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  1. 35 minutes ago, Blanchflower78 said:

    Nothing in the chelsea game currently on suggests this lad will instantly improve us.

    You watching the same game? He’s been quality every time he’s touched the ball. 

  2. 2 hours ago, foxfanazer said:

     What ever happened to goal cam? I used to love seeing our goals from this perspective and the roar of the crowd afterwards. Was it a bit tinpot? 

    Compared to our current list of tinpot stuff which includes clappers and light shows definitely not.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Sammy said:

    Genuine question - why has the Newcastle away end not been moved down to the bottom tier as was the Premier League regulations put in a couple of years ago (that away ends had to have at least 1 section in the bottom tier).


    I know the initial excuse they gave was that they didn't have time to implement sufficient safety regulations after being promoted from the championship but it's been a few years since then? If anyone knows?


    Putting that in the bottom tier would make it an unbelievable away

    Always thought the same, same for Sunderland also their away end used to be mega when it was the bottom tier.

  4. 1 hour ago, Nalis said:

    Surely all lined up for Starks vs Daenerys lot in the final episode? 


    A bad GoT season is still better than the best season of most other shows. Still enjoying it with a feeling of what might have been with the disappointing development of certain subplots.

    It's not even bad, it's just so over analysed now because of the hype and popularity surrounding it that people are waiting to criticize it due to the high previous standards.

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  5. 32 minutes ago, Legend_in_blue said:



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    You may be right, it's plausible to think that this is what the writer's intended.  It's out of character though, not just for Dany but for many of the other characters.  The Unsullied are meant to be disciplined.  There was nothing disciplined about their approach once the bells rang.  It was a free-for-all.  Even Jon's Northmen did what the hell they wanted.  This all came after the Dothraki, seemingly obliterated in episode 3, took apart the soldiers inside the walls.  



    But this is just one aspect of many that brought the episode down.  It was set up brilliantly up until that moment (excusing an OTT Drogon that can obliterate anything in its path, carve up the Iron Fleet, breathe fire so fierce it can not only burn but disintegrate stone buildings and also take out Varys with laser precision), the tension was great, only for it to come crashing down at the pivotal moment.  She'd done the Mad Queen part, she'd won, just go for the Keep and finish it.  But no, we destroy the whole city first - why?


    Then we have Euron wanting to kill Jaime - why?  He practically does, but then Jaime goes on another famous GoT run of Kings Landing having been gutted twice in the process.


    Qyburn - I laughed when he was manhandled down the stairs.  Should I have laughed?  I have no idea.


    The Mountain and The Hound - why?  What is the motivation there for wanting him dead?  Tell you what, let's take The Hound (my fav character) stab his brother in the neck a few times and then go for an eye, before smashing him through a wall into a sea of fire - why?  


    Random balls of wildfire blowing off here and there - why? 


    Arya acting all assassin but runs around a lot doing nothing but finds a horse and rides away - why?




    Credit where it is due, they set up the episode really, really well but then the execution in the second half was lazy.  Take Cersei as an example, how many lines has she said all season?  Shocking.  

    The mountain is the reason for the hound's burnt face, from their childhood together. The whole Hound character is literally in place for the whole series to have revenge on his brother, ironically it happens in fire which is his fear because of his childhood. After he achieves his revenge he has no purpose to live.

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  6. 1 minute ago, st albans fox said:

    Is it a reasonable assumption that a talented 21/22 y o gets better season by season ?  Presumably some are simply faster developers than others and players who are excellent at 21/22 just improve re experience and decision making rather than ability. Of course a v capable coach will help !!

    Definitely, the likes of Maddison, Chilwell, Hamza are all talented. Add premier league experience to that talent with a good coach (Rodgers) and you should fulfill these players potentials.   

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