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  1. They won't get better than Pochetino. levy was at fault for lower wages for key players who want to leave regardless of manager surely. The results they had have been incredible until this season. Still only played 12 games, and lose a manager who has done so well. Doesn't make sense
  2. Mancini, signed under Peter Taylor I think.
  3. You can use the word play loosely. We look far a better attacking outlet without him anyway.
  4. Normally I would agree but with our team now I can't see anyone doing a Mahrez. We have been down that road before and team / more importantly owners have learnt from this. Maddison may well be a United fan, either we will get a huge fee 100 mill plus, or he will stay and push us to European football. We have a superb young side, they are all enjoying their football. Playing under a brilliant manager, new state of the art training ground in the coming months, wages on par with most sides in the league. Fans and team mates fully support him. Stay at least a year or 2 and if we dont have European football then probably he will think of going.
  5. We are a club on the up. New training ground is meant to be one of the best in the world. Not just saying that as a Leicester fan. Young talented side with players who will get better with the right coaching. Superb chairman who clearly loves the club as much as we do and lets the manager get on with his job with his full support and backing. 32,000+ fans every home game and superb away following. With stadium capacity to be increased. Potential for champions league / definite European football next season. Due to Maguire sale lots of money available for the manager if he wants to spend on players he sees can improve an already highly talented and experienced side. Rodgers has everything he needs here.
  6. I can see your reasoning for playing Albrighton. I would still go for Barnes, he has played great the last 2 matches. If he can get running at Kelly and forcing Zaha / Townsend to keep defending we will get chances. Neither of their wingers can defend, but they are very solid and organised.
  7. Bolton under Peter Taylor. Wycombe semi final Wolves home Michael Kighlty dominated us and celebrated in front of our home supporters. Think Wolves beat us 4-1 in the championship.
  8. He has everything at the moment to be a superb player for years to come. Continues to work on his shooting and he is easily capable of 10+ goals a season, plus assists. Commits defenders, exciting to watch, always wants to go forward and creates chances for us. One of our own, another one!!
  9. No worries at all !! it happens, yes if I had said they were great when they lost 9-0 something would be very wrong. I was mainly going off match of the day which they seemed to skip over us. However, probably a good thing, keeping our players out of the spotlight so to say is better for us. Understood. very fair assessment.
  10. Agreed the gesture to charity is not the first step, they should have refunded all home fans who attended first. I think we exploited there team frailties incredibly well. Southamptons recent results haven't been that bad, Beating Sheff Utd away, drawing with United and Wolves, losing to Chelsea and Spurs is no shame. Losing to Bournemouth at home would be disappointing but then Bournemouth can be a very good side. Certainly not bad enough to suggest wanting a manager sacked. Where Hassenhutl went wrong as soon as Bertrand got sent off he tried to keep to his wing back formation and the same players on the pitch but moved Ward Prowse there, the most right footed player on the pitch who can't defend. Taking set pieces he is good, lwb poor move, but then again surely we can say how good / professional we were to score 2 goals so quickly when they went down to 10. Were Watford trying to sack their new manager when they lost 8-0 to City with 11 players... We set up perfectly to beat Southampton. For most teams it's harder to play against 10, we put on a display of exactly how you should play. Moved the ball quickly, lots of forward runs, full backs supporting creating width. Aggressive when dribbling to commit the defenders and then exploit the space created. They tried to keep a team shape and hit us on the break Redmond had a nice shot just over and couple of other shots. Some of our goals were superb team work. We were that good we didn't let them get close.
  11. Lot of people talking about how they were an embarrassment.. Personally think we were great and not enough credit is given to us. They tried to go defensive and then quality passing and runs in behind broke them down. They pushed up and Vardy hit them on the break. We were outstanding.. If it was Man City no one would stop talking about Chilwell assist, or Barnes creativity and cross for Perez goal, Tielemans finish to place it back across goal with defenders diving in front of him. There was none of this chat when Man City put 8 past Watford few weeks ago, they didn't donate a weeks wages and they still have not won a game all season.
  12. Would have preferred Albrighton to Perez, then played Barnes on the right and Albrighton on left, otherwise close to our best 11.
  13. Funny he didn't mention the TAA on Tielemans where he never went for the ball either.
  14. Thank god for that. Never have to worry about Spurs finishing in the top 4 ever again.
  15. Agreed there is a big difference between the 2 goals with Perez and Son's positions. However Sterlings was offside against West Ham for the same reason as the spurs goal. Personally, the linesman missed both and both goals should have stood.
  16. Agreed, we could lose him sooner than expected. But to play for England has always been that way. Picked on which club you play for not best player / team. Quite happy Maddison not being played keeps him fit for United away. Genuinely think we have a chance to get 3 points there. We have all the chance to be top 6 next season too.
  17. I understand your point, but we are at home. If this was at Molineux then this set up would be fine. At home we haven't had any shots on goal of note. Personally think Maddison is not a winger moving him left and right, would rather Play One of Ndidi and Hamza, then Maddison and Tielemans and have barnes / albrighton / Perez on the wings. Wolves have 3 decent central defenders too, playing Vardy alone leaves him too isolated.
  18. Against the top sides it is a good tactic to use. However any of the other 14 or so teams in the league we can play with 1 DM. I genuinely think our side is good enough to compete against any team in the league this season.
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