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  1. Its a good thought and interesting topic. Kasper will not go on for ever, but I think he is looking almost better than ever at the moment. I think he has 2-3 years realistically at a top level. Iversen potentially will be ready in that time. But he needs this current loan and maybe a loan to another Premier League team next year to further his development. Then we can see if he steps up to the level.
  2. Agree on 4 of these (Not familiar with Paoulo / Olise that is all). Tarkowski will be a very good option to add to our team. McGregor to add great experience and versatility. Brooks when fit is a very talented young player who BR can improve, similar to Barnes. I am not sure how quick Brooks is but technically he looks very good. Eduoard I would take as well as a great option. These signings and this is a very good transfer window.
  3. You have a point, but this in in 2-3 years we will start to look into a GK. Iversen apparently has been getting good reviews. And Kasper is still playing very well. The striker is the worry, I think this will be sorted this summer with a back up option for Vardy. Eduard at Celtic could be the player. With European + cup games there will be a lot of matches for him to get used to the team as such and then be pushing for a start. Contract running down value could be very reasonable.
  4. Ndidi was outstanding against Liverpool! I think yesterday was the game other clubs will realise just how good he is. I think BT said we have lost 6 games and he didn't play in 5 of them. We seem to sell one player a year, and have done amazing with Maguire and Chilwell replacements. He is the best DM in the league, in my opinion.
  5. Not really happy with 3 at the back against Liverpool. We can not give space to Robertson or Trent, I know they have been poor this season, but guaranteed they will be brilliant today. Would have preferred playing 2 wingers against them.
  6. Jordon Stewart would be my answer for this. Very excited to see his first few games and thought we have a superb player who has progressed through the academy. Never quite turned out as well as I expected.
  7. His ability to run with the ball is incredible. I would like to see a team of Under, Barnes and Vardy as the front 3. For some reason Brendan seems to use Under as an impact sub. For me he offers a lot more than others who currently play. Barnes certainly has the attributes for a striker as you have mentioned, and his work rate makes him the most obvious replacement for Vardy. When Vardy first arrived at our club he was not great receiving under the pressure from opposing CBs, now for me he is one of the best in the league with laying the ball off and always a threat in behind. Ba
  8. I don't think he is underrated but fans and certainly not our manager. Barnes starts every game. We know how good he is. I still think we keep Barnes where he is doing so well. Agree on his recent goals, from central positions, however he is not the striker in those scenarios. He is not receiving the ball with a defender behind him. He is always on the half turn. Because he can drift from the wing he is a lot harder to pick up. I just can't see moving of one our best players at the current time. Massively agree we need to change the striker or our approach. I may be wrong and he c
  9. I like your examples and I do agree Barnes has the characteristics to play upfront as you have mentioned. But receiving the ball back to goal under pressure is a lot harder than on the wing. Barnes, for me is one of the best wingers in the league. He is now adding an end product and getting the goals his runs and positions deserve. Should we move him from the wing when he is currently our main attacking threat.
  10. I like the detail and taking the time to look into these. On paper looks like we have a reasonable run of matches. However as Leicester fans know we always lose the games we should win, and the harder games we tend to do well in. Our home form is poor this season, Villa, West Ham, Fulham, Leeds have all beaten us at home and comfortably so. They were all better than us on those nights. Before Leeds we were playing really well.
  11. You are correct of course, he did pull out of that tackle and cost us a goal. Maddison giving ball away first goal, Castagna position too. For whatever reason our whole team were off their game today. Usually we can't fault his work rate however his quality and performances we can. We know Prez is not good enough for a team looking for a top 6 finish. So I do question why we don't play 2 strikers or look to sell him and improve.
  12. Perez always gets slated. He is not a striker, or a winger and never has been. He is best played behind the lone striker. His effort is always very good. Brendan got it wrong by playing him as a lone striker ( + as a winger last year). Spend 30 million on a player with 0 attributes for where you pick and play him. If he plays you need 2 up top. Can not play the same system with Perez or Kelechi leading the line. Bamford was class today. That is how a lone striker plays.
  13. Have to say after nearly 3 decades of watching us play what a joy it is too watch us play now. Tielemans is such a class player. Look at his passing ability, whether first time, switching play, he just dictates games every week, loved the passion when he scored yesterday. As you said late on in the game he is covering out wide and still full of running. He plays 90 mins every few days. What a player we have here, another one!
  14. Thank you I will see if works here. Thank you!
  15. Thank you, In the Caribbean, I did come across that website whilst trying to search. Unfortunately doesn't work. Thank you for suggestion though! hope all is well in Australia.
  16. I am looking for the full match from our game v Brentford, just wondering if anyone knows where it is possible to view / links online for example? I live abroad can't use the regular BT channels for the game. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. *Not sure where this should go please move if needed. Thank you,
  17. I grew up with the team of Lennon, Savage and Izzet. They were superb for our club in those days. Always will hold those in a high regard. However, Nididi, Tielemans and Maddison are the brilliant players.
  18. Maddison is a superb player no doubts at all. Just for me he has not pushed on as much as I would have thought he could have done, at this moment. He should be far more effective in all matches, still a bit too hit and miss at the moment. Sheff Utd he hit the post and assisted the winning goal. First assist or goal since Man City away, I think in the premier league. At this moment the team function better without him, We look more effective playing Tielemans + Praet in the middle with Ndidi as the holding player. I would also play Barnes and Under as I think we are s
  19. Perez has been our best player. Maddison has been awful again. Our poor form started when Maddison recovered from injury and started games. To break a compact defence you use width and drag them out. Why do we match them 352 when we should have better players.
  20. I fully understand that. And in no way am I expecting us to have anywhere near the same technical ability or depth in squad as Man City have. But I think we can learn lessons form watching other teams play, and from our own performances. Losing 1 home game in the last 3 I can understand, 3 in a row of dire dull performances is beyond poor. We have talented players. Admittedly missing some key players in defence and Ndidi but surely it is not too much to ask to press high, play forwards when we have the ball, instead of constant sideways and backwards passing. We are a very good si
  21. I hope we can take lessons from watching Man City v Fulham today and how you play against a side sitting deep. We will not have the quality of course, but to press high, move the ball forwards and quickly. Things we can take into our game. After losing 3 games at home to Fulham, West Ham, and Villa, with the same negative tactics.
  22. It is very dull, today I can see why though. Vardy, Ndidi, Ricardo all out or not fit to start. Away at Arsenal he has gone defensive. But the 2 home games I can not reason with. We are dire to watch at the moment. Wolves are the same and have no injuries really. Chelsea v United utter rubbish as well. Modern game seems to be this way for some reason. Teams worried about losing so much they restrict themselves attacking wise. Leeds look superb, hate to say it but Spurs as well.
  23. Perez works hard and we can not fault his effort. His technical qualities are just not suited to a winger. We bought him as a support striker to Rondon. He was very effective in that role. For us, he is very limited as he is shoved out wide without any attributes. He has no speed, no real dribbling skills, crossing can't recall a good cross he has done. Under will be starting shortly, Perez, to get the best we need to play him in a 2 through the middle.. Decent player, but completely the wrong signing for us.
  24. Kelechi is not a striker to play on his own. I don't think he is crap, in this system he is poor. Play him and Perez / Slimani and you will see a better player I think. No point playing same system when missing 3/4 key players.
  25. The issue I have with Rodgers is again he does not make changes to turn the game in our favour. We barely had a shot on their goal all game. Villa looked far more comfortable. Perez does not offer us a lot with the ball but he will track back so I can understand why he started him. But during the game where was the tactical decision to turn the game our way and have a bit of a go at their defence. Why did Under not come on or change and play Slimani / Perez and Kelechi together and put real pressure on the 2 Villa centre backs. We just sat back and looked to play for a draw at home. We have a
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