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  1. 36 minutes ago, DerbyshireFox said:

    That’s crazy isn’t it. How can they limit it to 4 times a season when you don’t know what’s going to happen in a match! Sounds like a great job though!

    Exactly. When he told me that, I was expecting we'd see one or two token visits to the monitors towards the end of season but maybe that will change.

    Yes, a great job which I'd fancy, but I lack the Sports Science degree! Fair play to him.

  2. 3 hours ago, DerbyshireFox said:

    Ridiculous isn’t it. They’ve been at every match and 22 games in they decide they can use them. It’s like someone’s just found the remotes to switch them on!!

    The son of a bloke I work with, is working with VAR and his job is to sit by the pitch side monitor and "manage" it. He gets to a game a week, quite a few at Molineux.

    Apparently, at the start of the season, the Premier League said that they want the monitors to be used a maximum of 4 times in the season. That's 4 times across the 380 matches. 

  3. 31 minutes ago, majaco said:

    Offer big money for Grealish.  There will be few better players any time soon.  


    Imagine being a defender against him.

    Grealish would fit nicely on the left or as a 10; rotating positions with his mate Maddison. However, I can't see him going anywhere in January and will most likely only leave Villa in the summer, should they go down or if a big offer is made. Would love him here.

  4. 1 minute ago, Dirkster the Fox said:

    Again please read my posts above.  This is because the club had no faith in the game being sold out.


    They initially put the West stand and parts of the Family stand up for sale, then section by section of the cop, round into the Eats Stand.  For example L1 and K1 still blocked out for sale as I type.


    All because, despite £10/15 a ticket the club couldn't be confident we'd sell half the ground out, let alone all home sections.


    Basically part of my whole point tonight about us not being able to justify a 40000+ stadium.

    I can't work out whether your on the wind up but, I'll reply anyway:)

    Having lower attendances for the 3rd round of the FA cup is not exclusive to our club. Only opening some of the stadium happens all over, dependent on the opposition. Had we drawn another premier league team or Forest/Derby then we'd most likely would sell more and the stadium would be fully open.


    Look at the League attendances, that's what matters. The stadium expansion is happening and there maybe some empty seats, sometimes. But, it happens at the Etihad and nobody really gives a shit.

  5. 50 minutes ago, Dirkster the Fox said:

    Ok, so I've put a little thought to this over the last few days.


    We're 2nd in the Prem, with probably our best top flight team (squad), since the 60's, if not better and we're at a cross roads now. Do we or don't we?


    I personally feel, considering its taken the club a pathetic 2 weeks to sell a mere 23000 home tickets against Wigan in the cup we actually fit correctly into the current KP with our fan base.  


    For the record I feel expanding the stadium will not be filled weekly and destroy the benefit we have with the current excellent atmosphere.  So NO to expansion.


    Leicester/Leicestershire just isn't big enough to justify the fan base for a bigger stadium.  For example Leeds (780,000) has a higher population itself than the whole of Leicestershire (697000) in total.


    BTW Tonight the West Ham crowd, battered weekly and in a crap stadium..............:


    Graham Scott
    30000 more than we get!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is the stadium fully open for the Wigan game? When I bought 2 online before christmas, the East Stand and half of the Kop was greyed out and unavailable to select.


    Also, why are you using an FA Cup 3rd round match versus Wigan Athletic as a marker for our required capacity? If Liverpool drew Wigan at home in the 3rd round, they aren't selling 54000 tickets for that. That's the reality of the early round matches in the domestic cups. It's a shame but that's the way it is.


    Should the club continue to develop and grow, as they have done over the last decade then the stadium will need to be bigger. If we become a consistent force in the Premier League, the demand for tickets will only increase - for season ticket holders and casual attendees.


    10,000 more seats would surely mean more season tickets being available, an increase in away allocation and then more availability for the Members etc...

  6. We look back at players like Guppy with affection and rightly so, quality player. However, in my lifetime, Mahrez is the best.


    His behaviour towards the end shouldn't negate his brilliance in the promotion, great escape and title winning seasons.


    The Algerian Prince would fit very nice in our current side too. :scarf:


    Edit: Wortho and Glover way before my birth.

  7. 31 minutes ago, Nicolo Barella said:

    I mean, Ziyech and Mahrez aren't very realistic either, but do you really think we can take Bayern Munich's first choice winger?


    That list is like me saying "Alright, I'll take Barbara Palvin, Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa, or Arya from Sixth Form"

    See my earlier response where I suggest its unlikely (a dream).


    Who is Barbara Palvin?

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