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  1. 23 minutes ago, Cardiff_Fox said:

    Ironically Ole’s former club Molde look set to win the title from the first time since 2014. 


    2014 of course being the year he left Molde to join Cardiff and then got the job back in 2015. 


    Ultimately he’s a bit shit as a manager 

    Molde did when their first ever Title with Ole in charge in 2011 and won it again 2012. I'm not sticking up for the man, because he is out of the depth and shouldn't be anywhere near the United job; but he has had some success.


    He'll end up at Derby or some other provincial club sooner rather than later.

  2. 83 Aranguiz is the best card I've packed.


    I haven't put my own money into packs this year as the reward isn't there IMO. Plus the fact I'm pretty sh*t at the game.

    Packed an 82 Biglia as the part of my div rivals rewards though so, Woop.


    Waiting for them fix Career Mode and I'll be hanging up my FUT boots.



  3. "Are we scoring enough goals?"


    Probably not but then again; 3 of our 4 games have been away, we're unbeaten, sat in the top 4 and we got through in the League Cup. Life is good.


    Let the season play out, and see what we're doing after a dozen or so games. Leave the over-analysing and Fake-Drama to SkySports and Talksport.


    We will get better. 





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  4. Quite a bit of negativity about the lineup so I'm interested to know what Line Up we should be putting out today, away from home against a Champions League side?


    Ok, 2 defensive Midfielders but we 2 attacking full backs, 2 Creative Midfielders and 2 forwards.


    The reality is, pressure is on Lampard and Chelsea today to play well and win; so as long as we're disciplined and make ourselves a nuisance when they have the ball, we'll do well. Plenty of dangerous players in our 11 today, when we have the ball.


    Anyway, I don't know what I'm talking about, so I'll stop pretending. :)

  5. Applying my vast knowledge of the tactical side of football*, I would line up in a 4321. Width provided by the full backs. A midfield 3 that should offer a bit of everything. Maddison and Perez can float around, go wide and come inside. Youri can push forward and Ndidi and another can cover a destroy. 



    Ricardo . Evans . Söyüncü . Chilwell

    Tielemans . Ndidi . Hamza/Praet

    Perez . Maddison



    *= FIFA and that 

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