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  1. Agree one of the worst managerial decisions we have witnessed at Leicester. we had 11 shots to their 1 I am not sure what threat he was referring too. I do feel Rodgers could be sacked 10 games into the new season if he carries on with this form. I do disagree on Fuchs though, I think as a back up left back he is a good option to have around the club. Morgan I agree with, as a 4th choice cb as he has been this season I would have liked to see Benkovic have that place. We do need to improve the squad but we only can do this by signing players better than our current 11 and increasing competition for places. I don't think Rodgers + Lee Congerton are good enough if the transfer market to sign the players we need.
  2. Definitely agree with this. Rodgers doesn't realise that Iheanacho is the one who drops into the pockets to pick up the ball and is a huge part of how we attack. Before the Everton game we were poor as we had no options to break the lines. He might not have been great Sunday but he was getting the ball and having chances, keeping the ball in Bournemouth half. As soon as he came off we had no options to pass too.
  3. It's not a guarantee for Europa League, No Soyuncu or Ricardo for the rest of season. One of Bennett or Morgan will have to start. We have 3 very tough games remaining. Can easily see us picking up only 1-3 points in total in the remaining games. Wolves and Sheff United win 2 out of 3 and will go above us.
  4. I can see your point on both. Walsh was excellent for us no question about that. Personally, just think Elliot was the better defender. Maddison is far better on the ball than Lennon. But for someone of his ability his goals and assists are quite low. Izzet for me would do better in that role. And allowing Lennon and Ndidi will be a very strong central midfield to break down.
  5. Great side, Personally would have Neil Lennon and Matt Elliot in the side. Take out Maddison and Walsh, and let Izzet play higher. Lennon for me was a superb defensive midfielder. Alongside Ndidi I think that is a superb midfield.
  6. Its a tough one, as if you said start of season we would have taken 7th-5th. But our form since Christmas is 14th in the league. There are no signs he can turn this form around, tactically if things are not working he can not change the game in our favour. Bournemouth was awful as his plan A was working so well in fact, and he still changed it and made us, well, we all watched the second half. I think his reputation in the game is massively overrated. I have not seen any signs of coaching since Christmas. That is a huge worry, maybe it is too early to sack him. But if this was Puel we would all be saying time to sack him. Puel lost the dressing room, maybe Rodgers has too.
  7. I do agree it come across that he made the players train double sessions and at the end of 5 years lost the players. He did though get champions league football almost every year, played a great style of play and improved all of the young players. Definitely worked the players hard but for 5 years the results were very good. We have a core of older key players but a very talented young squad which needs guidance and good coaching to reach their potential. Has a higher reputation in the game than Brendan as well. Yes training will be hard but he could be a great managerial appointment.
  8. Rodgers has been poor since he signed his new contract. We are 14th in the league on current points since. Rodgers is massively overrated. I don't mind losing as supporting Leicester for 30+ years we will see quite a few defeats. However the manor of the defeat and performance is what matters. Pearson got the best out of Dean Hammond, GTF, Konchesky, on paper we have better players yet they have played so poor since new year. Pochettino is still available, would anyone take him as a new manager ? He did very well at Spurs for 5 years with a core of young players.
  9. True but look at out last 3 games. No form, No confidence, no Soyuncu, Maddison, Ricardo and even Chilwell (Although some on here will say that is a good thing) for rest of the season.. 8th is not guaranteed for us. They way we played the second half I do think our players do not want European football. Evans is outstanding defender, he played a brilliant headed through ball for their striker to score 5. Something is going on behind the scenes where we are putting these abject performances together. As we should have something to play for yet look completely disinterested at all.
  10. Amazing isn't it. Win 9-0 and end the season wanting their manager.
  11. Safe to say we can give up our hopes for this now unfortunately. Since Christmas Brendan and the players have let us down massively. No fight, desire or effort to see qualification through.
  12. Massive fraud, can only win in Scotland in a one team league. When there is a challenge he has no ideas. If his plan A doesn't work he is absolutely clueless.
  13. He got the ball before making contact with Fernandes, who happened to jump into the villa defender. Shocking decision.
  14. Yes I was surprised at your tactics tonight. Apart from the free kick never really created a decent shot on goal. Very surprised as have been impressed with your team and style of play all season.
  15. Agreed, and Ricardo. Those 3 and we have a different team.
  16. He looks very comfortable on the ball. A good back up to Chilwell and can learn from Fuchs. With European football coming up plenty of games and will need a squad of players. For a reasonable fee I can not see any negatives in this deal.
  17. Solid team, would only change Perez for Praet, and let Perez play 10 and Tielemans 8. Perez + Kelechi got into the half spaces well and allowed Tielemans too look forwards with his passing. Look a far better team when there were options to pass forwards too and not always side to side. Barnes and Praet to come on. Maybe Gray depending how game is going. We need JJ speed against Arsenal front 3 as well.
  18. There is definitely no long term benefit to continuously sacking managers. Unfortunately we have always had a good new manager bounce for a few months, not at all saying Rodgers should be sacked.. Vardy is still a superb striker, but the lack of a plan B or how to break defensive teams down cost Puel his job and so far our champions league hopes.
  19. Agreed, apparently it is an 8million or so agreement with West Brom. But I am sure if we offered 10 they will accept our bid and then the player is free to choose. Whether he will come as guaranteed game time at West Brom would remain to be seen. Buendia primarily due to number of chances he creates would be a nice alternative. Would he be the top player to improve our starting 11 probably not though.
  20. I do completely agree, no offence taken at all...if they move for him and not Sancho for example, I would hope we have a chance. Mainly due to champions league and he lives in the midlands could have been a good move. Well who I would want shall we say, realistically as you said we won't stand a chance..
  21. With Champions league - A lot of money but we will get 60+ for Chilwell and 50-70 mill for champions league as well as extra money for being in premier league. I think these would be affordable and add to the squad that we desperately need. Grealish / Leon Bailey Sarr / Depay Hojlberg Lewis Norwich Left back if / when Chilwell leaves CB - Couldn't give an exact name but another Soyuncu i.e very good defender with potential who will likely be 3rd choice. ST - Cant think of an exact name but we need a different style striker to break down low block sides ( or keep Slimani as plan B - strange as it sounds). Without Champions League Buendia Perriera - West Brom
  22. Great post! I do have a counter opinion on 2 points you made. Tactically - I don't think he is a top coach at all. A top tactical coach can change the game in your favour. He changed and went 2 up top at half time, he had no other choice really, and we were superb for 10-20 minutes. Then Ancelotti who is a top tactical coach brought on Mina and Davies. Went 3 cb and 3cm, that is tactical coaching. We did have the ball but never looked like scoring after those subs. You are correct this in not a top 4 squad. But after the start of the season and how far we were ahead at Christmas the second half of the season and huge decline is so dissapointing. For our club we wont have a better chance at top 4 and to see our form since Christmas where we are 15th in the league with only 2 wins with our team is shocking! From what Kasper said - all players say how good their manager is as they want to play. On the pitch is when they show the trust in the manager not in interviews, for me. Your point about dominating the 4 games since lockdown I don't really agree with. We had more possession of the ball but that is not really the point of dominating a game. I like playing out from the back, it looks great. But we are so toothless upfront and how many saves have we made the opposition gk make in 4 games, Maddison left foot edge of box v foster is the only save I can recall. We have a lot of the ball, like under Puel, but we are not creating chances.
  23. As he fell the ball bounced off him, but not when the shot took place. And that took me a few replays from sky to see that. Spend a couple of minutes checking for a narrow offside if that. And the Chelsea penalty didn't even go to var.. Looked a dive to me, knocks it past and then jump straight away.
  24. Completely agree. He is pretty poor going forwards, scored a cracker v Watford but only Leicester fans who watch him will know this is 1 in a million for him. He does get into good positions, good speed as well and his stamina is very good for getting up and down the pitch. But actually defensively he is caught out a few times, and attacking wise his final ball and decision making is actually poor - ok. He got into numerous positions tonight before dallying on what to do which costs him and the team.
  25. My last comment was definitely a generalisation, however that is how it has always been in football.. Look at the list, I am sure you will agree most of those should have been given to us. I am aware Wolves and Sheff Utd have had horrible decisions as well go against them, it is not just ourselves. however, when the top sides seem to go to var you can be pretty sure they will get penalties. I can only think of Man City v spurs 2nd game of season the last minute offside goal, and Son v us for offside that didn't go in their favour. VAR is brought in to give the correct decisions, there should not be any disparity as they should be clear and accurate decisions. But against ourselves this year too many times has this gone the incorrect way. According to the laws of the game not just myself being a Leicester fan. Todays game, Chilwell cross was not a hand ball, yet Soyuncu v Liverpool with bodies in the way, was given a penalty. Now both hit the players hands with extremely little time from ball to hand. VAR should make the game accurate, for all teams not just us of course.
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