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  1. The guy can't defend, which is a big problem for a centre back.
  2. Good point, forgot about that, they spanked Rangers in their last game in the competition.
  3. Grealish is out of reach with or without the CL given his age and the clubs that are after him. His next move will take him through the peak years of his career so no offence but he ain't going to plump for Leicester ahead of any of the Manchester clubs for example.
  4. That's been the problem with the Perez signing though, it's fine to sign a utility player like that if you have an abundance of effective natural width, Leicester do not however and are crying out for an effective, natural wide player. Another Perez type signing would be daft.
  5. German league already finished, they never made CL.
  6. He’s a terrific player and one I mentioned before on here. Unfortunately I think you guys may have missed the boat with him now going by the sort of clubs that have been reported as interested in him.
  7. Newcastle would probably want about £50m for him now such is the nature of the EPL. A good player though agreed.
  8. I'd wager you've not saw much of him then, Katic is a far better player than him. One of the Rangers' fans real grievances of late has been the fact Goldson constantly gets selected and usually ahead of Katic.
  9. Better than any of Celtic's left backs, athletic, great left foot, good crosser, dangerous from set pieces.
  10. Goldson is terrible tbh, even Rangers fans would tell you that, his legs go to jelly anytime Edouard is within 5 metres of him. As much as I don't like him McGregor is a good keeper yes.
  11. I've already mentioned their left back He's their best player imo, Barisic.
  12. It's not that at all if a Rangers player is any good I have no problem in saying it, I'd take their left back in a second for example. Morelos on the other hand just isn't very good and is a complete liability in a whole host of ways. There's a very good reason Rangers have only ever had a 3m euro bid from Bordeaux and recently one from Qatar in all his time there.
  13. I think they'll get in no player, not saying White is average but average, particularly English players change hands for that sort of money all the time. Potential is the most expensive thing to buy nowadays.
  14. I see Castagne is being linked to Spurs and PSG now.
  15. Was linked with us heavily while Rodgers and Congerton were at Celtic, meant to be a half-decent player but quite injury prone. I'd have thought Leicester's sights would be aimed higher though.
  16. I just don't see any goals in this side Vardy aside. With the exception of Barnes when he's on form.
  17. We may all be getting ahead of ourselves but I see parallels with Vardy at Leicester and Larsson at Celtic. Both players were so influential and legendary they elevated their respective sides a good bit beyond what they were actually capable of.
  18. I'm really hoping here this is not a replay of midweek the last 15 minutes and they actually show some urgency to get back in the game.
  19. Agreed, don't see why they can't jsut make it so that there are only drinks breaks if the temp is over a certain threshold.
  20. That's where Rodgers must show he's capable of mixing things up and not just have blind faith in passing teams to death which invariably doesn't work in those sorta games and is like watching paint dry.
  21. Looking a lot more threatening today.
  22. It's not even that, at least Costa is cute and caniving to an extent with his shithousery, Morelos is just and idiot and lashes out at people, aiming kicks at them in front of the referee and getting himself sent off time and time again.
  23. Diego Costa! You've clearly not seen much of Morelos if you'd mention someone of that ilk in the same sentence as him!
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