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  1. It's simple really.


    You play Soyuncu into form/confidence which make take 6 games or so, but you then have your CB for the next three or four years.




    You could mess the bed, panic and buy an average CB for 45M and waste the talent you bought for decent money for this exact scenario.

  2. 1 hour ago, jeffschlupp said:

    I do hope the club have pushed that message out to strengthen its negotiating position rather than them seriously not considering replacing Maguire.


    A massive risk if they are serious about top 6 this year - I fear that if it doesn't work out, not only are we going to be charged an even bigger premium for a CB in January/next summer, but we're also going to have blown our best chance at breaking the top 6 we might ever get.

    Other than the year we broke the top 6 and won the league*

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