning about Ben Chilwell and you're in 2nd place with half the season gone already. This place
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