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  1. Mendy is short but plenty strong however with our lightweight forwards he has to take too much physical pressure.
  2. Tielmans, Chilwell, Perez , Maddison and now Vardy out of form, Ndidi missing means big test for Rodgers. Six of his first choice players earlier in the season.
  3. Our lack of physical size is catching us out now. It always gets tough in the second half of the season and you need to fight for results. What can he do about it, you tell me . We just don't have many powerful players.
  4. Any manager who loses four games in a row is in trouble at Barcelona its two. Win one, lose one, win one, draw one you can get away with that for years . Lose five in a row , no way.
  5. Wilf played against Norwich, Man. City and Liverpool it takes more than his presence to make a difference.
  6. It's always the manager , he has no hiding place , be interesting to hear what he says. If he takes it on the chin and doesn't try to spin it then at least that's a start.
  7. It's the England curse , it happens to all our players who get picked and Banks excepted always has. Only way to get rid of it is clear off like Shilton, Lineker and Heskey.
  8. When a team not an individual is out of form it's Always the manager not the players, do not blame them. Rodgers is now finding life really tough . Good, he needs to learn an important lesson. Never believe your own publicity.
  9. A couple of Maddison long balls for Vardy to run on to , Burnley done for. No slow multi-passing build up today , quick , simple and incisive. Barnes should be given the chance to see if he can match Vardy's ability to outpace their back line.
  10. Once again Hamza is a different player to Mendy and Ndidi , they are principally protecting the C.Bs. Hamza is a box to box midfielder, supporting the attack as well as covering the wide defenders. If he had played against Man City, Mahrez would not have found it so easy. Fabinho plays the Ndidi role for Liverpool and Henderson does the box to box work.
  11. With Wilf out and Mendy playing he is needed to counteract any aerial threat because if Burnley are chasing the game they will go route 1. .2-0 up and ten minutes to go probably bring Benko on as well , we need to get this job done.
  12. He would fit inside one of Heskey's legs! Having said that he rarely gets injured to be fair.
  13. Probably get six clear cut chances tomorrow , bury half of them and job done . No more careless off sides please . I would expect our defense to be up to the job with Fuchs and Mendy playing so its all about our strikers.
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