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    Can Sean attend seeing that it's in Enderby? His profound insights should be interesting.
  2. Spent 65 minutes trying to get a stream and gave up. I'll get back with you in three or four hours and let you know. USA! USA! USA! Fastest broadband in the world. Maybe its time to move to Vietnam and their higher speeds.
  3. If it doesn't or can't be defined by a number than does it exist? Can it be quantified? Even discussed? Can it work?
  4. Sounds like Jordan Henderson at Liverpool. Something in between. Slowly but surely players who are more than one dimensional.
  5. SO1

    70s Classics

    Haven't heard this tune in probably 40+ years. Now I can't get it out of my head. Aerosmith at their best. Immense gratitude at having spent my teens in the seventies and been exposed to so many different kinds of music. Jazz Disco Rock R&B Soul Electronic Country Rock Fusion and on and on.
  6. You warned me and I refused to believe. Sorry I doubted you as I refused to believe the club could be so misguided. Still holding out with a bit of optimism but that's waning quickly. Rodgers being there shows that he still cares what is going on and still has a part to play in this. I hope. Still think their waiting on a specific person but that's blind belief on my part. Watching and waiting.
  7. Two draws against clubs that finished above us last season. It's the end of the world!
  8. If you're looking for negativity you can find that anywhere you look. Your choice. Celtic, Liverpool, Swansea whatever. I've heard it all. My wish is that I could find knowledge about the game and the way it is played so that I could understand more of why managers and players make the decisions that they do. Then I realize that I'm reading a football forum in 2019.
  9. For clubs Rodgers has managed(excepting Celtic) its always been a bit of a struggle in the beginning of seasons. Its not like flipping on your stereo full blast and turning it off at the end of the season. More like climbing a mountain and trying to stay at the peak for as long(players fitness) as possible. Been waiting three years to see a Rodgers team play at that intensity. The only thing that's not there for me is the finishing and attacking or the final third. The hardest thing to coach. There were several times when our midfield was one touch away from a scoring chance in the first half that would have totally changed the match. So moan and complain all you want but the goals will come. So happy to see the mental strength of this club come together. The X factor.
  10. Feel the same way. Some movies are like artifacts. Never want to lose them because they are so good. Like books. Been meaning to get that DVD of Goodfellas. Like a time capsule. The key is letting them go so that others can be enlightened and entertained. Just let go of thousands of dollars of Art books. For free. For good karma. Tired of carrying them around with me.
  11. The show is about serial killers. Trophies multiple victims? Something you'd like to confess?
  12. Impressed. No drop off in intensity and pressing when he came on. Hamza, Ndidi and Praet all looked great for more reasons than I can count. Should be an interesting competition between them.
  13. Fvcking Awesome . Left everything on the field. True men. This match is worth more to our club than most will understand. Fought for everything up and down the pitch. So happy to see this.
  14. FYI New season of Mindhunters on Netflix
  15. Good Luck Demarai. No regrets. Give it everything you have.
  16. You'll probably be disappointed if you expect everything to come together over the next few games. Might as well give up now and save your self the aggravation. Or you can have some faith and let Rodgers coach and build the team. How long was Puel here?
  17. Agree, in order to make the transitions thru the thirds but its not going to happen overnight.
  18. I don't have a problem with VAR unless they start using it to add additional ad revenue to the game and for every damn call. Funny and strange that when I played other sports in my youth there was always a sense of honor and doing the right thing (not cheating or taking advantage of the rules}. Interesting how it mirrors the most important aspects of being human.
  19. The problem started when we allowed slow motion replay. We either accept a game that allows for human error or not. VAR is nothing more than an answer to us being unwilling to accept inconsistency and human nature. Perfection is human nature. Anal retentionists and control freaks are ruining everything.
  20. Not a stinker just one minuscule mistake at which half the board will chastise Rodgers for not getting Dunk Ake etc. or we should never have let Maguire go. The more things change the more they stay the same.
  21. Rome wasn't built in a day or six months. Whatever.
  22. 11mil is that a joke. I hope a considerable amount of cash is on ice to be used in the next two transfer windows or else Rodgers got hoodwinked again.
  23. A brave and honorable human being. No matter how hard I try I can't come up with the words to describe how I feel when evil happens all over the world every day. Started reading about this the other day and I can't let it go. Haunting. Like before my country invades another country in the name of Democracy.
  24. https://www.moonofalabama.org/2019/08/india-will-come-to-regret-todays-annexation-of-jammu-and-kashmir.html I have nothing to say.
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