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  1. Does it all the time for the Swiss.He can play right left and in the middle but we are well covered already in those areas.
  2. Shaquiri would have been an option once but we have Tielmans now and he wouldn't swap the Liverpool bench for ours. With Gray and Praet we are pretty well covered in midfield and I personally think that Barnes is going to get better and better as the season goes on and become a top class wide man. However we can't expect Vardy to play every match even though he probably would want to so another striker is pretty essential . We have the two young men in the U23s and Iheanacho also young . A proven striker, even if he is in his late twenties or thirty would be keen to join us now I am sure. He could do the Ulloa job for us something that proved vital in the premiership winning season.
  3. The three of them need to interchange, moving left to right , they are all two footed and can use that to break up organised defensive positions.
  4. He is going to be a main man for us for years . Combines pace with power and looks to make the telling pass. He is basically two footed as well so can operate on either side. It will be assists rather than goals that he will be recognized for though.
  5. Somebody say Amen its 11 o'clock and I'm cream crackered..
  6. Will he get a round of applause when Man. City visit us I wonder ?
  7. What!! Best player in the world ffs Messi, Ronaldo etc. etc. etc have just died laughing. He wasn't even the best player in the team .
  8. Sooner or later Pep is going to use his excellent left foot and kick his whinging arse out of the Etihad.
  9. We are not little Leicester , yes we had a bad few years and underperformed badly but we are now a big club with a worldwide fanbase and we pay top wages and players who leave thinking that they can do better could well be disappointed.
  10. That penalty against Hull in the first match as champions did it for me.
  11. Danny or Ngolo would never bad mouth us , they know how much this club did for them. It may be different but Harry Maguire would never do it either.
  12. Cue the Mahrez fan club coming out in force on this thread , notice he didn't get on the pitch against Liverpool , as I have said skill alone does not make a great player .
  13. Good call that, same height,same build , same lightening pace and same cool and ruthlessness in scoring positions . I think Denis shaded it in the air though ,who said white guys can't jump , D.L.could jump 5ft off of the ground !
  14. At the start of this thread I said its important to encourage your young players . They need to be ambitious . Hirst is a Leicester City footballer , he is one of us. He will never be Jamie Vardy , no one can , but we need to be looking two or three years down the line.We must keep this club at the top level for the foreseeable future , this cannot be allowed to be just a temporary high. Top class and consistent strikers are very rare and apart from Kane, Salah and Mbappe most are thirty plus . Any young player who scores goals on a regular basis at whatever level needs to pushed and given a chance. On the bench for an early F.A. cup match and twenty minutes on the pitch would be a good start.
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