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  1. Colin Appleton was nearly as good as Bobby Moore in the mid-sixties.
  2. What he lacks in brain he makes up for in physicality. Gotta get a balance.
  3. Ah the Daily Express beloved rag of semi- senile old men. Sainsbury's has one million unread copies held in reserve in case they run out of bog roll.
  4. Thing is every time he plays wide right he looks as though he's never played there in his career so what's happened?
  5. I agree he is limited to a specific role but Rodgers should have known that when he bought him and has since made the mistake in trying to play him in areas where he was bound to be ineffective. Good ol' Bren is supposed to know about these things isn't he?
  6. Match of the Day will be an online computer challenge between Sean F. E. and Babylon.
  7. There is no such thing as a trustworthy politician , not on this planet anyway and probably not on any other.
  8. Just to cheer you up , the less virulent Spanish Flu infected 6million British people and killed a quarter of a million of them. Football can wait.
  9. The top Italian scientists would say they are talking crap.
  10. You obviously haven't been watching what has happened around Milan have you. Never ,ever ,ever trust what some idiot English "expert" in a suit says about anything.
  11. No he isn't but any " winger " that we go after with a proven record will also be tracked by the usual suspects and we will always lose in a bidding war . We do not want to take chances on another Musa, Ghezzal or Diabate do we. We know how good KDH is , we are not taking a chance with him.
  12. Billy Gilmour 18 y o. Lampard promotes him to the main squad. We have got to give our academy players a decent chance or we are going to bitterly regret it.
  13. That applies to a number of our young players , but the loan system is far from beneficial to many young players who may have been with us for years . Strange town, strange colleagues, new coaching environment . Its no wonder many struggle , even seasoned pros often struggle badly when they change clubs.
  14. Already a better option than Gray , so unless we sign at least three players in the summer , should be in the main squad. He will be 22 by then.
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