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  1. Going to be really good is Harvey but he isn't a winger. Albrighton is a winger , Gray could be one but Harvey is a Vardy style striker.
  2. Give us your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to us, we should welcome him to our blessed home for misunderstood footballers. Amen
  3. Ahh the transfer window about 10% success and 90% failure , the vast majority of candidates are surplus to requirements , why is that?
  4. Some on here would like to kidnap the lad , drive down to London , dump him at Stamford Bridge and scream " Where's the money " . Me, I would prefer it if he stays. Our priority is a co-striker with Vardy. 15 to 20 goals from Vardy , 15 from the new guy and we will be top six again.
  5. An Sionnach


    Ironic isn't it Slimani could be playing in the CL next season and we will not.
  6. If you want Perez at his best get Rondon back from China.
  7. An Sionnach


    Pay up his contract and give him a free transfer or use him are the only viable paths in my opinion.
  8. What do you get for your money? Eden Hazard , 100 million euros - 1 goal. Lightweight players like he and Coutinho have to stand up to some heavy duty tackling in Spain. There is much less protection than our whistle happy refs give. Whoever we do get we need more muscle in our team. We will definitely need it in the Europa cup.
  9. Players have girlfriends and wives and they often have a big say in any move. Leicester (city and football club) are not perceived as sexy. We had our moments in 2016 but are in danger of slipping back into comfortable obscurity. In many ways the perception is wrong , Leicester is a fine , historic city but footballer's wives are young women and they probably buy the line that Leicester is a dull old place.
  10. So Benrahma and he is another Ben . I just think the club wants cheaper and that is almost certainly a bad mistake.
  11. How would he compare to Maldini and Roberto Carlos? Its a sign of the times and the lowering of standards.The only current players who would rank highly in historical terms are all strikers and only one of them Mbappe is under 30.
  12. A large number of Chelsea fans are not convinced about him though so he had better hit the ground running if he does go.
  13. I see Carlisle have signed Eleven players , you can have a new team every year in Div. 2.
  14. Need a few brave referees that will allow more physical play otherwise it will become a game for balljugglers not footballers. Some women's football is more aggressive than men's these days. Continental refs. seem to be more inclined to ignore the fakery and let the game flow.
  15. It seems to me there will be more disappointment if he stays than if he goes. There is no guarantee that any fee received will be spent on other players of similar value , Southampton never do that.
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